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HostArmada Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from HostArmada

Whether your website needs more speed, improved security, or constant stability, HostArmada will enhance your visitors' experience with a uniquely optimized and stable Cloud SSD based Web Hosting service at an affordable price.
HostArmada HomePage Screenshot
Free domain
Money Back: 45 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting £2.49 - £4.49
VPS £41.21 - £101.21
Dedicated Server £111.75 - £246.75
Cloud Hosting £2.49
Resellers £19.09 - £44.59


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

HostArmada Awards

We User

Pinned Review

We User,
The hosting is great with great support, but be aware of the renewal prices at 400% raised to what you see.. If the price is not an issue go for it.
Tim c
Tim c from Romania,

Good deal

good offer. always available for our requests. we would highly recommend them for dedicated servers , cloud solutions and ssl. give them a try and you will be pleased with their service for sure .
Thank you for recommending our cloud solutions, Tim! We are happy to hear that our service serves your needs properly. Thank you for the 5-star review! :)
Pau Buera
Pau Buera from Spain,

Great support

The team is always willing to help and very kind and nice. They help you even adding some code if necessary, for example in the .htaccess file.

It is a pleasure to work with them :)
Thank you for recommending our service and rating us high, Pau! :)
Asif ali
Asif ali from India,

good support team like Sebahat H.

she resolved my queries within some minutes. and service is good, the web speed and performance are also good, looking for better service in the future thanks to host armada.
Thank you for sharing your experience with our service, Asif! We are happy to have you on board! :)
Andrew Lyford
Andrew Lyford from Australia,

Host Armada tick all the Boxes! This is so rare in my experience

Initially I was impressed by just how many standard features that Host Armada offered for all types of hosting accounts, they clearly outshined all other suppliers I reviewed and have used. Before and after I signed up I have had ...Read Moresuch great support from every staff member I have dealt with, it makes them a pleasure to deal with and piece of mind to know that quality support is there when you need it. When you couple this with their pricing being very competitive and servers being very reliable then they are just a fantastic all round choice for web hosting. I'm a very happy client of Host Armada.Less
Thank you very much for this amazing and extensive review, Andrew! We are incredibly grateful to receive such kind words. Our team is motivated to improve mostly from people sharing experiences like yours. We are excited about what is to come and will ensure that you will also like it! :)
Todor Aleksandrov
Todor Aleksandrov from Bulgaria,

5 star support!

A friend recommended me to use their service for my construction services website and I can say that I'm extremely happy with how their support handled everything. Seamless and amazing experience.
We are very happy to hear that you have decided to move your business with us, and we hope for your prosperity. Our team is ready to keep proving that your friend made the right recommendation, Todor! Thank you for sharing your experience publicly! :)
arhan khan
arhan khan from India,

Very good support

One of the best hosting service provider and top class support provided by technical support. I think they provide best live support acroos all. The speed my website also boost.
Thank you for your high service evaluation, Arhan! We are happy to know that we have come to the top of your list, and we will keep working more to become even better! :)
Vinay G
Vinay G from Philippines,
Moved from SiteGround

It's really nice and fast, with very good customer support

For long time I have been siteground user. since I found hostarmada, I really like it and started to move my new projects here. Very responsive, immediate, and very quick to resolve my concerns just over chat.
Thank you for the comparison! We are happy to hear that we have come out on top, Vinay. :)

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

HostArmada expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Monthly Update – May 2022

Hosting PlansWordPress ; Shared Hosting; VPS ; Dedicated server; Cloud ; Open Source Hosting; Development Hosting
Top FeaturesUnmetered Bandwidth; cPanel; Cloud SSD Storage; Free SSL Certificate; Daily Backups; Free Domain Name; Free Site Builder; Softaculous 1-click Installer.
Customer SupportLive Chat; Ticketing System; Phone and Email Support; Knowledge Base

During May, HostArmada:

  • Announced an exclusive deal with HostAdvice: 25% Off for VPS/Dedicated CPU Servers.
  • Announced promotions for various plans.

HostArmada is a newer company on the block, having only established in 2019. However, don’t let that discourage you, as with fresh minds and fresh hardware comes a high level of stability and support.

