What Was the First Ever Registered Domain Name?

What Was the First Ever Registered Domain Name?

According to Domain Name Stats, there are nearly 700 million registered domain names worldwide today.

But what was the first ever registered domain name?

The first domain name ever registered was symbolics.com, while the first .org domain ever registered was mitre.org.

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This article covers details of the first registered domain used on the internet, how it impacted the domain names and the internet we know today.

  • The first domain name ever registered was symbolics.com while the first .org domain ever registered was mitre.org
  • Symbolics.com marked the beginning of the modern domain name system that we use today and a simplified representation of numerical IP addresses used to access the web server
  • Symbolics, Inc., the company that registered the first domain name in history, played a crucial role in the development of the technology and internet that we use today.

What Was the First Domain Name Ever Registered?

symbolics.com, the first ever domain registered, marked the commercialization of the Domain Name System (DNS).

DNS allows the human-readable naming of websites and resources on the internet, rather than using numerical IP addresses.

Today, you can access the original version of symbolics.com on a different web address. If you visit the original symbolics.com website, you’ll see that it was turned into an online museum that details the history of the internet and the web as we know it today.

When Was the First Ever Domain Name Registered?

Symbolics, Inc., a computer manufacturer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, registered the first-ever domain name on March 15, 1985. Symbolics, Inc. worked on developing computer workstations and software support for the Lisp programming language.

What Was the First .org Domain Ever Registered?

The first .org domain domain ever registered was mitre.org. registered in July 1985. The MITRE Corporation a not-for-profit organization that runs Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFDCs) in the United States is one of the early adopters of domain names in the .org top-level domain (TLD) which was established in January 1985.

Final: What Was the First Ever Registered Domain Name

Image Source: mitre.org (print screen)

The History of Symbolics Inc.: The Company with First Registered .com Domain

Symbolics, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Russel Noftsker and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Noftsker, who had previously worked at the MIT AI Lab established Symbolics, Inc. with a primary focus on developing and manufacturing computer workstations for the Lisp programming language.

Lisp machines were specialized computers designed to run and compile Lisp-based software efficiently. Computer experts and scientists used Lisp machines to conduct artificial intelligence research and software development.

Symbolics struggled to compete with other companies in the Lisp Machine industry. The biggest competitor was Lisp Machines, Inc. (LMI.) However, as general-purpose workstations and personal computers (PCs) emerged, the Lisp machine market started to decline.

To fight the decline of the Lisp machines, Symbolics focused on developing software. They introduced different software development environments in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Some of them include the operating system Genera, as well as a text editor called Zmacs.

Symbolics, Inc. faced different financial issues in the 1990s and filed for bankruptcy in 1996. Despite the bankruptcy, the symbolics.com domain remains in use today and serves as a historical symbol of the early internet.

Its ownership changed over the years and decades, but its legacy lives on. The final acquisition of the symbolics.com domain name took place in August 2009, by XF.com Investments (now napkin.com.)

