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Shared Hosting £2.85 - £11.42


Cliff Fuller
Cliff Fuller from United Kingdom,

Gone to pot

I went on to the easily website to purchase Linux hosting, I tried first in the new portal but could not fined anything, anyway I went on to purchase the hosting & it signed me into my account but what I never realized was it ...Read Moresigned me into my old account, I purchased the hosting I now have my domain name in my new account & my hosting in my old account a simple change over you would think but after 3 weeks & about 80 email's later & promise after promise nothing has changed' so I asked for a refund & now they don't even bother to answer my email's it is just a nightmare company it was always very good but now don't get involved you will regret it, well you have to select a star to continue but the only star I would select is for pricing,Less
Phil Balaam
Phil Balaam from United Kingdom,

What has gone wrong!

We've been using Easily for 5 years with no real problems and pretty good customer service (by modern standards which aren't high)

We've just been "upgraded" to the new "service" which has ruined everything, now we cannot admin...Read Moreister (or pay for) anything and most of the dialogs or buttons return "unknown server error" E-mails to customer support go unanswered and the phone service is a streaming music service.

This upgrade has obviously gone horribly wrong and they don't seem to have anyone capable of dealing with or solving the issue.

What a shame that a company that has provided good service up to now has gone into total meltdown. I will send the text of this review to Easily to see if it prompts some sort of response but from the reviews above I'm not holding out much hope.

P.S the only reason they score 2/10 is the review site software doesn't seem to allow 0/10 which is what they should get if this carries on!

If they manage to fix things then I'll happily write a new review but at the moment they are completely useless
jared lewid
jared lewid from United Kingdom,

absolutely appalling

i cannot state how bad this company and their service is. we have been with them for a number of years and the last 6 months our website has been getting slower and slower. they never accept the blame themselves and never respond ...Read Moreto emails and are difficult to get hold of over the phone. you pay for their service annually, but as soon as they had an inkling we were moving everything to another company they pulled the plug on everything and our website has been down for 2 days. absolutely appallingLess

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Hosting focused specifically on entry level sites

Easily is a UK based web hosting company that is really focused on providing entry level hosting services to their more than 100,000 customers.  They don’t have any advanced hosting options such as VPS or dedicated, which can be limiting in some cases.  The shared hosting options, however, are all well maintained and will provide most people with everything they need for a personal or small business website.

They have both Windows and Linux servers available in their shared packages, and they also offer affordable domain names for purchase.

Some larger companies host their UK versions of websites with Easily, including Virgin Media and Tesco.  This shows that even with just shared hosting, you can have some very nice sites that load quickly and reliably.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Very reliable for a shared hosting company

The company operates their servers out of a data center in London that has full redundancy built right in for network connections and power.  This helps to minimize the possibility of outages caused by facility failure.  They also avoid overloading their servers, which is a common cause of site downtime with most shared hosting packages.

That being said, they don’t seem to have any any uptime guarantees or SLAs.  Looking through what people have said about the company on social media and forums, it seems that they have a nice, reliable service with few problems.


Basic hosting services with some premium add-ons avaialble

Most people will take advantage of just the normal shared hosting options that they provide.  Each of their packages is setup to include everything that most sites will need.  If you need help with the creation of your actual site, you can use their advanced website builders, which are available for purchase at 50 and 150 Euros, depending on the requirements of your site.



Limited live support

Live support is available through a toll free number, but only Monday – Friday 9AM-5:30PM.  You can contact them through email or a problem reporting system anytime and they will normally help you quite quickly.

They also have a number of well written how-to guides that will help you to get any issues you’re having resolved on your own.


Standard pricing for shared hosting

The pricing is fairly standard, or perhaps a little lower than what most people would expect. They really push customers to go with the annual payment arrangements, which is still affordable for most people.

As long as you don’t buy any of the extras that are available, the pricing on this hosting is fair and affordable.  The extras that you can purchase can add up, but you do get what you pay for.


Good entry level hosting options

If you’re looking to host a small to medium sized site in the UK, this is a great option.  The pricing is fair, the support is helpful, and the features that you need are typically all included.  Overall, there is little to complain about with this company, even though there really isn’t too much that helps to set it apart from the competition either.


  • Everything you need is included
  • Above average reliability for a shared hosting company
  • Linux and Windows servers available
  • London based data center


  • No room to grow beyond shared hosting
  • Website builder costs extra




Easily.co.uk Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Beginner Linux 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited £2.85 2.0 Details
Advanced Linux 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited £5.71 2.0 Details
Professional Linux 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited £10.27 2.0 Details
Windows Beginner 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited £4.16 2.0 Details
Windows Advanced 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited £5.71 2.2 Details
Windows Professional 20 GB Unlimited Unlimited £11.42 2.1 Details

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