Note: Also, every service that HostArmada offers passes first through their 10 levels of QA before it is released.

They specialize in offering shared, VPS, and Dedicated CPU hosting. They are USA-based and have gained a lot of popularity due to their speed. What I specifically found appealing about them, and the main reason why I chose to review them, is due to the fact that they offer SSD cloud-based storage throughout all of their offerings.



Rated by Bruno Mirchevski

  • User Friendly

  • Support

  • Features

  • Reliability

  • Pricing


The driving factor of the company’s founders was to develop a service that offers high-quality hosting at a reasonable price. Let us dive in and see if it truly lives up to the reputation with that out of the way.

Getting Started with HostArmada

To get started with HostArmada, we obviously have to make an account first. This being the case, the moment you visit the website, you’ll be greeted by classic slogans such as “Winter Special, get 70% Off!” and things of that nature.

While this may seem like a deal, these are common marketing tactics that a lot of hosts implement, and you are generally just getting this sale with the first purchase, which means that after that annual, two year or three-year plan ends, you’ll be left with the default price.

This is not to say that you are getting a bargain for the first three years of hosting, I mean, you can’t even buy a good cup of coffee for $3.99, and you’re getting an entire month of hosting? That’s excellent.

Screenshot of HostArmada home page

While I’ll get a little more in-depth about the pricing as we move on throughout the article, for the time being, I’ll try to figure out what you’re getting for $3.99, and if it’s worth it.

HostArmada gives you access to three types of hosting plans: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server.

Since I’m just going to set up a simple website, Shared Hosting will be sufficient for the time being, although you can upgrade at just about any time if you feel the need to do so.

After clicking on “Plans & Pricing”, you will be taken to another screen, where you can see what all of the plans include.

You’re essentially getting free cPanel, Free SSL for all sites, Web Server Cache, Daily Backups, Cloud SSD Storage, and 24/7/365 excellent support. How true this actually ends up being, we’ll find out as I test everything.

Screenshot of HostArmada Shared Hosting page

Once you click on “Plans & Pricing”, you’ll be taken to the pricing screen.

Screenshot of HostArmada Shared Hosting plans and pricing

There are two types of services, Nginx powered ones, and Litespeed powered ones. Now, I’m cheap, so I’ll obviously go with the cheapest option, but I’m sure each has its own pros and cons.

Once you click on “Order Now”, you’ll be sent to the domain selection page. Here you can register a new domain, transfer your old domain from another registrar, and use an existing domain while updating the name servers.

Screenshot of HostArmada shopping cart: New domain registration

Next, you’ll be sent to another menu.

Screenshot of HostArmada shopping cart: Choosing billing cycle and server location

Here, you’ll need to choose a billing cycle. Note, the interesting part here is that you do not have a single-month plan, the minimum one is 12 months, or in other words an annual plan, and you can also purchase a 24 month and even a 36-month plan. The beautiful part here is that each of them ends up being $3.99 a month, so you don’t really have to opt for the 36-month plan if you don’t want to.

Next, you’ll have to choose a data center in either Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. Finally, select an add-on booster – this is optional, but at the time of writing, I’m getting a 20% Discount Code for WP Rocket for free, which is nice.

Click on “Preview Order”.

You’ll now clearly see everything.

Screenshot of order preview

Now, pay attention here, as you can also optimally enable a domain add-on booster, which in this case is privacy protection. It costs $3.95, and you can toggle it off and on.

Now, you’re getting a domain name for free, which is nice, and I’ve also enabled ID Protection.

Screenshot of Order Summary page

With the one-time 70% discount, all of this costs about $51.86, which is honestly a bargain if it all works well.

Once you click on “Checkout”, you’ll need to enter a lot more information.

This includes your first name, your email address, company name, phone number, password, confirmation of your password, billing information such as country, state, region, city, zip code, address 1, and so on. Finally, you can select a payment method, either through a credit card or through PayPal.

Screenshot of Payment Method page

That’s about it. Let’s see what we can do after our account is active.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to confirm your account through email, so make sure you click on the activation link.