Final: What Was the First Ever Registered Domain Name

Image source: Symbolics.com 

100 Oldest Registered Domain Names

No.Domain nameTLDRegistration dateRegistered by
1.symbolics.com.comMarch 15, 1985Symbolics, Inc.
2.bbn.com.comApril 24, 1985Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (now Raytheon BBN)
3.think.com.comMay 24, 1985Thinking Machines Corporation
4.mcc.com.comJuly 11, 1985Microelectronics and Computer Consortium (later Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation)
5.dec.com.comSeptember 30, 1985Digital Equipment Corporation
6.northrop.com.comNovember 7, 1985Northrop Corporation
7.xerox.com.comJanuary 9, 1986Xerox Holdings Corporation
8.sri.com.comJanuary 17, 1986SRI International
9.hp.com.comMarch 3, 1986Hewlett-Packard Company
10.bellcore.com.comMarch 5, 1986Bellcore (now iconectiv)
11.ibm.com.comMarch 19, 1986International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
12.sun.com.comMarch 19, 1986Sun Microsystems, Inc.
13.intel.com.comMarch 25, 1986Intel Corporation
14.ti.com.comMarch 25, 1986Texas Instruments Incorporated
15.att.com.comApril 25, 1986AT&T, Inc.
16.gmr.com.comMay 8, 1986General Motors Research Laboratories
17.tek.com.comMay 8, 1986Tektronix, Inc. (known as Tek)
18.fmc.com.comJuly 10, 1986FMC Corporation
19.ub.com.comJuly 10, 1986Ungermann-Bass (also UB Networks)
20.bell-atl.com.comAugust 8, 1986Verizon Communications, Inc. (known as Verizon)
21.GE.comAugust 5, 1986General Electric
22.Grebyn.comAugust 5, 1986Grebyn Corporation
23.ISC.comAugust 5, 1986Interactive Systems Corporation
24.NSC.comAugust 5, 1986National Semiconductor
25.Stargate.comAugust 5, 1986Stargate Information Services
26.Boeing.comSeptember 2, 1986Boeing
27.ITCorp.comSeptember 18, 1986Interrupt Technology Corporation
28.Siemens.comSeptember 29, 1986Siemens AG
29.Pyramid.comOctober 18, 1986Pyramid Technology
30.AlphaCDC.comOctober 27, 1986Alpha Communications Development Corporation
31.BDM.comOctober 27, 1986BDM Corporation
32.Fluke.comOctober 27, 1986Fluke Corporation
33.Inmet.comOctober 27, 1986Intermetrics
34.Kesmai.comOctober 27, 1986Kesmai
35.Mentor.comOctober 27, 1986Mentor Graphics
36.NEC.comOctober 27, 1986NEC Corporation
37.Ray.comOctober 27, 1986Raytheon
38.Rosemount.comOctober 27, 1986Rosemount Inc.
39.Vortex.comOctober 27, 1986Vortex Technology
40.Alcoa.comNovember 5, 1986Alcoa
41.GTE.comNovember 5, 1986General Telephone and Electronics
42.Adobe.comNovember 17, 1986Adobe Systems
43.AMD.comNovember 17, 1986Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
44.DAS.comNovember 17, 1986DA Systems, Inc.
45.Data IO.comNovember 17, 1986Data I/O Corporation
46.Octopus.comNovember 17, 1986Octopus Enterprises
47.Portal.comNovember 17, 1986Portal Communications Company
48.Teltone.comNovember 17, 1986Teltone Corporation
49.3Com.comDecember 11, 19863Com Corporation
50.Amdahl.comDecember 11, 1986Amdahl Corporation
51.CCUR.comDecember 11, 1986Concurrent Computer Corporation
52.CI.comDecember 11, 1986Cognition, Inc.
53.Convergent.comDecember 11, 1986Convergent Technologies
54.DG.comDecember 11, 1986Data General
55.Peregrine.comDecember 11, 1986Peregrine Systems
56.Quad.comDecember 11, 1986Quadratron Systems Inc.
57.SQ.comDecember 11, 1986SoftQuad
58.Tandy.comDecember 11, 1986Tandy Corporation
59.TTI.comDecember 11, 1986Citicorp/TTI
60.Unisys.comDecember 11, 1986Unisys
61.CGI.comJanuary 19, 1987Carnegie Group Inc.
62.CTS.comJanuary 19, 1987Crash TimeSharing
63.SPDCC.comJanuary 19, 1987S.P. Dyer Computer Consulting
64.Apple.comFebruary 19, 1987Apple Computer
65.NMA.comMarch 4, 1987Network Management Associates
66.Prime.comMarch 4, 1987Prime Computer
67.Philips.comApril 4, 1987Philips
68.Datacube.comApril 23, 1987Datacube Inc.
69.Kai.comApril 23, 1987Kuck and Associates, Inc.
70.TIC.comApril 23, 1987Texas Internet Consulting
71.Vine.comApril 23, 1987Vine Technology
72.NCR.comApril 30, 1987NCR Corporation
73.Cisco.comMay 14, 1987Cisco Systems
74.RDL.comMay 14, 1987Research Development Laboratories
75.SLB.comMay 20, 1987Schlumberger Limited
76.ParcPlace.comMay 27, 1987ParcPlace Systems, Inc.
77.UTC.comMay 27, 1987United Technologies Corporation
78.IDE.comJune 26, 1987Interactive Development Environments
79.TRW.comJuly 9, 1987TRW
80.Unipress.comJuly 13, 1987Unipress Software
81.Dupont.comJuly 27, 1987DuPont
82.Lockheed.comJuly 27, 1987Lockheed Corporation
83.Rosetta.comJuly 28, 1987Rosetta Consulting
84.Toad.comAugust 18, 1987John Gilmore
85.Quick.comAugust 31, 1987Quicksilver Engineering
86.Allied.comSeptember 3, 1987AlliedSignal
87.DSC.comSeptember 3, 1987Digital Sound Corporation
88.SCO.comSeptember 3, 1987Santa Cruz Operation
89.Gene.comSeptember 22, 1987Genentech
90.KCCS.comSeptember 22, 1987KC Computer Sciences
91.Spectra.comSeptember 22, 1987Spectragraphics Corporation
92.WLK.comSeptember 22, 1987W.L. Kennedy Jr. & Associates
93.Mentat.comSeptember 30, 1987Mentat Inc.
94.WYSE.comOctober 14, 1987Wyse Technology
95.CFG.comNovember 2, 1987Caine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
96.Marble.comNovember 9, 1987Marble Associates, Inc.
97.Cayman.comNovember 16, 1987Cayman Systems, Inc.
98.Entity.comNovember 16, 1987Entity Cyber, Inc.
99.KSR.comNovember 24, 1987Kendall Square Research
100.NynexST.comNovember 30, 1987NYNEX Science & Technology

