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Customer score for Flaunt7

  • Reliability
    9.3 / 10
  • Pricing
    9.4 / 10
  • User Friendly
    9.4 / 10
  • Support
    9.3 / 10
  • Features
    9.3 / 10

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Katharina Reinhardt
Katharina Reinhardt
  • Reliability10
  • Pricing10
  • User Friendly10
  • Support10
  • Features10

Ultra Fast Servers.

Service used: Shared - Business Pro
We are news site company and our site receives more than 200,000+ visitors everyday. We are currently on their Business Pro plan and the servers are ULTRA FAST. There is not even a downtime of 5 minutes, they are able to manage so...Read More
Thanks a lot!

Typical Flaunt7 Prices

Service Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting £0.00 - £105.45 17 plans
VPS £3.81 - £298.04 9 plans
Dedicated Server £76.41 - £764.21 6 plans
Resellers £15.28 - £61.13 3 plans
The Services & Prices are taken from www.flaunt7.com

Flaunt7 Expert Review 2021

Written by: Bruno Mirchevski

Flaunt7 Rating

  • Reliability
    9 / 10
  • Pricing
    8 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8 / 10
  • Support
    7 / 10
  • Features
    8 / 10
Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

Last Update | July 2021

Monthly Update - July 2021

Hosting Plans Web Hosting; Windows Web Hosting; WordPress Hosting; Cloud VPS Hosting; Dedicated Servers; Free Hosting
Top Features 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed; Power Failures Backups; DDoS Protection; Green Data Centers; NVMe SSD Drives; Next-gen AMD Processors;40Gbps Uplink!; Automated Monitoring Tools; Advance Advisory Team; Privacy and Data Safe
Customer Support Live Chat; Ticketing System; Knowledge Base

During July, Flaunt7:

  • No updates

During June, Flaunt7:

  • No updates

During May, Flaunt7:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Didn’t report any server issues

When it comes to picking the perfect hosting provider for your specific needs, this can be quite the challenge, especially if you are not that well informed about exactly what you need to look out for.

If you want to host something off-shore, or in other words, if you are located in the United States, and want to avoid the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a United States copyright law, this might be the perfect hosting provider for you.

In fact, Flaunt7 is one of the most well-known DMCA ignored web hosting providers out there. In other words, many other web hosting providers do not accept nor support specific content restricted by DMCA, and this is the case due to the fact that it could lead to legal problems or complaints against the company in question.

By ignoring this, the provider will not suspend your web hosting, or domain name, just because a third party asked them to or filed a complaint against you. You will be responsible for the complaint and you will need to deal with it on your own, but your website will not go offline because of it.

The Flaunt7 admin essentially goes through your case and forwards the legal action against the violation in accordance with the court’s order. This is a service only available with offshore hosting, and it is typically located in countries that are less likely to act seriously on copyright matters.

It allows you to publish just about anything, and as such, you might even get the freedom of speech, assuming you are located in an area of the world where that might be an issue.

It offers 99.9% uptime, free SSL certificates, cPanel support, SSD storage, and great support, however, how true all of this actually is, we’ll find out as I look into each and every aspect of Flaunt7.

Getting Started with Flaunt7

Getting started with Flaunt7 can be a little tricky, but if you follow everything along you’ll have no issues.

Screenshot of the main page

You can either click on “Get Started” on the homepage or simply visit the “Client Area”.

Click on Order Hosting.

Screenshot of main page with highlighted Order Hosting

And here you can select the kind of hosting you want.

Screenshot of the shared hosting plans

However, if you go to the “Get Started” menu, you have three other pricing options, not showcased here.

Screenshot of the all hosting services

Where I’ll just simply pick “Shared Hosting” as that what I’m interested in for this review.

After which I’ll be taken to more pricing options with different features.

Screenshot of the web hosting plans

And I’ll just select the cheapest one here, as that’s exactly what I need and it will fit my specific needs perfectly.

Okay, so, to summarize, there are two ways through which you can purchase shared hosting or other types of hosting, two menus, and this can be a bit confusing at first, since you are getting similar things, at different price points. Click on get started if you want the cheaper option and you should be good to go.

Anyway, once you select the desired package, you’ll be taken to another screen.

Screenshot of the Choose a Domain page

Here you can register a new domain, transfer your existing domain from another registrar, or use your existing domain by updating your nameservers.