Screenshot of confirmation email

Let’s log in.

Screenshot of login to HostArmada client area

Question: Will I get striked if I use DMCA content on my websites?

Answer: Yes, HostArmada protects the intellectual property rights of others and should you use DMCA content on your websites, HostArmada will strike you. Also, if you see someone else using your intellectual property without your consent, you can submit a DMCA notice to HostArmada via email.

Setting Things up

When you log in for the very first time on HostArmada, you’ll be greeted by a screen that tells you everything about your account.

Screenshot of client area/ Dashboard

Here you can review information such as your active services, domains, and invoices.

You can also quickly and easily manage your services with the start dock.

The Start Dock gives you access to:

  • Access Website
  • cPanel
  • Manage Services
  • Upgrade or Downgrade
  • Request Cancellation

But before we dive into those, let’s see what we have on the left sidebar.

Screenshot of the left sidebar in you dashboard

Here you’ll have access to my services, order products, domains, my invoices, support tickets, the ability to open a new ticket, and the knowledge base.

My services tab lets you add a new service.

Screenshot of My products & Services page

Here you can additionally ad shared hosting, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Server with ease. This allows for simplistic scalability, assuming you need to host more than one website.

The Domains Tab lets you see your domains, register a new domain, transfer an old domain or renew a pre-existing domain which is convenient.

Screenshot of Domains tab

The billing tab tells you what you’ve paid, what you owe, if anything, and when the due date is.

In the support tickets tab, you can easily open a new support ticket to resolve any issue.

HostArmada Expert Review

Simply click on “Open New”, and select from one of their many categories.

Screenshot of the Open Ticket menu

Here, you can pick from the following:

  • Website Down – you can request assistance with issues that are related to the availability of your website.
  • Website Transfer- this manages any requests that are related to the website or email transfer.
  • Domains and DNS – this manages requests as well as issues related to the domains or the DNS service.
  • Email Support – this manages issues and inquiries related to the mail service included in the web hosting packages.
  • Script and Service Installations Support – this manages requests for the installation of applications, scripts, or other services.
  • General Support – this section helps with any issues related to the client’s service everyday functionality, including security and loading speed concerns.
  • cPanel Support – this manages any issues or inquiries that are related to the cPanel control panel.
  • SSL and Security – this manages issuers as well as inquiries that are related to the SSL certificate as well as the security of the client’s websites.
  • Theme & Plugin Installations – here, you can manage the requests for the installation of themes as well as plugins for open-source applications.
  • Billing – here you can manage billing-related quests and inquiries.

Now, let’s take a look back at the start dock.

Access Website

This is the simplest tool, as it simply lets you access your website.


This is where things become interesting. You see, here you’ll get access to the full cPanel.

You’ll get access to

HostArmada Features such as the Cache Commander.

This is a special function that works through NGINX. NGINX improves your website’s loading speed through caching responses for both the static and the dynamic content. When someone visits your website, they are submitting a request to the webserver which is available on your hosting account.

Screenshot of Cache Commander page

Files give you access to features such as File Manager, Images, Directory Privacy, Disk Usage, Web Disk, FTP Accounts, FTP Connections, and Git Version Control.

Screenshot of the Files page

Next, you have Jetbackup, which gives you access to backup features such as File Backup, Database Backup, Email Backups, and even Queue.

Screenshot of the Jetbackup page

Databases allow you access to phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, the MySQL Database Wizard, and Remote MySQL.

Screenshot of the Databases tabYou can manage the domains, the addon domains, the subdomains, the aliases, the redirects, the zone editor, and the dynamic DNS in the domains tab.

Screenshot of the Domains tab

In terms of email management, I specifically love this part as it genuinely gives you access to everything that you might need.

This includes email accounts, forwarders, routing, autoresponders, default access, track delivery, global email filters, email filters, email deliverability, calendars and contacts, email disk usage, and professional spam filter.

Screenshot of the Email tab

You can view visitors, errors, bandwidth, raw access, Awstats, analog stats, Webalizer, Webalizer FTP, and resource usage in the metrics tab.