Source: iwhois (archive)

Registration Dates of Tech Companies .com Domain Names

Many tech companies seized the opportunity to kickstart their online presence by registering their domains shortly after the first domain name was registered. Below is a table that shows the dates of the domain registration dates of those companies.

CompanyDomain NameRegistration Date
AppleApple.comFebruary 19, 1987
MicrosoftMicrosoft.comMay 2, 1991
GoogleGoogle.comSeptember 15, 1997
AmazonAmazon.comJanuary 1, 1995
NVIDIANvidia.comApril 20, 1993
Meta Platforms (Facebook)Facebook.comFebruary 4, 2004
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company LimitedTsmc.comApril 8, 1993
TencentTencent.comSeptember 14, 1998
SamsungSamsung.comNovember 29, 1994

How Many .com Domains Are Registered Nowadays?

According to Domain Name Stats, at the time of writing this article, there are 255,850,094 which makes up 36.75% of all registered domains.

Final Word

Symbolics, Inc.’s symbolics.com was the first domain ever registered. It kickstarted the domain name system (DNS) we know today, with thousands of new domain names being registered daily.

If you’re looking to build a website, it’s worth remembering that purchasing a domain name is not enough. Read about the best web hosting and best website builders to make a dream website for your personal needs or your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the first two domains?

The first two web domains ever registered were “symbolics.com” and “bbn.com.” Symbolics.com was registered on March 15, 1985, and bbn.com was registered on April 24, 1985. These were among the earliest .com domain registrations and played a historic role in the development of the Internet.

What was the first domain registered in 1985?

The first domain registered in 1985 was symbolics.com. It is also recognized as the first-ever domain registered.

What domain name was first registered in 1997?

Google.com was first registered on September 15, 1997. However, despite its domain registration in 1997, Google only launched its first web page a year later on September 27, 1998.

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