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Easily.co.uk Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Shared Hosting £2.85 - £11.42


Mike Vessey
Mike Vessey from United Arab Emirates,

Impossible to contact. They took my money and now dont reply since 3 months ago

I have been with easily for over 10 years. Used to be great. Something has happened and they have disappeared.

After 40 mins on the phone I got through to a lady on the phone who basically told me it was my fault because they h...Read Moreave moved website so why am I calling them on their old details. The ones on the website! She then cut me off. AVOID AVOID AVOIDLess
David Staiano
David Staiano from United Kingdom,

Avoid or migrate

Like many others, happy with service for 10 plus years. This year it's all gone wrong. Websites - off, mail stopped, logins not working, control panel with nothing to control. Quite possibly the worst service imaginable. Leave if you have accounts, but definitely avoid if thinking of joining.
Alf ,
Easily mail has be a nightmare not answering calls
Which is a good company to switch to?
Paul Weir
Paul Weir,
Same for me. Their new website is a disaster. Cannot renew my domains. Don't answer emails (15 days and counting), help line doesn't answer. And this after 20 years of being a good and responsive company. I can only think all the ...Read Moreproblems are of their own making - a website implementation gone wrong, and firefighting to clean up the mess. What a shame. Can anybody recommend a god company to move my domains to?Less
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith from United Kingdom,

worse company ever

just to confirm what everyone else is saying.... been with this company for years and its all gone to pot, nothing works and they want to charge for everything, never have i experienced such a terrible service, avoid at all costs, just hope I can transfer my domains out asap..............
Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson from United Kingdom,

Avoid!! Autorenewals with no warning breach T&Cs!

I've been a customer of Easily for 17 years with no problems until now. Like many others I've been charged for a 5-year auto-renew for 2 domains which I did not authorise or want. I have contacted Easily 7 times for a refund which...Read More they promised in January and have not delivered. Billing never respond at all and Domain Services are unable to help. Has anyone here had any luck getting a refund? Paypal have denied my claims and the ian.patten@netnames email address is no longer active. Easily have breached their T&Cs by charging for autorenew with no warning but I can't find a way to get the refund of £190 I am owed. Currently transferring my other domains away ASAP! Score should be 0/10!
Update 28th March - I contacted my card company to initiate a chargeback request, based on Easily not sending out a renewal reminder 75 days before renewal as per their T&Cs and received a full refund the next day. Not sure if this was because of the credit card co. or Easily Billing finally getting back to me after 10 weeks but am just glad to get the £190 back.
I've got the exact same problem, but I can't seem to change my website over to another host. I can't change or touch my website, yet Easily just took £238 out of my account. I have also emailed and phoned them, but no one has got back to me and no refund has been given.
Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson,
Terry, I have just been refunded by Easily after months of trying. I had to contact my credit card in the end and they initiated a chargeback because Easily had renewed my domains without the required advance warning (see their te...Read Morerms & conditions on their website). Meanwhile I went to Nominet directly to get my domain hosting transferred away to another provider. It cost £10 for two .co.uk domains to be transferred out but it is done swiftly with no fuss and without any input from Easily. Easily's customer services gave me the runaround for months with contradicting answers and weeks with no reply. Good luck.Less
Doug Ball
Doug Ball,
They keep auto renewing everything they can when we never authorised any renewals. Prior to a few years ago they were easy to contact and always gave us the option of renewing. They have taken upon themselves to auto renew. We...Read More have asked for all domains, mail to be discontinued with no reply.
Beware !! We are One Call Training Ltd and now have a super company handling our New website and SEO.
uday thakkar
uday thakkar from United Kingdom,

Worst possible service

I have been using Easily for years. They were excellent. Now the service is really really bad. The prices have gone up and they don't display the prices. They insist on obtaining credit card details - which you can't remove they t...Read Morehen automatically collect fees even if you don't want to renew the URL - really badLess
Will Smith
Will Smith

So so bad.

As with everyone else on here I eel the same. Used and recommend this company for years and years. Now it’s seems they’ve either sold the company to a Micky mouse establishment or just don’t give a to**.
Such a shame was a fantas...Read Moretic company now gone to the dogs.
Surely if I was them I would listen to the moans and sort something out.
I really do hope they go out of business as they don’t give a dam and it seems that’s the only way they will realise how rubbish and poor they have become.
As mentioned before anyone know who I can transfer my domains to and my clients domains to that works how easily used to.
martin procter
martin procter from United Kingdom,

Used to best by far

not any more , since the 90's i've had 100's of domains , i have never contacted once in all those years , this week new portal and 7 days later not even a domain to administrator . This site should of been live 6 days ago when th...Read Moree new business went public. very very poor , my easily days are over. luckily for easily i cant give them a 0..............Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Hosting focused specifically on entry level sites

Easily is a UK based web hosting company that is really focused on providing entry level hosting services to their more than 100,000 customers.  They don’t have any advanced hosting options such as VPS or dedicated, which can be limiting in some cases.  The shared hosting options, however, are all well maintained and will provide most people with everything they need for a personal or small business website.

They have both Windows and Linux servers available in their shared packages, and they also offer affordable domain names for purchase.

Some larger companies host their UK versions of websites with Easily, including Virgin Media and Tesco.  This shows that even with just shared hosting, you can have some very nice sites that load quickly and reliably.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Very reliable for a shared hosting company

The company operates their servers out of a data center in London that has full redundancy built right in for network connections and power.  This helps to minimize the possibility of outages caused by facility failure.  They also avoid overloading their servers, which is a common cause of site downtime with most shared hosting packages.

That being said, they don’t seem to have any any uptime guarantees or SLAs.  Looking through what people have said about the company on social media and forums, it seems that they have a nice, reliable service with few problems.


Basic hosting services with some premium add-ons avaialble

Most people will take advantage of just the normal shared hosting options that they provide.  Each of their packages is setup to include everything that most sites will need.  If you need help with the creation of your actual site, you can use their advanced website builders, which are available for purchase at 50 and 150 Euros, depending on the requirements of your site.



Limited live support

Live support is available through a toll free number, but only Monday – Friday 9AM-5:30PM.  You can contact them through email or a problem reporting system anytime and they will normally help you quite quickly.

They also have a number of well written how-to guides that will help you to get any issues you’re having resolved on your own.


Standard pricing for shared hosting

The pricing is fairly standard, or perhaps a little lower than what most people would expect. They really push customers to go with the annual payment arrangements, which is still affordable for most people.

As long as you don’t buy any of the extras that are available, the pricing on this hosting is fair and affordable.  The extras that you can purchase can add up, but you do get what you pay for.


Good entry level hosting options

If you’re looking to host a small to medium sized site in the UK, this is a great option.  The pricing is fair, the support is helpful, and the features that you need are typically all included.  Overall, there is little to complain about with this company, even though there really isn’t too much that helps to set it apart from the competition either.


  • Everything you need is included
  • Above average reliability for a shared hosting company
  • Linux and Windows servers available
  • London based data center


  • No room to grow beyond shared hosting
  • Website builder costs extra




Easily.co.uk Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Beginner Linux 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited £2.85 2.0 Details
Advanced Linux 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited £5.71 2.0 Details
Professional Linux 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited £10.27 2.0 Details
Windows Beginner 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited £4.16 2.0 Details
Windows Advanced 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited £5.71 2.2 Details
Windows Professional 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited £11.42 2.1 Details

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