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Hostinger Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Last Update | August 2022

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Hosting PlansShared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, cPanel Hosting, VPS Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, CyberPanel VPS Hosting, Web Hosting for Agencies
Top Features99.99% Uptime; Automated Backups; WordPress Acceleration; Unlimited Bandwidth, Subdomains, Disk Storage and Email Accounts; Drag-and-Drop Website Builder; 24/7/365 Customer Support; 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Customer SupportLive Chat; Email Support; Knowledge Base; Tutorials; Blog; Hostinger Academy

During May, Hostinger:

  • Extended its XXL Web Hosting sale.
  • Offered 70% off plus a 10% Student Discount.
  • Announced its first newsletter.
  • Experienced 20 issues, including scheduled server US-221 maintenance, hVPS maintenance, phpMyAdmin Dashboard issues, databases crash on cpl11.main-hosting.eu, Webmail accessibility issues, databases crash on cpl11.main-hosting.eu, degraded server LT-431 performance, scheduled Node IMM-97 maintenance, emergency US-655 Server maintenance, database service maintenance on 431 server in LT datacenter, emergency server maintenance on LT-431, hPanel Accessibility Issues, scheduled server US-538 maintenance, scheduled server US-500 maintenance, scheduled server US-501 maintenance, scheduled server US-539 maintenance, scheduled server US-537 maintenance, scheduled server US-536 maintenance, scheduled server US-534 maintenance, scheduled server US-535 maintenance.

Hostinger: Reviews by Customers & Web Hosting Experts

Founded in 2011, Hostinger has become the most significant cloud and shared hosting provider. Over the years, they worked hard to provide excellent performance, and they’re genuinely devoted to giving superior customer service.

The company is based in Kaunas, Lithuania, and now operates in more than 178 countries worldwide, providing top-quality services to more than 29 million users daily. Hostinger Hosting is brilliant because it provides top-quality hosting, but it can also help users build the perfect website for their business. Not to mention that their services are pretty affordable, so it’s ideal for users who are on a tight budget.

If you’re on the lookout for a top-quality hosting provider with excellent speed and performance, with some of the lowest prices in the market, Hostinger might be the perfect choice for you!



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Is Hostinger The Right Host For You?

Hostinger is one of the most popular brands on the market, and you can find many Hosinger reviews on the web. When I got the opportunity to do this expert review, I was ecstatic because I had already had a great experience with this globally-known company. So, this was an excellent opportunity to check if they’re consistent in their performance and report to you first-hand.

I have tested hundreds of hosting services, but what attracted me to Hostinger in the first place was their excellent sets of features available for the most affordable prices. The reality is that sometimes the cheapest plans can deliver the best customer experience, and the affordable Hostinger has excellent speed, satisfying uptime, and versatile hosting plans.

Does Hostinger sound too good to be true? My Hostinger brand review, backed with customer reviews, will help you learn whether they’re the right host for you.

Here Is How We Review:

  1. The first step of doing an expert review is buying a hosting provider’s plan. Usually, this is the most affordable plan covering all the essential features that allow us to test what the web host has to offer at a minimum (it only gets better from this point and on).
  2. We explore in detail every single feature that the hosting provider offers. At the same time, our assigned professionals test the performance and speed of the provider.
  3. We continuously analyze the pros and cons of using the hosting provider, is the price worth the product you’re getting, and whether their customer support is fast and helpful. What’s the web host’s price-value ratio, and is it worth your time and money?
  4. After thoroughly reviewing all hosting provider features, we publish the written expert review and update it throughout the year.
  5. To develop the final, weighted score reflecting the provider’s overall quality, we also consider customer reviews.

Pros & Cons


  • Free SSL Certificates in All Plans
  • The Cheapest Offers on The Market
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Set of Features
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Optimized for WordPress Performance


  • No Free Domain in The Cheapest Shared Hosting Plan
  • No Phone Support
  • Live Chat Is Limited to Existing Clients

Pros & ConsThe best hosting provider for people who are on a budget with top-quality features for a reasonable price.