Screenshot of the configuration page

Here you’ll get another chance to choose a billing cycle, and if you pick the annual plan, you get a free domain which is neat.

You also get a constant overview on the right side of the order summary, which is excellent.

Of course, in the end, you’ll always get the chance to review everything, which is neat.

Screenshot of the Review & Checkout page

After that, all you’ll need to do is enter the billing details.

Screenshot of the Billing Details page

Screenshot of the Shopping Cart

Now, here’s where, quite frankly, I was blown away.

Screenshot of the payment method selection page

You get a Bitcoin payment method; this hosting provider is living in the future.

Screenshot of the add credit card page

You’ll need to enter additional information once you pick your payment method.

Screenshot of the page where you can add the additional information about payment

You’ll receive an SMS code, simply confirm it and click on pay.

Then you’ll finally get to the screen where you’ll have the ability to enter your credit card information.

Page to enter your credit card information screenshot

You’ll receive an invoice email.

Screenshot of the invoice email

Once you pay, you’ll receive an email that confirms your payment.

An email that confirms your payment

This is all there is to making a Flaunt7 account, it can be tricky, but anyone should still be able to complete it.

Keep in mind that you can also buy a dedicated server here, SSL certificates, website security, e-mail services, access the website builder, the Linuxoid cloud, the CodeGuard, generate a website backup, get access to tools such as hacked site repair, VPN, SEO Tools, Free Hosting, Windows Hosting, and Storage VPS.

Screenshot of the categories side menu

Settings Things Up at Flaunt7

Screenshot of the client area

On the dashboard, you get this really simple menu, where you can manage your security through site lock, build your website, open support tickets, and see any recent news from the company.

Now, the unique aspect of this specific hosting provider is of course this website builder. Powered by WeeblyCloud, you can essentially pick a theme and start from there.

Choosing a Theme page screenshot

What I love about it, is its simplistic drag and drop nature.

Design creation page

You require zero programming knowledge in order to use this, and that’s always a plus.

Now, on the top bar, you’ll have several menu options.

Screenshot of the top menu options

On the Services Tab – here you can access my services, order new services, and view available addons.

Screenshot of the page with my products and services

On the Domains Tab – here you can access my domains, renew domains, register a new domain, and transfer domains to Flaunt7.

Screenshot of the page with my my domains

On the Website and Security Tab – here you can access SSL Certificates, website security features, e-mail services, the website builder, website backup, VPN, SEO tools and Manage SSL Certificates.

Screenshot of the SSL Certificates

On the Billing Tab – here you can review my invoices, my quotes, mass payment, payment methods and add funds.

Screenshot of the page with my invoices

On the Support Tab – here you can open tickets, see announcements, access the knowledgebase, see any potential downloads, and review the network status.

Screenshot of the page with my support tickets

On the Affiliates Tab – This is the affiliate program where you can get paid for referring customers to Flaunt7.

Screenshot of the affiliate program page

Another interesting part about Flaunt7 is the fact that, when you manage your security, you do it through SiteLock. This is a global website security protection and monitoring tool that can eliminate cyber threats, keeping your site safe.

Screenshot of the SiteLock menu

In order to access cPanel, this can also be a tricky process if you do not know exactly what you are doing, luckily for you, I’ll guide you throughout each and every step.

Go to the services tab, and click on my services.

Screenshot of the Services drop menu with highlighted My Services tab

Find your products and services, and click on the three dots on the right side, followed by view details.

Screenshot of the page with my products and services with highlighted View Details button

Here you’ll access everything you need in order to fully manage your website on Flaunt7.

Screenshot of the Managing page

Before we get into the cPanel management, let’s review what we have on offer here.

  • First, you can review your disk usage and your bandwidth usage which is convenient.
  • Second, you have quick shortcuts, including email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, the file manager, backup, subdomains, addon domains, cron jobs, MySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin and Awstats.
  • Third, you have your quick create email account menu, which is convenient.

Once you access the cPanel, you’ll see a lot of options.

Screenshot of the cPanel

While this may seem a bit overwhelming at first, we’ll be going over each and every one of these categories, so you can get a better understanding of exactly what you’re getting.


On the email tab, you get access to literally everything you would ever need in terms of email management. From email accounts to forwarders, email routing, autoresponders, default access, mailing lists,  track delivery, global email filters, email filters, email deliverability, address importer, spam filters, encryption, BoxTrapper, configure greylisting, calendars and contacts, and email disk usage, you genuinely feel like you have full control over everything which I find to be amazing.

