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Heidi Kloff

Pinned Review

Heidi Kloff,
This company will exceed your expectations. They are a good, affordable hosting provider in the Czech Republic and you will be happy with their service. Try them if you need hosting.
Balázs Keresztury
Balázs Keresztury from Hungary,

Bad internation connection, no refund in 3 weeks

I have purchased a VPS service which turned out to be unusable as their international connection is pretty bad (50KB/s to some regions). After demonstrating the technical issue I tried to cancel the service, but they never issued ...Read Morea refund. It's been 3 weeks since I have formally asked for termination. They always reply with "Colleauges process them gradually"Less
Heidi Kloff
Heidi Kloff from United States,

Great Hosting

This company will exceed your expectations. They are a good, affordable hosting provider in the Czech Republic and you will be happy with their service. Try them if you need hosting.
Mary Love
Mary Love from United States,

Very happy with my hosting

When it comes to their hosting, I think they are one of the best in the Czech Republic. They are also one of the most popular I think. Their website design looks a little unprofessional, but if you can get past that, the service they provide is excellent.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Expert Hosting Writer & Tester

Expert Overview

Affordable Hosting in the Czech Republic

Wedos hosting is the largest hosting company based in the Czech Republic.  They are focused on providing good quality hosting that can meet the needs of most types of sites.  They offer shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and more.  They also provide domain name registration services to help keep all your website related services in one location.  They have their site set up to natively display in either English or Czech, which is very helpful and something that many other International hosting companies don’t offer.

While this may just be personal opinion, their website looks a little bit unprofessional.  The layout of different aspects of the site is clunky and has an outdated look and feel to it.  While you can navigate to what you need quickly, it really looks like they could use a redesign to make things more intuitive.  That being said, however, their overall hosting services are among the best in the region.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

The VPS and dedicated servers come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee for the network connections, which is higher than most other hosting providers.  They do have a very nice data center that they use, which helps to ensure there aren’t any problems.  The quality of the hardware used also contributes to a stable environment.  You will also get a modern DDoS protection on all hosting packages, which can help prevent outages due to hackers or other ‘bad players’ online.


Impressive Hosting Features

When going through the list of features offered by this company you will quickly see that they have a lot to offer.  Under the shared hosting category you will only have two package options.  The first option is a free hosting solution that includes 100 megs of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.  They don’t allow databases, PHP or email though so this free package is really quite limited.  The other option, however, allows for unlimited disk space, emails and much more.  It also includes antivirus protection, anti-spam protection, secured connections and much more.

Under the VPS category you can choose from either traditional hard drive configurations or solid state drives.  While you can certainly run a site without solid state drives, it is highly recommended that you get them when they are available.  You’ll also get unlimited traffic, up to 3 cores for CPU, up to 8 gigs of reserved RAM and more.  These are going to be great for midsized sites.  They also come with a full 180-day money back guarantee!

Finally, you can look through their dedicated servers, which can either come as their kits or custom made.  The ‘kits’ are just servers they have ready, which can be up and running within a day.  They have several variations available to choose from so you can get a good server to meet your specific needs.  If you need something higher end or with very exact configuration, you can special order it but it may take longer to get up and running.


Helpful Tech Support

The tech support teams seem to really know what they are doing, and they are responsive to issues you might run into.  They also provide quite a bit of technical information concerning the services they provide, which will help you to learn more about your overall hosting experience.


Reasonable Prices

All their prices are very reasonable.  The free shared option is extremely limited so it won’t be useful for most people, but since it is free it is still a good deal.  The other shared hosting package costs $1.05 per month (you pay in the Czech Koruna so I had to convert using the current exchange rate).  This is a really low price for what you’re getting.  The VPS and dedicated solutions also offer great quality hosting at a reasonable price.  It is important to note here that their prices aren’t the absolute lowest on the market, but for what you are getting there is very little to complain about.  Also, they have a 180-day money back guarantee, which should eliminate any hesitation people might have.

User Friendly

Friendly with Some Concerns

The employees at the company are all friendly from my limited experience and from what I could see that other people were saying about them.  They also offer an easy interface to manage your account once you’ve signed up.  The one complaint that I have is the design of their site, which is a fairly subjective complaint to have.


Quality Hosting in Czech Republic

If you want hosting in the Czech Republic or surrounding region, this really is one of the best companies to consider.  They are the largest hosting provider in this area, and with good reason.  Customers will almost certainly be very happy with the overall level of service that they get when hosting with Wedos.


  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Fully Customizable Dedicated Servers
  • 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fair Prices


  • Free Package is Very Limited
  • Website could use a Redesign

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