Get Started With Hostinger

Tip: If you don’t have sufficient experience with web hosting, it’s best to start with shared hosting or a managed solution and leave all technical tasks to the web host.
ParameterScoreWhy did we give this score?
User Friendly4.7Hostinger services are user-friendly, and most installations can be done in a few clicks. They also offer free website and domain migration, but we gave them a 4.7 score because they have custom-built hosting control panel-hPanel, which can be slightly tricky for people who are used to working with cPanel.
Support4.7We gave Hostinger a score of 4.7 for customer support because their live chat was only available for people who already have an account with them, and they don’t offer phone support. They provide email support and have a rich knowledge base, tutorials, and their own Hostinger Academy.
Features4.6Even though Hostinger has an excellent set of features: free domain registration, excellent hPanel, and free website migration, they get a 4.8 score because some programming languages aren’t supported with their shared plans.
Reliability4.6Hostinger servers operate on CloudLinux, which protects their users from DDoS attacks. The hosting provider has excellent speed and uptime, provided by 7 data centers located in Asia, Europe, and America. However, we gave a 4.8 score for reliability because the speed can be lower due to data center distance.
Pricing4.6Hostinger has the most affordable prices, starting from $1.99/month for a shared hosting plan with one website. We gave them a 4.6 because the most affordable prices are for plans purchased for 48 months, and their renewal prices are a bit higher.
Overall Score4.6Hostinger is one of the top-ranked web hosts on the market; still, they need slight improvements to become the best of the best.

Hostinger Prices & Plans – 2022

Hostinger hosting provides a wide variety of hosting services with top-quality features, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and specialized hosting services such as WordPress Hosting, cPanel hosting, Minecraft server hosting, CyberPanel hosting, and hosting for agencies.

Every hosting service offers different plans with different prices and features to accommodate the users’ needs. The plans are suitable for all types of users, from bloggers starting in the business to small companies and even enterprise users.

Note: The plans can be purchased for  1, 12, 24, and 36 months. When you choose a more extended period, the price is lower.

The shared hosting plans are perfect for small to medium websites. There are three shared hosting plans available:

  • Single Shared Hosting, which is ideal for beginners, starts at a price point of $1.99/month or $3.99/month when you renew
  • Premium Shared Hosting, perfect for personal websites, costs $2.99/ month or $6.99/month when you renew
  • Business Shared Hosting, which is optimized to serve the needs of a small business, comes at $4.99/ month or $8.99/month when you renew
Note: All prices within this section apply when you purchase the plan for 48 months.

screenshot of shared hosting plans

Hostinger offers eight VPS hosting plans. All the plans are simple, fast, reliable, and come at an affordable price. All VPS servers come with Intel Xeon processors, NVMe SSD disk space terabytes, and 512 RAM per server. They’ll help you control your operating system; you’ll have a full-stack server, DDoS protection, and an easily manageable control panel. The cheapest plan is the VPS 1, which will cost you $3.95 a month, and the most expensive is the VPS 8, which comes with a price tag of $77.99/month.

screenshot of VPS hosting plans

screenshot of VPS hosting plans

The cloud hosting offered by Hostinger was designed for large-scale products. There are three available plans for cloud hosting: Cloud Startup, Cloud professional, and Cloud Enterprise. All the cloud server hosting plans run on isolated virtual instances, have a top-level data backup and are protected by SSL certificates. The most affordable plan is the Cloud Startup which will cost you $9.99 per month. For $18.99 a month, you can purchase the Cloud Professional, and if you’re willing to spend more, you can get the Cloud Enterprise for $69.99.

screenshot of Cloud hosting plans

screenshot of VPS hosting plans

Hostinger offers four WordPress hosting plans

  • Single WordPress - the ideal plan for beginners
  • WordPress Starter - the perfect choice for personal websites
  • Business WordPress - specially designed to assist small businesses
  • WordPress Pro - suitable for small and medium business

The most affordable WordPress plan-Single WordPress is only $1.99 per month, probably the most affordable price you’ll ever find in this business. The WordPress Starter can be used for $3.99 a month; the Business WordPress for $6.99, and WordPress Pro is the most expensive among the group, coming with $11.59 per month.

screenshot of WordPress hosting plans

Hostinger offers two cPanel hosting plans: cPanel Hosting Silver, which costs $2.59/month, and cPanel Hosting Gold, which costs $3.59/month.

screenshot of cPanel hosting plans

There are eight available CyberPanel hosting plans; the most affordable costs $3.95/month, and the most expensive is $77.99/month.

screenshot of CyberPanel VPS hosting plans

screenshot of CyberPanel hosting plans

screenshot of CyberPanel hosting plans

Hosting for an Agency is made with developer business in mind. The four available plans will allow you to focus more on your clients rather than the technicalities. As you can see from the image below, the price range differs depending on your plan. The basic plan is only $4.99/month; Agency Cloud will cost you $9.99/month; Agency Pro is $18.99, and Agency Pro + is available for $69.99/month.

screenshot of Agency Starter plans

For Minecraft fans worldwide, Hostinger has a unique Minecraft server hosting that will take the game to a whole different level. Seven plans are available, with prices starting from $6.95/month to $77.99/month.

screenshot of Minecraft hosting plans

screenshot of Minecraft hosting plans

screenshot of Minecraft hosting plans

Warning: The renewal prices on all plans are higher than the purchasing prices. Make sure you check them out before renewing your plan.