Screenshot of the Email panel

Billing and Support

This is a unique menu available on Flaunt7 that I haven’t honestly seen in many other places. You see, here you can review the news and announcements, manage your billing information, download resources, view email history, as well as invoice history, see the knowledgebase, check the network status, view billing information, manage profile, register a new domain, transfer a domain, open a ticket, view the support tickets and upgrade or downgrade.

All of this is available directly through cPanel, which is quite impressive.

Screenshot of the Billing & Support panel


In terms of the files tab, you have your regular lineup of file management, images, directory privacy, disk usage, web disk, FTP accounts, backup, backup wizard, Git Version Control, file and directory restoration, and so on.

Screenshot of the Files panel


When it comes to the databases, you have phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Wizard, and Remote MySQL.

Screenshot of the phpMyAdmin page

Screenshot of the MySQL Databases panel

Screenshot of the Databases panel


Discussing the domains, you have the site publisher, the domains tab itself, the addon domains, the subdomains, the aliases, the redirects, the zone editor, and dynamic DNS.

Screenshot of the Domains panel


In terms of the metrics themselves, you can view the visitors, the errors, the bandwidth, the raw access, the Awstats, the analog stats, the Webalizer, the Webalizer FTP, the metrics editor, and the resource usage.

Screenshot of the Metrics panel


In terms of the type of security you can expect, you get SSH access, IP blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and Imunify360.

Screenshot of the Security panel

Most notable out of these is Let’s Encrypt SSL, which is an effort to provide free domain-validated certificates through an automated way.

You also get Imunify360, which protects your Linux-based server and all hosted websites against malware infections, web attacks, and vulnerability exploitation.


In terms of the software you are getting, you are looking at WordPress Manager by Softaculous, the PHP PEAR Packages, the Perl Modules, the Site Software, Optimize Website, MultiPHP Manager, MultiPHP INI Editor, Softaculous App installer, Setup Node.js App, Select PHP Version, Setup Python App, Setup Ruby App.

Screenshot of the Software panel


When it comes to the advanced category, you are getting the LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager, the Terminal, Cron Jobs, Track DNS, Indexes, Error Pages, Apache Handlers and MIME Types.

Screenshot of the Advanced panel

The most noteworthy feature out of these is the LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager, which lets you reduce page load times as well as handle traffic spikes.

Screenshot of the LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager


In terms of the preferences tab, you’re getting password and security, change language, change style, contact information, and the user manager.


Here you’re getting the WordPress Toolkit which is quite unique.

Screenshot of the WordPress Toolkit

It essentially lets you install WordPress with ease, and gives you a lot of other goodies as well.

Screenshot of the Installing WordPress window

Let’s install it. Keep in mind that you can select the installation path, website title, plugin and theme set, website language, and version of WordPress.

Then all you have to do is set the username as well as the password, and the email connected with it.

Screenshot of the Installing Wordpress (loading)

Screenshot of the Installing WordPress (done)

Screenshot of the message that Installation Complete

You can even install plugins in a convenient way from this panel.

Screenshot of the Plugins and Themes panel

Let’s test it out.

Now, let’s actually see what the WordPress Toolkit Does.

Screenshot of the WordPress Toolkit

What I love here is the easy maintenance mode toggle.

Screenshot of the WordPress Toolkit

You can review all of your installed Plugins in the tab; here are just some I decided to actually install.

Screenshot of the WordPress Toolkit

And you also have some pre-installed themes, and you can even upload more directly from here and activate them, which is nice.

Softaculous Apps Installer

This is basically a set of scripts that let you install different things.

Screenshot of the Softacuilous Apps Installer

And that’s about everything you’re getting with the Flaunt7 cPanel.

Customer Support Experience at Flaunt7

Let’s cancel the service and ask for a refund to see how the support team will handle these requests.

Now, they have chat support, which is found on the bottom right corner of the screen at any time.

Screenshot of the Live Chat

Here, you get a scripted, instant reply, telling you what to do.

Screenshot of the Live Chat conversation

Here’s how to open a ticket. Go to support, and click on tickets.

Screenshot of the Support drop menu with highlighted Tickets button

Screenshot of the My Support Tickets

Click on billing.

Screenshot of the Open Ticket panel with highlighted Billing button

Write the message that you’d like to send.

Screenshot of the ticket

Click on submit.

