How to Upgrade From Windows Server 2019 to 2022

How to Upgrade From Windows Server 2019 to 2022

The new Windows Server 2022 is now available for upgrade.This operating system will be more secure. The Windows Serves 2022 OS is now more “cloud-friendly” and packed with even more natively integrated Azure features. The Azure integration is now better than ever. Users can now manage their Windows Server in the environment of their choice from a single control panel in

. One more improvement has been in terms of scalability. The new server OS supports up to 48TB of storage memory. For those who want to run Tier1 applications, now you get 2048 logical cores that run on 64 physical strokes. But the list doesn’t stop here, there have been improvements in the Windows Containers as well. These improvements include enhancement of application compatibility and Kubernetes. Kubernetes has already been the most loved container orchestration platform, and they’ve made it better.

Step by step guide to upgrading to Windows Server 2022 from 2019

  1. First things first, backup your Windows Server 2019.
    This will prove to be helpful in case of any kind of data loss.
  1. You’ll need the media file to update.
    Log in to your Windows Server 2019 and download it.
    In my system, I have created a bootable DVD using the ISO file.screenshot of bootable DVD
  1. Open the media file.
    You’ll see a checkbox at the bottom, next to “I want to help make the installation better.” Check it and click on the Next button.
    screenshot of installing Windows Server
  1. You’ll be asked to enter the product key.
    You can input the product key of your current server here. In case you’ve forgotten it, you can find it in the properties of the server. (if the setup asks you to enter)
  1. On the Select Image page, you’ll have to choose the image you want to install.
    Make sure that the image you choose is for the same edition as your 2019 server or you won’t be able to retain your data. Click Next.
    screenshot of Windows Server Setuping (image selecting)
  1. Read and accept the applicable notices and license terms to move forward.

    screenshot of applicable notices and license terms
  1. If you want to keep your files, settings, and apps so select the first option.
    screenshot of installing windows server
  1. The installer will then analyze your device.
    Click on the Install button on the Ready to install page.
    This will start the upgrade process.
    screenshot of installing windows server


The article walks you through the process to upgrade your Windows Server 2019 to the latest 2022 server which comes packed with a lot of new features and improvements. We hope this helps in the smooth functioning of your business and mission-critical workloads.

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