Features and Benefits

Hostinger has many incredible features and benefits that can help users of all types, whether you’re just a beginner in this business or a big company that wants to thrive. Let’s elaborate on some of the features and benefits of the incredible hosting provider in our Hostinger brand review.

  1. Useful Tools

Hostinger’s teams have worked extra hard to implement the latest technologies in their hosting services. They take performance seriously, and that’s why they offer technologies that can power up any website. To ensure top performance, they have LiteSpeed web servers, CDN, Ipv6, HTTP/3, and unmetered bandwidth.

Furthermore, they don’t want to compromise the user’s websites, and that’s why they offer tools such as PHP version control, Git integration, SSH, WP-CLI, MySQL manager, and phpMyAdmin. Their PHP configuration tool will help users make changes through the control panel, and the implementation of the Linux server platform guarantees efficiency and stability. Hostinger also offers WordPress acceleration, free SSL, and a website builder.

  1. Global Presence

Hostinger has grown so much that they now have more than 150 offices around the globe. The company has 7 data centers in Asia, Europe, and South and North America that provide maximum server stability and speed performance. The data centers in Asia are located in India and Singapore; in Europe, the centers are in the UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Brazil, and the USA from South and North America. Hostinger coverage is global. They’re available in 178 countries globally, and they host more than 29 million websites.

screenshot of Data Center Locations

  1. Security

Although their security methods are more basic, Hostinger provides pretty great security. All the servers are monitored 24/7 and contain PHP open_basedir and mod_security security modules. Each plan offered by Hostinger has a free SSL certificate that encrypts all data and protects it from a third party.
The plans also have DDoS protection, with Bitninja web application firewall on the servers. The LVE containerized and CloudLinux reassure users that their website will be secure at all times. If you want more protection, for some extra money, you can purchase CloudFlare protection directly from Hostinger. All the plans contain these security essentials that can protect your website from the most common threads.

  1. Regular Backups

Most Hostinger plans provide daily backups. Hostinger’s hPanel contains backup features that allow users to backup their data and files. Users can also download the database files and website files while backing up the site. If having daily backups is not enough for you, and you want a weekly backup, then choose one of the Premium hosting plans.

  1. Email

Hostinger offers a professional email hosting service that will take collaboration to another level. They offer two email hosting plans, which use Titan’s professional email address branded with the user’s custom domain. Email hosting can help you start video conferences, schedule their meetings, and manage their contact in the easiest way possible. This hosting service also has advanced security tools to protect your account from viruses, malware, attacks, etc.

screenshot of Titan Email banner

Note: There are two email hosting services available: Google Workspace Email Hosting and Titan Email Hosting. Google Workspace email hosting offers only one plan, while you can choose between the two available plans of the Titan Email hosting service.
  1. Website Builder

Hostinger offers many website building options, but they also have their in-house website builder called Zyro. Zyro will help you build the perfect website with functional pages without any trouble. The website builder allows you to customize every part of the page. The editor is drag-and-drop, and you can pick from more than 130 modern templates. Another incredible thing about Zyro is that it contains all CEO, blogging, and email tools and services.

screenshot of Website Builder banner

  1. Wide Range Of Payment Options

Hostinger makes its services available to users by offering various payment methods. The company allows you to pay for its services using credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover; PayPal; Google Pay, and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

  1. Website Migration

You can easily migrate your existing website to the Hostinger hosting platform. The website can be migrated directly from the Dashboard by filling out a form. Hostinger takes care of cPanel, FTP, and WordPress migrations.


To be a leading hosting service in this business, a hosting company must provide top-quality performance and 100% reliability. There are hundreds of hosting services on the market, but the ones that offer the most outstanding performance always stand out from the crowd.

