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A few words from OVHcloud

As Europe’s leading cloud provider, we deliver public and private cloud products, shared hosting and dedicated server solutions in 140 countries worldwide. We also offer domain name registration, telephony services and internet access to our customers. Founded in 1999, OVHcloud is a French company with an international presence, based on a backbone of datacentres and points of presence spread across the globe.
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Free domain
Money Back: 14 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting £4.30 - £14.66
VPS £4.31 - £25.88
Dedicated Server £0.00 - £2,096.40


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Stéphanie J

Pinned Review

Stéphanie J,
Customer since several year, good performance and price !
I have 2 domain names, email pro and hosting solution and do not have any issues so far.
I am very happy and recommend
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Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity from United States,

tried signing up 4 VPS svc, crashed repeatedly - moved on

I tried to register and purchase VPS service for company. Crashed over and over, stuck on "edit names" and assigning groups every time, then straight to error 500 without any success. Time to find a better service and signed up for Digital Ocean within a minute
Chris Hill
Chris Hill from United States,

Inexpensive but takes some config

After looking for a less expensive alternative to my previous VPS hosting provider, i decided to give OVH a try. Signing up took a little extra time. For some reason i was unable to use my regular bank card with visa on OVH. So i ...Read Morehad to go the Paypal method which takes quite a few hours to authorize on OVH.

Once i was set up and running i found everything to be quite easy and very smooth. I setup what i needed to and just let the VPS slip to the back of my mind. A day or so later and i started to notice some very heavy lag spikes to my services hosted on the vps. After trying to lock down the cause, and many many bad words later, i realized the IP was getting hit from every direction looking for ways in and such. I then realize i needed to enable and configure the firewall via the OVH control panel. Denied all connections first and then filtered down to just what i needed. In about 10 minutes or so everything seemed to go back to normal, and so far so good.

So make sure if you do sign up with OVH to get your security down up front before you start being attacked endlessly. The auth.log was rather full of failed connections. I also disabled the ubuntu root user, which OVH enables by default. Most other providers leave ubuntu more standard, and have full firewall enabled all by default. OVH just gives you a full access root ubuntu install and lets it loose.
Caleb Foster
Caleb Foster from United States,

Very Inexpensive VPS

I decided to give OVH a chance because I need a VPS server and didn't want to pay too much. I was worried that with the low price, it wouldn't be too reliable, but I was wrong. I'm happy to say I haven't had any real issues since ...Read MoreI signed up with them.

I sent in a support ticket to get some help with something and it took them almost an hour to get back to me. This isn't terrible, but I would have liked a quicker acknowledgement of my issue, even if it took a bit to actually fix.
Sanjeev Kutheri
Sanjeev Kutheri from United States,

Nothing Fancy but nothing missing

I signed up with OVH on a recommendation from a business partner and haven't had any significant complaints. The one bad thing is they don't offer shared hosting, which I would have liked so I could have hosted all my sites with t...Read Morehem, but this isn't a big deal.

I have an important business website hosted with OVH and I honestly never give OVH a second thought, which is exactly how web hosting should be. They just provide good, reliable hosting at a fair price.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson from United States,

High quality hosting services

I've been with OVH for a little over a year now and have been very happy with them. I decided to write this review after an unfortunate event. Due to an error on my part (I accidently deleted several critical portions of my databa...Read Morese) my site was completely lost. I opened a ticket with the OVH support team and in well under an hour I was back up and running like it never happened.

Other than my own mistakes, I've never had any noticeable downtime or other issues so I'm very happy with them. The one complaint is when I first signed up their site was not very easy to use. it took me a little bit to find what I needed. Not a big deal, but they should really reorganize it.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Modern & Innovative Hosting

OVH is based in Canada, but they have data centers throughout the world.  The company actually designs and manages their own data centers, which is quite unique for a hosting company.  They also have innovative network connections, security and other benefits that will help ensure a positive overall hosting experience.

They are focused on offering environmentally friendly data centers that are certified by organizations around the world.  This helps them to build confidence with their customers, and it has been very successful.  They say that 155 out of the largest 1000 European companies have their sites hosted in OVH facilities, which is really impressive.  Overall, this is a great company with  modern facilities that is constantly innovating.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Excellent 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

They offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee with a less than 5 minute response time guarantee in the event of a hardware failure.  This should give customers the confidence they need to know that their site will be up at all times.  The added guarantee of the 5 minute response time is nice because it shows that they are planning for those times when the unexpected happens.

The fact that the company uses RAID 10 configuration for their hard disks is also going to help keep sites up and stable.  Of course, this company designs their own world class data centers with redundant power, network and cooling systems so the facility itself will help to avoid any large scale outages.


Quality Features

OVH has many great features.  Their lowest hosting level is a regular or cloud based VPS solution.  It is priced in line with most companies shared hosting options, but you’ll have the added power of the VPS, which is nice.  The cloud VPS is slightly more expensive, but still a good deal.  There are several options within each category so you can get exactly what you need without paying extra.

They guarantee CPU power, starting with 2 vCores at the entry level and moving up to 8 for the highest level VPS.  You’ll also get guaranteed RAM availability starting with 2 gigs and moving up to 16.  The hard disk space is also very generous ranging from 25 to 200 gigs, all of which are in a RAID 10 configuration for added stability.

One really nice feature is that you can upgrade your hardware specs at any time without having to do any server transfers or things like that.  This helps to keep your website up and running while still giving you plenty of room to grow.


Good Tech Support

Their technical support is on site in their data centers and ready to help you when you need it.  The fact that they have a 5 minute response time for failed hardware is an example of the benefits of this company.  They are also skilled with what they do so they can answer any questions you have or provide help when you need it. They also have a forum and blog to help with ensuring you have the best possible hosting experience.


