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Shared Hosting £2.85 - £11.42


Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson from United Kingdom,

Stay clear

All I wanted was my emails to redirect from my domain to my Hotmail account and a redirect from domain to my Facebook page. Should have be very easy to do.
However was it? Absolutely impossible. Emailed Easily about 20 times to s...Read Moreort the issue, they either didn't respond or didn't help. My emails and website has been down now for about 4months. Decided enough was enough and left to other provider "Fasthosts" if your wondering. As soon as domain transfered over, had access to my emails straight away and domain forwarding worked.
Asked Easily for a refund as I didn't get what paid for. Advised to contact their billing team. Have now emailed them 5 times without even an acknowledgement
Taking complaint up with Nominet now.
I would definitely avoid this company. Go elsewhere, would recommend either Fasthosts or one.com

1 star as Zero isn't an option.
Amanda White
Amanda White from Canada,


I came looking for answers after weeks of sending tickets to this company. I thought I was the only one who was struggling with Easily, but it turns out there is a growing army of us. I believe that I have lost one of my domain na...Read Moremes now due to lack of response from them. I don't know why as it was paid for and not expired.I started receiving emails to buy my domain back for stupid money. I have been with them for years, problem free until they switched over to the dreadful portal, where you cannot renew as and when you need to, they want people to put their card details in and sign up for auto billing....that takes your money way before the expiry date, can you imagine, NO WAY. I am not very tech savvy and want to transfer my domain names away from them, but don't know how to, I am beyond frustrated like everyone else here. DO NOT sign up with this company. I am going to report them to trading standards.Less
Hi, we transferred our domain names to another provider without using easily ... go to Nominet who will have your domain name registration and they have help (FAQ's) and good customer service and they will talk you through how to transfer the domains.
Emma Wilkin
Emma Wilkin from United Kingdom,


Easily previously hosted my web and email address. I moved my web address to Squarespace (as their CMS is excellent) and left my email address with Easily. After various problems with it going to people's spam folders and losing m...Read Moree a lot of business, one day it just stopped working. I emailed and I called Easily. I was told on the phone that I didn't have an Easily account, even though I have the invoice I paid a few months ago (for a year's email hosting) and was logged into the 'imaginary' account as I was talking to them. I was told someone would phone me back – they never did. It's now been over a month since I first emailed them to cancel (as I've moved the email address to Squarespace) and, despite being told every few days or so that their billing department will contact me, I've heard nothing. I just want my money back, as per the terms of the contract I signed, but they won't give it to me. Avoid this company like the plague – I'd give them no stars if I could.Less
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy from United Kingdom,

Just think of the worst company that you have EVER dealt and multiply by 1,000 - PANDIMENSIONALLY ATROCIOUS!!

The short answer is that the migration from the UK to Canada was as successful as the Titanic's voyage, it sank without a trace.

Emails did re-appear after much chasing, though obviously those received in the 2+ week interim we...Read Morere forever lost, without any warning that a migration was even underway.

Entire web site file sets are no more, since the infamous 'Legacy Team' that is still UK-based, does not respond to tickets, no matter how many times they are escalated. The Canada support team are all very polite and really do want to help, but if it is a legacy issue they just can not. I asked their supervisor if the UK legacy team does actually still exist and he said that 'he was not prepared to go into that'. If it did they would surely phone them to see what was going on. The fact that they can not answer my questions must be wasting so much of their time.

I have made well over a dozen support calls myself, their workload would be significantly less if this takeover had not occurred and easily's reputation might still be in the positive!?

Please do not both requesting a refund, the email-only 'billing team' is still 'UK-based' and is thus also a blackhole.

It will be interesting to see just how long it is before the UK arm goes into administration - the support supervisor did not want to discuss that either, perhaps less surprisingly than stating why he was not willing to even phone the UK legacy team!
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy from United Kingdom,

Horrendous is just too small a word to describe this outfit...

Absolutely everything that could possibly go wrong with their migration did and I did not even receive an email to tell me that it was going to occur!!!!!!!!

1) my account/email/domain access is now listed to someone else!!! Th...Read Moree reset password email has thus gone AWOL and they do not have the correct phone number either - "you will need to discuss this with billing to see if they accept your details" - oh, they do not start until midday UK time - I explained to them that there was a slight possibility that someone else owning my account was a security breach - "oh no sir, it is only a breach if they actually use the account" - what falling down juice are these Canadians on, can I have some please?

2) web sites gone

3) all email addresses gone

...still, they do have an extremely polite support team, who always end the numerous calls with a 'Have a nice day...', it would have been better if the support team actually clear issues, but hey, their customers soon lose the will to live anyway...

All those years of operation without any issue at all.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Hosting focused specifically on entry level sites

Easily is a UK based web hosting company that is really focused on providing entry level hosting services to their more than 100,000 customers.  They don’t have any advanced hosting options such as VPS or dedicated, which can be limiting in some cases.  The shared hosting options, however, are all well maintained and will provide most people with everything they need for a personal or small business website.

They have both Windows and Linux servers available in their shared packages, and they also offer affordable domain names for purchase.

Some larger companies host their UK versions of websites with Easily, including Virgin Media and Tesco.  This shows that even with just shared hosting, you can have some very nice sites that load quickly and reliably.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Very reliable for a shared hosting company

The company operates their servers out of a data center in London that has full redundancy built right in for network connections and power.  This helps to minimize the possibility of outages caused by facility failure.  They also avoid overloading their servers, which is a common cause of site downtime with most shared hosting packages.

That being said, they don’t seem to have any any uptime guarantees or SLAs.  Looking through what people have said about the company on social media and forums, it seems that they have a nice, reliable service with few problems.


Basic hosting services with some premium add-ons avaialble

Most people will take advantage of just the normal shared hosting options that they provide.  Each of their packages is setup to include everything that most sites will need.  If you need help with the creation of your actual site, you can use their advanced website builders, which are available for purchase at 50 and 150 Euros, depending on the requirements of your site.



Limited live support

Live support is available through a toll free number, but only Monday – Friday 9AM-5:30PM.  You can contact them through email or a problem reporting system anytime and they will normally help you quite quickly.

They also have a number of well written how-to guides that will help you to get any issues you’re having resolved on your own.


Standard pricing for shared hosting

The pricing is fairly standard, or perhaps a little lower than what most people would expect. They really push customers to go with the annual payment arrangements, which is still affordable for most people.

As long as you don’t buy any of the extras that are available, the pricing on this hosting is fair and affordable.  The extras that you can purchase can add up, but you do get what you pay for.


Good entry level hosting options

If you’re looking to host a small to medium sized site in the UK, this is a great option.  The pricing is fair, the support is helpful, and the features that you need are typically all included.  Overall, there is little to complain about with this company, even though there really isn’t too much that helps to set it apart from the competition either.


  • Everything you need is included
  • Above average reliability for a shared hosting company
  • Linux and Windows servers available
  • London based data center


  • No room to grow beyond shared hosting
  • Website builder costs extra




Easily.co.uk Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Beginner Linux 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited £2.85 2.0 Details
Advanced Linux 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited £5.71 2.0 Details
Professional Linux 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited £10.27 2.0 Details
Windows Beginner 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited £4.16 2.0 Details
Windows Advanced 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited £5.71 2.2 Details
Windows Professional 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited £11.42 2.1 Details

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