  1. Speed- Decent Speeds Worldwide

When it comes to speed, you must be aware that the closer your visitors are, the faster your site will load. For example, if your website is hosted in the US data center, visitors from the US will get a speed of 479ms; users from any European country will wait 1.3 seconds for loading, and India’s natives must wait for around 1.7 seconds. The bottom line is that Hostinger is brilliant when it comes to speed. When tested from the US, it takes 479ms, or 849ms, for a fully built website. screenshot of GTmetrix Grade

  1. Uptime- Excellent (99.97% in the past six months)

One of the most important things for you when choosing a web host is uptime. Having the best uptime demonstrates that your site is dependable, and that’s why users always choose to host services with the best uptimes.

Hostinger has had an excellent average uptime of 99.97% for the past six months. Only a year ago, their uptime was 99.74%, but they improved that and further excelled in their service.

  1. Loading Time – CDN Is Very Powerful & It Can Make A Significant Improvement

Having excellent speed doesn’t only depend on your hosting provider. While Hostinger has excellent speed, it can be challenging to examine loading time because many other factors affect the speed and loading time.

The regular service maintenance provided by Hostinger can affect the website’s speed. Another thing that can affect the speed is the physical distance between the visitor and the server. When the distance is bigger between the server where the website is hosted and the user, the response time will be longer. To quickly solve these problems, you can try setting up CDN for your website.

Speed can also be reduced if the resource usage by the website is high; if there’s a lack of caching system or poor website optimization. You can use two incredible tools to speed up your site: Gtmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

Level of Support

Customer support is key to having a successful business. We appreciate it when our hosting provider offers different ways of support and is available for our questions anytime.

Hostinger offers live chat directly through their platform. The chat button can be easily spotted, but the downside is that it only has a live chat available for its users. So, if you don’t have a Hostinger account, you won’t be able to ask a question through their live chat.

screenshot of a chat button

screenshot of a login button

Warning: Although they have a live chat option, the live chat service is not available for everyone. You need to log in first to access their live chat, and to log in; you must purchase a plan.

Hostinger also offers support through email, and they claim that their multilingual team is available 24/7/365, so they call their customer support- the customer success team.


screenshot of support panel


One remarkable thing about Hostnger is that it offers countless valuable links that can answer users’ questions. They have a rich knowledge base, tutorials, blog, and Hostinger academy.


screenshot of Find Out More panel


The Knowledge base contains tons of information about SSL certificates, DNS, domains, cPanel, website, billing, VPS, email, profile and files managements, affiliates and referrals, MySQL databases, and everything to know about the company. The answer to your question can be most probably found in this knowledge base.

You can access dozens of video tutorials and webinars if you’re more of a visual person. The tutorials are specially designed to help even the non-tech savvy people easily understand Hostinger and how it works. They have tutorials from website building to SEO, and their tutorials are extensive. Their how-to guides are incredible because they explore every aspect of the hosting experience. If you’re looking for something specific in the tutorials, you can save some time by using the Search option.

The Hosting Academy is also a great source of knowledge. One clicks on the link, and you’ll find yourself directly on their YouTube channel called Hostinger Academy, where you can learn everything about Hostinger hosting services and find many high-quality tutorials and videos.

Note: Hostinger doesn’t offer phone and ticketing support, and their chat support is available only for their users.

All the other available support services were excellent, especially their knowledge base, because it contained helpful information.

User Friendly

While doing my Hostinger review, I was most excited about one of the unique features that Hostinger offers. In particular, Hostinger has developed a control panel called hPanel. Isn’t that incredible? It has the same functions as the cPanel but with a more modern design.

The hPanel is designed to help you manage your web files easily, set up your email accounts, monitor bandwidth, and disk space, and even change the PHP version. Through the hPanel, you can install WordPress and Joomla, access the MySQL database, and do almost everything with a few clicks. The hPanel is cloud-based, highly available, better organized, and visually appealing. Hostinger’shPanel is designed so that even if you’re a non-tech savvy user, you can manage your websites easily.

screenshot of Hosting Account tab

  1. Creating an Account With Hostinger

Creating a new account with Hostinger is very simple and can be done in less than 15 minutes. The first step is to choose a hosting service and a plan that perfectly fits your needs. Once you’re done, type in your information, choose your payment method and sign up. You’ll receive an email asking for profile verification, and you’re done. You’ll be ready to get started with Hostinger in no time. Everything is explained very well, and if you read their instructions, you won’t have any issues while creating your account.