Very Nice Hosting Option

This company provides their customers with everything they will need to host any type of site that they want.  There are a lot of different options so you can be sure to get exactly what you need.  Most people are going to be very happy with the level of service they are given with OVH.


  • Great data centers
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee (plus 5 minute response time guarantee)
  • Fair prices


  • No shared hosting options
  • So many choices may be confusing to customers without hosting experience

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OVHcloud Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Personal plan 100 GB Unlimited 5 £4.30 1.4 Details
Professional plan 250 GB Unlimited 10 £8.62 1.4 Details
Performance plan 500 GB Unlimited 500 £14.66 1.7 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VALUE 40 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 2 GB £4.31 1.6 Details
ESSENTIAL 80 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 4 GB £8.63 1.7 Details
COMFORT 160 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB £17.25 2.0 Details
ELITE 640 GB 8 x 2.40GHz 31.25 GB £25.88 1.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Rise-1 Unlimited 4 x 3.50GHz 125 GB £53.26 2.2 Details
Rise-2 Unlimited 4 x 4.20GHz 125 GB £57.36 1.5 Details
Rise-3 Unlimited 6 x 3.60GHz 125 GB £77.85 1.0 Details
Rise-4 Unlimited 16 x 2.40GHz 125 GB £147.52 3.2 Details
Rise-5 Unlimited 24 x 3.50GHz 375 GB £151.61 1.6 Details
RISE-APAC Unlimited 4 x 3.90GHz 62.5 GB £40.97 1.6 Details
Rise-APAC-1 Unlimited 4 x 3.90GHz 62.5 GB £45.07 1.6 Details
Rise-APAC-2 Unlimited 4 x 4.50GHz 62.5 GB £53.26 1.6 Details
Rise-GAME-1 Unlimited 6 x 4.40GHz 62.5 GB £57.36 1.6 Details
Rise-GAME-2 Unlimited 8 x 4.50GHz 125 GB £81.95 1.6 Details
Rise-STOR-1 Unlimited 4 x 2.70GHz 15.6 GB £57.36 1.6 Details
Advance-2 Unlimited 8 x 4.60GHz 125 GB £94.24 1.8 Details
Advance STOR-1 Unlimited 6 x 4.20GHz 125 GB £114.73 2.0 Details
Advance-3 Unlimited 12 x 4.80GHz 125 GB £118.83 1.6 Details
Game-1 Unlimited 6 x 4.60GHz 62.5 GB £81.95 1.6 Details
Infra-1 12 TB 4 x 4.00GHz 32 GB £91.18 1.2 Details
Infra-2-LE 1.88 TB 8 x 3.60GHz 32 GB £109.42 1.0 Details
HOST-64H Unlimited 8 x 2.70GHz 62.5 GB £98.34 1.6 Details
Game-2 Unlimited 8 x 4.70GHz 125 GB £122.93 3.0 Details
Advance STOR-2 Unlimited 8 x 4.40GHz 125 GB £163.91 2.4 Details
Advance-4 Unlimited 16 x 3.70GHz 976.6 GB £151.61 2.4 Details
HOST-128H Unlimited 8 x 2.70GHz 125 GB £135.22 1.0 Details
Advance-5 Unlimited 24 x 3.60GHz 976.6 GB £208.99 1.6 Details
Infra-3 12 TB 16 x 3.10GHz 128 GB £200.61 1.6 Details
Infra-4 12 TB 24 x 2.20GHz 96 GB £209.73 1.6 Details
MG-256 Unlimited 20 x 3.00GHz 250 GB £249.96 1.6 Details
Advance-APAC Unlimited 6 x 4.50GHz 125 GB £66.38 1.6 Details
Advance-1 Unlimited 6 x 4.70GHz 125 GB £73.75 1.6 Details
Scale-1 Unlimited 24 x 3.35GHz 976.6 GB £295.04 1.6 Details
Scale-2 Unlimited 32 x 3.30GHz 976.6 GB £349.39 1.6 Details
Scale-3 Unlimited 48 x 3.30GHz 976.6 GB £388.22 1.6 Details
Scale-4 Unlimited 32 x 3.90GHz 750 GB £364.92 1.6 Details
Scale-5 Unlimited 40 x 4.10GHz 1.4 TB £411.51 1.6 Details
Scale-6 Unlimited 48 x 4.00GHz 1.4 TB £442.57 1.6 Details
HGR-SDS-2 Unlimited 24 x 3.35GHz 97.7 GB £543.51 1.6 Details
HGR-SDS-1 Unlimited - 0 B £0.00 1.6 Details
HGR-HCI-4 Unlimited 32 x 3.35GHz 1.91 TB £590.09 1.6 Details
HGR-HCI-1 Unlimited 32 x 3.90GHz 1.4 TB £621.15 1.6 Details
HGR-HCI-5 Unlimited 48 x 3.35GHz 1.91 TB £0.00 1.6 Details
HGR-HCI-2 Unlimited 40 x 4.10GHz 1.4 TB £0.00 1.6 Details
HGR-HCI-6 Unlimited 64 x 3.30GHz 195.3 GB £706.56 1.6 Details
HGR-HCI-3 Unlimited 48 x 4.00GHz 1.4 TB £776.44 1.6 Details
HGR-STOR-1 Unlimited 24 x 3.50GHz 750 GB £815.26 1.6 Details
HGR-AI-1 Unlimited 32 x 3.90GHz 1.4 TB £2,096.40 1.6 Details
Advance-6 Unlimited 24 x 3.60GHz 500 GB £208.99 1.6 Details

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