Screenshot of the Metrics tab

You can manage quite a lot in terms of security, including SSH access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, and Two-Factor Authentication.

Now, here is where things get a bit interesting, you see. HostArmada has its own website builder. You can select from multiple themes, and you can truly modify and make the page the way you want it to look.

This builder lets you build your website through the usage of drag and drop functions, which means that you are not required to have any prior knowledge in terms of programming.

Then you have the WordPress manager by Softaculous, PHP PEAR packages, Perl Modules, Optimize Website, Softacolous App Installer, Setup Node.JS App, and Select PHP Version. You can also set up a Python App, which in itself is neat.

As we move on to the advanced tab, you can see cron jobs, track DNS, indexes, Error Pages, and MIME Types.

Screenshot of the Advanced tab

Last but not least, we have the preferences tab, where you can manage the password and security, change the language, change the style, contact information, and even user management.

Screenshot of the Preferences tab

Manage Services

On this page, you can review the usage statistics, including disk usage as well as bandwidth usage, have cPanel quick access to certain, most used features, view your add-on boosters, and change your password.

Screenshot of your product settings tab

Upgrade or Downgrade

As the name might imply, here you actually have the ability to scale and upgrade your plan, and yes, you can upgrade to VPS Hosting as well as Dedicated Server.

Screenshot of shared hosting plans

Screenshot of VPS hosting plans

Screenshot of Dedicated hosting plans

Request Cancellation and Refund

This is where you can cancel your account and request a refund.

Screenshot of Request Cancellation Page

Simply describe your reason for cancellation, and select the cancellation type.

It can be either immediate or at the end of the billing period.

Screenshot of dropdown menu with Highlighted "Immediate"

Now, keep in mind that HostArmada offers a 45 day money-back guarantee period for the shared hosting services and a 7-day money-back guarantee for the VPS and Dedicated CPU servers.

If they fail to meet your expectations, you can essentially just cancel your account and state that you are requesting a refund.

Warning: The set up fee for VPS and Dedicated Servers is non-refundable.
Question: Are there instances when the cancellation request is not eligible for a full refund?

Answer: Yes, the cancellation request is not eligible for a full refund when:

  • A Shared Hosting account, upgrade, or extra service are active for more than 45 days.
  • A Shared Hosting account is purchased on a Monthly Billing Cycle.
  • An additional Shared Hosting account is purchased in order to avoid the renewal of the original service.
  • VPS and Dedicated Servers are active for more than 45 days.

Level of Support at HostArmada

As explained earlier, you can open a ticket in the support tickets tab. And here’s how.

Simply click on “Open New” and select from one of their many categories.

Here, you can pick from the following:

  • Website Down – you can request assistance with issues that are related to the availability of your website.
  • Website Transfer- this manages any requests that are related to the website or email transfer.
  • Domains and DNS – this manages requests and issues related to the domains or the DNS service.
  • Email Support – manages issues and inquiries related to the mail service included in the web hosting packages.
  • Script and Service Installations Support – this manages requests for installing applications, scripts, or other services.
  • General Support – this section helps with any issues related to the client’s service’s everyday functionality, including security and loading speed concerns.
  • cPanel Support – this manages any issues or inquiries that are related to the cPanel control panel.
  • SSL and Security – this manages issuers and inquiries related to the SSL certificate and the  client’s websites’ security
  • Theme & Plugin Installations – here, you can manage the requests for the installation of themes as well as plugins for open-source applications.
  • Billing – here, you can manage billing-related quests and inquiries.

But that’s not all that The brand has to offer in terms of customer support. As their user, you can also significantly benefit from their Knowledge Base.

Now, while they claim one hour response time on their email and 10 minutes in the ticketing system, you can also get an instant response using either live chat or phone support. Needless to say, I love their comprehensive offer with a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team.

Note: Both current customers and people looking into the provider without a subscription can access HostArmada’s chatbot support and ask what they need.

Security and Backups

As mentioned before, you get access to many security-enhancing features in the cPanel. Several examples include SSH access, IP Blocker, SSL/TLS, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, and Two-Factor Authentication. Still, that’s not what makes them unique.