  1. Creating or Migrating a Domain

If you don’t have a domain, Hostinger has one of the most affordable prices for domains. The Premium shared hosting plans come with a free domain name registration and an SSL certificate. Setting up a new domain can be done through the Dashboard at the hPanel, and it’s super easy.

Hostinger also offers free site migration. If you want to transfer your domain from another hosting service to Hostinger, it can be quickly done in a few clicks, without any cost.

  1. Installing WordPress

The Auto WordPress installer located in the control panel will allow you to install WordPress with just one click. The installation can be done manually or by using an auto-installer. No matter what option you choose, don’t be intimidated if you don’t have any experience in the field because everything is so perfectly designed to be done in a couple of minutes.

Step by Step Walkthrough

The first thing you need to do is choose a language. We already mentioned at the beginning of our Hostinger review that the platform is multilingual, so choose the language you know the best; in my case, that’s English.

You can find Hosting, Email, Domain, Pricing, login, and Cart in the main menu.

screenshot of top bar

Hostinger offers many hosting services: Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, cPanel Hosting, VPS Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, CyberPanel Hosting, and Hosting for Agency.

screenshot of Hosting menu

The hosting provider also offers email services such as Google Workspace Email and Titan Email Hosting, Domain Checker, WHOIS Lookup, and Domain Transfer.

screenshot of Email menu

screenshot of Domain menu

Most Hostinger reviews focus on all Hostinger services, but my main goal is to explore only their hosting. First, you need to choose the hosting service you need by clicking on the icon. In my case, I choose Web hosting. We already mentioned that this service has three plans available: Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, and Business Shared Hosting. We explained each plan thoroughly in the “Prices and Plans – 2022” section.

To fully understand the hosting provider and create a quality review that will provide more information than other Hostinger reviews, I decided to go with the Single Shared Hosting plan, their most affordable one. This plan offers one website, 30GB SSD storage, one email account, 100GB Bandwidth, two databases, and GIT Access. It also includes managing WordPress, WordPress acceleration, and a free SSL certificate.

screenshot of Single Shared Hosting plan

To purchase the plan, click on Select. The next step is to complete your order.

screenshot of Choose a period tab

As you can see, you can purchase the plan for 1, 12, 24, and 36 months. Choose the option that you prefer.

Tip: If you plan to use this hosting service for a more extended period, choose the 48-months plans because it will be the most affordable.

screenshot of Create YourAccount tab

After choosing a period, you need to create an account. You have two options: to use an email address to log in or log in directly through Google, Facebook, or GitHub.

Note: Hostinger offers a wide variety of payments: credit card, PayPal, CoinGate, GooglePay, and Alipay.

screenshot of Select paument tab

Choose the payment option you prefer. If you choose a credit card, you’d have to type in your card information to complete your purchase.

Note: The setup and SSL certificate activation is free, and if you have a coupon code, you can get a discount.

To finish with your purchase, click on Submit Secure Payment and get ready to dive into Hostinger hosting.


Using and Managing Your Website on Hostinger

A few seconds after you sign up for the account, Hostinger’s hPanel will greet you.

screenshot of Client area

There are many sections such as Home, Hosting, Emails, Domains, Servers, SSL, Website Builder, Billing, Help, and Store. On the hosting tap, you can see Single Shared hosting, and the first step is to click on setup.

screenshot of Setup panel

You’ll receive a warm welcome from a lovely lady and her cat.

screenshot of Welcome banner

If you follow this lady’s guided setup, your website will be live in just a couple of minutes. You can buy a domain name or use the domain name you already have. Type the domain’s name and click next if you have a domain.

Important: Hostinger allows users to build their website or migrate it from another hosting service. 

screenshot of "Which Way Do You Want to Go?" panel

screenshot of Have you ever built a website before panel

Hostinger will also ask you if you have any experience building a website. Based on experience, Hostinger will help you pick the best website builder solution. Since I wanted to experience Hostinger’s services fully, I clicked on No, it’s my first time to see how Hostinger helps users without experience.

screenshot of Recommended for Your banner

Hostinger has its website builder called Zyro, but I’ll go with WordPress this time because most of us use WordPress to build our sites. Click on Select WordPress.

screenshot of "Which look do you prefer?" banner

You can choose the layout you like, but don’t waste too much time customizing it now because you can always do it later when you wrap things up.

screenshot of "Let's finish setting up" panel

The final step is to finish your setup. Here you can see your chosen domain name, location, admin email, and your theme of choice. Click on Finish Setup.

screenshot of Initializing setup panel

In less than 3 minutes, the setting up will finish.


