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Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) include multiple web servers in geo-proximity to major media markets for the caching of copies of website files for faster download speeds & file transfers. Most CDN companies require a transfer of DNS settings to the service provider so that the cached website files can be distributed over multiple international data centers. Some CDN companies also include anti-DDoS protection in the service. CDN caching of web pages can improve pageload download speeds to ~400ms. Ease of use or integration with an existing web presence is a major factor to consider in selecting a CDN. Many services are as simple as "one click" to enable and most of the major/minor web hosting companies offer CDN plans. Price is another major factor to consider, whether the CDN integration is offered for free with a hosting account or if it is charged by the GB/TB of data throughput & the storage required on the remote servers. Uptime is another major factor, as well as network traffic, to consider when evaluating CDNs, including how they rank with Google Pagespeed tests for anonymous users.
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1. CloudFlare
"Good CDN" – Nicholis du Toit
"Amazing CDN!" – Kittyhacker101 Software
2. BelugaCDN
"They spend your money from your credit card e..." – Alexander Semenov
£3.79 – £757.53 512 GB – 200 TB 0 Days
New York London San Jose Chicago Miami Dallas... More
3. Google Cloud Platform
"Great but could be cheaper" – Humberto Tordecilla
"Very worst service and issue in Servers" – Brian Shawn
£113.63 – £303.01 Unlimited N/A
Dallas Council Bluffs Atlanta Lenoir Berkeley
4. FastComet
"The best support ever" – Dominik K.
"Hosting Support" – Ross Pagan
£2.99 – £317.41 Unlimited 45 Days
London Amsterdam Singapore Tokyo Chicago Dallas Frankfurt am Main
5. DreamHost
"Positive experience for a small business owner" – Paul Alfred
"Love DreamHost!" – Nicolas S.
£3.41 – £211.35 Unlimited 97 Days
Los Angeles
6. HyperHost
"Low cost hosting with high quality" – Daniel Jackson
"Cheap VPS" – Mira Lazaret
£7.58 Unlimited 30 Days
Paris Kharkiv Amsterdam Riga Sofia Moscow... More
7. DialWebHosting
"Such a reliable and performance based web host" – Norman Wick
"Best for shared and vps hosting" – Mark Schaefer
£0.72 – £400.73 Unlimited 30 Days
Kansas City
"They help me much." – Medhane Senay
"That's true." – Daniel Josefsen
£113.63 – £568.15 Unlimited 30 Days
Washington Amsterdam Frankfurt am Main Moscow Tokyo
9. Hostiso LLC
"Great Support" – Yves S.
"Nice service" – alex moria
£3.02 – £605.27 Unlimited 60 Days
Montreal Frankfurt am Main Singapore Buffalo Roubaix
10. MicroHost
"Very fast support" – vinay shukla
"Best services" – steve joseph
£0.00 – £0.02 Unlimited 30 Days
Delhi Mumbai

Summary of 2017’s Best CDN Services Hosting:

Web Host Monthly Price Range User Ratings
1. CloudFlare £0.00£58.26
7.1 (9 reviews )
2. BelugaCDN £0.06£11.65
8.7 (8 reviews )
3. Google Cloud Platform
7.5 (7 reviews )
4. FastComet
9.8 (452 reviews )
5. DreamHost
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