Submit button

Screenshot of the message that ticket is created

That’s about it.

Uptime and Speed

Let’s get uptime out of the way, I did only test this hosting provider for a limited period of time, and throughout that time, my website never went offline. Is the 99.9% uptime claim legitimate? Definitely.

In terms of speed, with the plugins I had, and a few images as well as blog post content, the website loaded in 1.2 seconds, which is average, and LiteSpeed does indeed do wonders to boost the speed, which is convenient.


When it comes to web hosting plans, you start at $3.99 per month, up to $137.99 per month.

Screenshot of the web hosting plans

When it comes to VPS Hosting plans, you start at $4.99 per month, up to $389.99 per month.

Screenshot of the VPS plans

When it comes to Offshore Dedicated Hosting Plans, you can start at $99.99 per month up to $999.99 per month.

Screenshot of the offshore dedicated hosting plans

Pros and Cons of Flaunt7


  • Offshore Hosting on Offer
  • You Get Free SSL Certificates
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Excellent Ticketing Chat System
  • Bitcoin Payment Method


  • Confusing Pricing Plans on Separate Screens


What I specifically enjoyed about Flaunt7 is the fact that it offers offshore services, which means that you can bypass any geographic restrictions you might have in your location. They live up to their promises and offer just about everything you would need for hosting a website online. The pricing is competitive, however, you are getting something unique here so that more than makes up for it. I’d ideally recommend this for people who want better freedom of speech or to bypass DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Read the full expert review Visit Flaunt7 See Plans & Pricing

Flaunt7 Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
Startup Unlimited Unlimited £3.05 8.3
Startup Pro Unlimited Unlimited £6.11 8.3
Business Unlimited Unlimited £10.69 9.2
Business Pro Unlimited Unlimited £21.39 8.7
Enterprise Unlimited Unlimited £36.67 9.2
Enterprice pro Unlimited Unlimited £51.96 9.3
Ultimate Unlimited Unlimited £74.89 9.3
Ultimate pro Unlimited Unlimited £105.45 9.3
Free Hosting 512 MB 49.97 GB £0.00 10
Startup (Windows) 25 GB 1 TB £3.05 10
Startup Pro (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £6.11 9.3
Business (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £10.69 9.3
Business Pro (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £21.39 9.3
Enterprise (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £36.67 9.3
Enterprise Pro (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £51.96 9.3
Ultimate (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £74.89 9.3
Ultimate Pro (Windows) Unlimited Unlimited £105.45 9.3

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
Linuxoid 1GB 30 GB 1 GB £3.81 6.0
Linuxoid 2GB 60 GB 2 GB £7.63 4.1
Linuxoid 4GB 200 GB 4 GB £15.28 7.2
Linuxoid 8GB 200 GB 8 GB £26.74 9.4
Linuxoid 16GB 400 GB 16 GB £53.49 10
Linuxoid 32GB 800 GB 32 GB £84.06 9.8
Linuxoid 64GB 1.4 TB 64 GB £152.83 10
Linuxoid 96GB 2 TB 96 GB £221.61 9.3
Linuxoid 128GB 3 TB 128 GB £298.04 9.3

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space RAM OS Price Score
Elanza i3 500 GB 32 GB £76.41 10
Elanza Ryzen 5 500 GB 32 GB £91.70 10
Elanza Ryzen 7 3700X 1 TB 64 GB £152.83 2.0
Elanza Ryzen 9 1 TB 64 GB £191.05 10
Elanza Ryzen 9 1 TB 128 GB £382.10 10
Elanza EPYC 7282 1 TB 256 GB £764.21 10

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Price Score
Reseller Level 1 50 GB 1 TB £15.28 10
Reseller Level 2 100 GB 2 TB £30.56 10
Reseller Level 3 200 GB 4 TB £61.13 9.3
A Free Domain is included when purchasing any hosting service from Flaunt7
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A few words from Flaunt7

Flaunt7 is an offshore DMCA Ignored hosting provider. We (Flaunt7) provide different types of offshore hosting. It includes shared hosting, Cloud VPS, dedicated server.. All of the service provided by us are affordable and high-quality. We FLAUNT ourselves as the best bulletproof hosting provider.
Flaunt7 will keep your servers online no matter what. In addition Flaunt7 protects your servers from DMCA, your competitors, authorities, burglars and governments.
We cherish free speech and will stand behind your site.

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