In the Dashboard, you can find: Force HTTPS, Flush Cache, Maintenance mode, WordPress Updates, Speed and Security( LiteSpeed, SSL certificate, Cloudflare, and WebArx). You also have the option to install another WordPress. The Dashboard also gives you an insight into your PHP and WordPress versions.

screenshot of Dashboard tab


If you click on the Plugins, you can see all your active and installed plugins. Some of the plugins available have been installed by default, but you can disable them anytime you want.

screenshot of Plugins tab


In the section “Order’ you can easily access the Order usage, Renew, Upgrade and Set Main Domain.

If you click on Order Usage, you can access the Memory Usage, Processes, CPU Usage, and Entry Processes.

To renew your plan, click on the Renew button.

screenshot of Order tab


Hostinger also allows you to upgrade your plan anytime you want to. All you have to do is click on Upgrade, and your plan will quickly get upgraded. You can upgrade your plan to a better-performance plan or switch to a dedicated hosting plan.

screenshot of completing an order


The section Accounts gives users two options: Details and Change Password. If you click on Details, you will see your nameservers, website details, email details, and file upload details. You can also change your password easily if you click on Change Password.

screenshot of Accounts panel


In the Emails section, you can access your Email Accounts, Email Forwarders, Autoresponders, Edit Mx Records, and Mail service control. Hostinger also allows you to purchase a business email subscription that will enable you to create 50 emails for an affordable price.

screenshot of Emails panel


You can find the Subdomains, Parked Domains, Add Website Section, Redirect Section, and Cloudflare Section in the Domain section. You can easily create a new subdomain, park a new domain on top of your existing one, and add a new website on the add website section.

screenshot of the Creating a New Subdomains panel


Create a redirect on the redirect page. The redirected page is an excellent way for users without experience to send users and search engines to a different URL.

screenshot of the Create a Redirect panel

Cloudflare Control

Speed up your website and protect it against DDoS attacks through the Cloudflare Control section.

screenshot of the Security settings

Website Section

This section contains Auto-Installer,  Import Website Function, Migrate Website Function, Error Pages, Learn to Code Section, and the SEO Toolkit.

screenshot of the apps panel

Note: The auto-installer button allows users to install WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, and other CMS services automatically.

The import function allows you to import your website from another hosting provider, while the migrate website allows you to migrate your website to the Hostinger hosting service. Hostinger has a few migration options available: WordPress Migration, cPanel Migration, Other Control Panel Migration, and other FTP Migration.

File Manager

The file manager is located in the files tab. It allows you to manage all the files within your website. It also contains the system files and individual images attached to the website.

screenshot of the Files tab


The Backup section can also be found in the Files tab. This section allows you to generate backups and restore the previously generated backups. This is an excellent option if you want to experiment with new WordPress plugins without taking the risk of breaking your website.

FTP Accounts

The last button on the Files tab is FTP Accounts, which will allow you to set up multiple accounts. FTP accounts are also used to manage and upload files on the website.



MySQL Databases

Create a new MySQL database in this section. Once the MySQL database is created, it will appear on List Current MySQL Databases and Users, and you will be able to manage it.


If you click on Enter phpMyAdmin, you will be allowed to access the databases.

Remote MySQL

Here you can create a remote database connection.


  • DNS Zone Editor
  • PHP Configuration
  • Cron Jobs
  • PHP info
  • Cache Manager
  • GIT
  • SSL

Other Tab

  • Password Project Directories
  • IP Manager
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Folder Index manager
  • Fix File Ownership
  • Activity Log
  • Reset Account
  • Deactivate Account

Conclusion: Do We Recommend Hostinger?

Yes, we do! Hostinger is the best hosting provider for people who are on a budget. All the plans are pretty affordable yet still give users a superior experience. When I started working on this, I researched countless other Hostinger reviews to see what their customers think about them. I must admit that most of their customer reviews were super positive. Although I was pretty satisfied with almost everything provided by the hosting provider while doing my Hostinger review,  there were some things  I didn’t appreciate, but truthfully the pros outweigh the cons.

The bottom line is that this hosting provider is excellent for people who are just starting this business and can’t afford to spend tons of money. It’s perfect for beginners, but it’s also perfect for all users because the service has great potential. Hostinger is a hosting provider worth the attention because it provides top-quality features for a reasonable price.