One of the features I especially like is the User Account Isolation. Essentially, it prevents shared hosting users from interacting with one another.

HostArmada also offers a Web Server Security Fleet and an Environment Security Fleet.

The Web Server Security Fleet surveils the web traffic on every shared web server to identify and deny incoming attacks. For this cause, they implement features such as Connections Level Limits, Requests Checking Service, Web Application Firewall, Static Files Checking, or DDoS Protection Service.

In turn, the Environment Security Fleet features Live Security Events Monitoring, Advanced Network Firewall and WAF, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Malware Scanning, Proactive Zero-day attack detection, and OS Patch Management.

When it comes to backups, The brand provides daily backups in all of its Shared Hosting plans to protect its users’ data further.

Note: HostArmada’s System Administrators will always monitor the security incidents across all of their servers so they can be mitigated immediately.

Specific Features of HostArmada

The main advantages and features are fast speed, reliable security, and 24/7 technical support.

Furthermore, there are specific benefits for each service on offer.

  • Shared Hosting – Here you can fully manage your server through cPanel and WHM, you get a free domain registration or transfer, you get free website transfers, up to 3 websites, a free SSL Certificate for all of your domains and subdomains, as well as free daily backups.
  • VPS Hosting – Here you can fully manage your server through cPanel and WHM, and you get cloud SSD platform KVM Virtualization,  with scalable solutions that grow with you, remote backups in case of a disaster, through disaster recovery snapshot, and root access which gives you full control on demand.
  • Dedicated Server– Here you can fully manage your server through cPanel and WHM, you also get access to a Cloud SSD platform with KVM virtualization, dedicated CPUs that can give you full access to the resources, and DDoS protection with a hardware network firewall. You also have full control, on demand through root access.

Note: HosArmada has data centers in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, so customers have a wide range of options when choosing the location that suits them best.

Pricing of HostArmada

While the Speed Reaper is HostArmada’s most popular web hosting solution, it’s certainly not the only one. HostArmada offers a huge variety of pricing and plans for all types of users with ranging needs and budgets. Its team has carefully created all packages with huge attention to detail, developing easy-to-use all-in-one solutions. 

For most of its plans, you can choose to pay monthly, annually, biennially, or triennially with better discounts on the latter. HostArmada appreciates the long-term commitment and will reward its loyal customers for signing up for the 3-year plan. 

For instance, the Speed Reaper plan will cost you $6.29 monthly with the discounted rate, which renews at $20.95. Getting that same plan with a triennial billing term will cost you $5.39 monthly. The renewal rate for the Speed Reaper plan on the 3-year term is less than with the shorter-term commitments, $17.95 per month. So, not only will you get a cheaper price, but you will also lock this price in for three years. After three years, you’ll start paying the regular rate.

Note: While the depicted example for the Speed Reaper plan highlights the shortest- and the longest-term plan, you can also get the two more alternatives in between.

With HostArmada, you can choose from Cloud Shared, Cloud WordPress, Cloud Reseller, Cloud VPS, Dedicated CPU, Opensource, and Development hosting.