If our Hostinger brand review didn’t convince you that this provider is the best choice for you, they have an excellent 30-days money return policy, so you can test the service risk-free!


Monthly Updates

During April 2022, Hostinger:

  • Offered XXL Web Hosting Sale that ended in the middle of April.
  • Offered 70% off plus a 10% Student Discount.
  • Released important information regarding Phishing Emails using its name.
  • Introduced the new Plan Boost feature.
  • Introduced the Hostinger Referral Program.
  • Launched a new datacenter in Mumbai, India.
  • Announced its Super Admin sponsorship of WordCamp 2022.
  • Had 15 incidents, including Degraded Server Performance on its US-402 server and US-647 server, performed Emergency Server Maintenance on its NL Shared Server, performed Scheduled Server Maintenance on its Brazil ASC Datacenter, experienced Degraded US Backup Server Performance, performed Emergency Server Maintenance on its NL-328 server, performed Scheduled Maintenance on its CPL03, US-187, CPL04, CPL07, CPL08 and CPL09 servers, experienced issues with its Hostinger Business Email, performed Emergency Network Maintenance on its CPL06 server.

During March 2022, Hostinger:

  • Announced its XXL Web Hosting Sale that ended in the middle of March.
  • Continued its 10% student discount.
  • Had 8 incidents, including Webmail accessibility issues, hPanel Order Usage section maintenance, emergency server maintenance on its VPS server in the USA, Maintenance of Datacenter in Mumbai, India, server CPL02 maintenance, degraded server BR-727, Hostinger Auto Installer service maintenance, hPanel Accessibility Issues.

During February 2022, Hostinger:

  • Had 7 incidents, including degraded server UK-279 performance, maintenance of their data center in Singapore, experienced a bug that prevents customers from creating new email accounts, degraded server US-552 performance, degraded server US-140 performance, emergency hardware maintenance of VPS Node 13a in the UK, emergency server UK-159 maintenance.
  • Offers a 10% student discount.
  • Had a Web Hosting sale that expired during this month.

During January 2022, Hostinger:

  • Had 8 incidents, including network maintenance, VPS API maintenance, degraded server SG-352 performance, hPanel internal email service maintenance, issues with Billing infrastructure, hPanel accessibility issues, and Cloudflare connectivity issues.
  • Offers a 10% student discount.

During December 2021, Hostinger:

  • Had 11 incidents, including network maintenance, hPanel accessibility issues, degraded server performance, backup dashboard issues, emergency maintenance, and Cloudflare issues.
  • Offered a 10% discount off the first purchase on fiverr with the code: HOSTINGER10.
  • Announced a giveaway of three Shared Hosting renewals for 1 year.
  • Announced that it will share some gifts during this month for Christmas.

During November 2021, Hostinger:

  • Black Friday Sale: Up to 80% off on web hosting + Free Domains, SSL, Cloudflare, and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Introduced Access Logs as a new feature within the hPanel
  • Had 61 incidents, including scheduled and emergency server maintenance, cPanel accessibility issues, onboarding accessibility issues, and degraded server performance

During October 2021, Hostinger:

  • Had a sale: Get a free .com domain for the first year, free SSL and Cloudflare with premium web hosting for at least 12 months
  • Welcomed its 1000th employee
  • Started preparing for the opening of a new data center
  • Had 196 incidents in total, including server maintenance, accessibility issues, hPanel issues, degraded server performance, emergency maintenance, etc.

During September 2021, Hostinger:

  • Juicy Summer Deal for Web Hosting: A free .com domain for the first year and a free SSL certificate with all annual premium web hosting plans
  • Had 305 incidents in total, including server maintenance, degraded performance, accessibility issues, domain registrars issues, order usage dashboard issues, emergency maintenance, etc.

During August 2021, Hostinger:

  • Had 52 incidents in total, including emergency server maintenance, degraded backup server performance, hPanel order usage section maintenance, order usage data inaccuracy, etc.
  • Juicy Summer Deal for web hosting: A free .com domain for the first year and a free SSL certificate with all annual premium web hosting plans
  • Partnered with CoinGate to expand opportunities in crypto payments
  • Got recommended by Neil Patel as the Best Web Hosting Provider in 2021
  • Rebuilt a school to improve the quality of education for a local community with Niagahoster

During July 2021, Hostinger:

  • Had 47 incidents in total, including emergency server maintenance, degraded performance, mail service interruptions, elevated Cloudflare errors, etc.
  • Bitcatcha.com and Quicksprout.com! listed Hostinger as the #1 web hosting provider in 2021