  • Cloud Shared Hosting: HostArmada offers three managed cPanel-based shared hosting plans on the cloud. Each come with a free domain, a free SSL certificate, free website transfer, drag and drop Sitebuilder, free app install and upgrade, 1-click WordPress install, malware scan, malware removal, WAF & IP firewall, daily backups, unlimited FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, subdomains, and multiple PHP versions. 
  • Cloud WordPress Hosting: HostArmada’s managed WordPress hosting is identical to its cloud shared hosting offer. Once again, you can find the Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper plans with the same specifications and a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cloud Reseller Hosting: HostArmada’s cloud reseller hosting plans grant you massive earning potential and scaling growth. You can choose from four fast, stable, secure, white-labeled reseller web hosting plans, Sitedust, Protoseller, Web Giant, and Site Nova. HostArmada offers monthly, semi-annual, annual, and biennial payment term options. As the reseller, you’ll also benefit from free SSL for all websites, 30 daily backups, all Default Hosting and Prepare For Launch features present in the shared hosting plans. Plus the Speed Reaper features, dynamic caching, free Whitelabel, malware scan, removal, WAF & IP firewall.
  • Cloud VPS Hosting: HostArmada offers four managed cloud SSD VPS plans, including Web Shuttle, Web Voyager, Web Raider, and Site Carrier. The company utilizes KVM virtualization, and you can also expect five free cPanel accounts, free SSL, a full root level of access on demand, free backups, the regular Default Hosting Features, Prepare for Launch Features, malware scan & removal, WAF & IP firewall. Plus enhanced caching instead of the Speed Reaper features, including APC & Opcode Cache, Memcached, NGINX Static Cache, and NGINX Dynamic Cache on all plans. All cloud VPS plans also support unlimited websites, but the difference lies in the available SSD storage space, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and Mbps Speed Out (you’ll get 40 Gbps Speed In regardless of your plan).
  • Dedicated CPU Server Hosting: HostArmada’s dedicated hosting plans provide you the optimal power on a redundant Cloud SSD platform for unmatched website performance. While it’s a managed solution, you can also get optional full root level of access, complimentary daily backups, and all the same features included in the managed VPS offer. The difference is that you can scale up to 640GB SSD Storage, 16 Cores CPU, 32GB RAM, 7TB Bandwidth, 40 Gbps Speed In, and 2000 Mbps Speed Out. And, of course, you get a whole physical server all to yourself.
  • Opensource Hosting: HostArmada offers feature-rich, ultra-fast, and reliable Cloud SSD open source shared hosting. Yet again, it’s the same offer with the same resources, features, plans, and pricing. The important thing is that its Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper shared web hosting plans are optimized for the most used Opensource scripts, including OpenCart, PrestaShop, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and WooCommerce. You’ll also get free app installation, visual theme installation, module installation, application, visual theme, and module updates.
  • Development Hosting: Last but not least, HostArmada’s shared hosting plans are also specially enhanced for website development, including PHP development tools (PHP Selectors, PHP Vars Editor, and Additional Tools), NodeJS dev tools (NodeJS Selectors and Command Line), Python dev tools (Python Selectors and Packages/Modules), SQL del tools (phpMyAdmin, Database/Users Management, MySQL Command line, Remote MySQL, and Database Replication), and other development tools (Web-Based and Command Line). 
Tip: Practically, you can get WordPress, open source hosting, and development hosting even with the cheapest shared hosting plan from HostArmada. And if you ever need to upgrade, you can seamlessly upgrade to its cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions.

Performance, Speed and Uptime

HostArmada promises an uptime of 99.9% which is respectable, and throughout my testing, it delivered on this promise. The speed was also exceptional, and this should not be a surprise, as all of the servers run on SSD’s.

This means that you don’t really have to wait much time for anything to load, and many of the features of the website itself load in milliseconds. In terms of number, with WordPress and a lot of images, you’ll probably wait a maximum of 1.30 seconds for a page to load. Keep in mind that this is a page of around 3 MB.

Note: A load speed of 1.30 seconds is pretty impressive for a WordPress with lots of images.

Monthly Updates

During April 2022:

  • Continued its Winter Special Cloud Web Sale.
  • Didn’t report any server issues.

During March 2022:

  • Didn’t report any server issues.
  • Continued its Winter Special Cloud Web Sale.

During February 2022:

  • Continued its Winter Special Cloud Web Sale.
  • Didn’t report any server issues.

During January 2022:

During December 2021, HostAramada:

  • Launched its December 2021 Special.
  • HostAdvice Special Deals: 75% off shared hosting.

During November 2021:

During October 2021:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Didn’t report any server issues

During September 2021:

  • Sunny Deals with up to 70% off on Cloud Shared and Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Introduced a new pricing model with the best web hosting deals

During August 2021:

  • Sunny Deals with up to 70% off on Cloud Shared and Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Didn’t report any server issues

During July 2021:

  • Sunny Deals – Summer Sale with 70% off on all Cloud Shared Hosting

During June 2021:

  • 70% off on all Cloud Shared plans and 25% off on Cloud VPS

During May 2021:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Didn’t report any server issues


HostArmada, while new on the market, is truly a worthy competitor. It offers a lot of excellent features at a competitive price point to truly make it a worthwhile experience. Each of the servers has phenomenal speeds and uptime, and the user interface is simplistic to the point where just about anyone can find their way around it. That being said, you can only pay for an annual plan, and there’s no single-month plan. Furthermore, you get a 45 money-back guarantee, which is neat for testing things out, but you’ll have to provide $50 up-front in order to get access to it.