During June 2021, Hostinger:

  • An anniversary deal offering a free .com domain, premium plan for over 12 months, with a free SSL
  • Hosted an open day for customers

During May 2021, Hostinger:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Has completed scheduled maintenance, incurred and resolved several incidents

Hostinger Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Single Shared Hosting 30 GB 102.4 GB 1 £1.99 4.0 Details
Premium 100 GB Unlimited 100 £2.99 9.4 Details
Business 200 GB Unlimited 100 £4.99 9.2 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Plan 1 20 GB 1 core 1000 MB £2.99 9.0 Details
Plan 2 40 GB 2 cores 1.95 GB £4.99 9.6 Details
Plan 3 60 GB 3 cores 2.93 GB £7.99 9.4 Details
Plan 4 80 GB 4 cores 3.91 GB £15.95 8.0 Details
Plan 5 120 GB 6 cores 5.86 GB £23.95 6.3 Details
Plan 6 160 GB 8 cores 7.81 GB £38.99 10 Details
Plan 7 200 GB 8 cores 11.72 GB £57.99 9.2 Details
Plan 8 250 GB 8 cores 15.6 GB £77.99 9.2 Details
Start for free Unlimited - 0 B £0.00 9.2 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Startup 200 GB 2 cores 2.93 GB Unlimited £9.99 9.0 Details
Professional 250 GB 4 cores 5.86 GB Unlimited £18.99 8.9 Details
Enterprise 300 GB 6 cores 11.72 GB Unlimited £69.99 9.9 Details

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting £1.99 - £4.99
VPS £0.00 - £77.99
Cloud Hosting £9.99 - £69.99


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Hostinger Awards

Alejandro Sánchez Díaz

Pinned Review

Alejandro Sánchez Díaz,
Hoy 25-10-2020 Hostinger me informa que no nos proveerá de mas de 1 sitio en nuestro plan Hosting Empresarial a pesar que su promoción en la Web es de "Número de sitios ilimitado" en el plan de Hostin...Read Moreg Empresarial, y que debo de pagar por cada uno de los sitios adicionales que desee crear. Lo que esta sucediendo es que Hostinger ofrece un plan de "Número de sitios ilimitado" en su plan de Hosting Empresarial y después lo suspende para presionar al usuario para pagar por cada uno de ellos.Less
Review Language
Show More
Moris A.
Moris A. from Germany,

Very good

I switched from GoDaddy to Hostinger around 9 months ago. I’ve read, I would say even TOO many reviews and found out that this company seems to be doing better than the rest. Smaller one, yet turns out better and I was right. So a...Read Morefter the last 9 months I can tell that I haven’t encountered any problems – support staff is not only professional but also friendly, my website loads fast and it seems to be up and running practically all the time. I recommend it to all.Less
Eva S.
Eva S. from Canada,

Creating your firs website is easy

Hello fellow beginners. Around a year ago I was one of you. I believe you would all agree that the less you know about something, the more help you need and creating your first website sounds as a challenge (believe me, I've been ...Read Morein your shoes), but it isn't, at least it isn't if you find the right service provider for you, like I did with Hostinger. Registered with a couple of clicks and created my website in several minutes. Doesn't sound real, but it is. Of course, I would come to some difficulties once in a while but the great knowledge base and support team is very helpful. So it inspires me to grow as a web creator and I want to encourage you all not to hesitate and just try it since the outcome is simply great.Less
Dominique C.
Dominique C. from United Kingdom,

Very reliable

I can only thank this company for taking good care of their clients.
The provided 24/7 support really saved my business. A couple of days ago, when my site went down, I contacted them imediatly and they got it back online quickly.
10 / 10 guys.
Mariam Benett
Mariam Benett from Lithuania,

Great service

I've switched to Hostinger around 6 months ago and so far am very satisfied. At first, tried their Free plan, just to test the quality since I prefer to try and test everything myself.
For me, key factors to a good hosting compan...Read Morey are: an easy to use cPanel, speed and reliable customer service. Since the user interface turned out to be friendly I decided to see if the support staff is any good, so contacted them several times with minor issues related to starting my website and they delivered - very professional I must say. Since my website started getting traffic I would receive notifications about reaching CPU limit. After contacting the staff for the third time and receiving help, I knew I need not to search for another host and can upgrade to Premium. Since then - no problems, and the service is uptime.Less

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