All-in-all it’s an excellent hosting provider that should be perfect for newcomers, and given the fact that it has a knowledge base, ticketing system, and live chat support, it’s extremely user-friendly.

HostArmada pros

  • Free cPanel
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL for All Domains and Subdomains
  • Softocaulous One-Click Installer
  • Simple Website Builder

HostArmada cons

  • The Standard Rates Are Pricey


Is HostArmada reliable?

Yes, HostArmada is reliable and handles surges in traffic effortlessly. Also, HostArmada’s security features are excellent.

Can I get additional bandwidth if my bandwidth usage is fixed?

Yes, you can purchase bandwidth as a separate additional purchase. You cannot exceed the usage of your fixed bandwidth further, so you will have to buy additional bandwidth if you need it.

Are there any forbidden activitiesI should know about?

Yes, the following activities are prohibited by HostArmada:

  • Bulk, Spamming, and Mail spoofing
  • Denial of service attacks and port scans
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Anonymous proxy server
  • Crypto pools, mining scripts, etc.
  • Hacking/cracking related activities.

HostArmada Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Start Dock 15 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 £2.49 9.9 Details
Web Warp 30 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited £3.74 9.8 Details
Speed Reaper 40 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited £4.49 9.9 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Web Shuttle 50 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 2 GB £41.21 10 Details
Web Voyager 80 GB 2 x 2.20GHz 4 GB £48.71 9.9 Details
Web Raider 160 GB 4 x 2.20GHz 8 GB £63.71 10 Details
Site Carrier 320 GB 6 x 2.20GHz 16 GB £101.21 10 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Armada DS - LIFT OFF! 160 GB 4 x 2.20GHz 8 GB £111.75 10 Details
Armada DS - Low Orbit 320 GB 8 x 2.20GHz 16 GB £156.75 10 Details
Armada DS - High Orbit 640 GB 16 x 2.20GHz 32 GB £246.75 10 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Start 15 GB 2 cores 2 GB Unlimited £2.49 9.9 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
Sitedust 50 GB 3 TB cPanel £19.09 9.7 Details
Protoseller 80 GB 6 TB cPanel £25.47 10 Details
Web Giant 110 GB 9 TB cPanel £31.84 10 Details
Site Nova 200 GB 12 TB cPanel £44.59 9.9 Details

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    £0.00 / mo
    18 Hosting Plans
    8 Data Centers
    One-click WordPress Installation, Free Migration, PHP Speed Boost, an Auto-Script Installer, and eCommerce Optimization
    A Custom-Built Control Panel called hPanel
    Free SSL, Cloudflare CDN & DDoS Protection, Backups, and 24/7/365 Tech Support
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  • 11
    Money Back Free Trial
    Expert Review
    Kamatera Reviews 139 reviews
    Starting Price
    £0.00 / mo
    23 Hosting Plans
    12 Data Centers
    Purpose-Built, High-End VPS Data Centers Across 4 Continents
    Fastest Cloud VPS With Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
    Scalability And Ease Of Use
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  • 2
    Money Back Anytime
    Free domain
    Hostwinds Reviews 1154 reviews
    Starting Price
    £0.00 / mo
    33 Hosting Plans
    3 Data Centers
    Enterprise-Level Solutions with Personal-Level Support
    Fully-Redundant Servers with 2N Redundancy Standards and T1 Carriers
    Award-Winning Web Hosting services suitable for Personal and Business use
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  • 4
    Money Back 30 Days
    Free domain
    MilesWeb Reviews 1469 reviews
    Starting Price
    £1.50 / mo
    53 Hosting Plans
    5 Data Centers
    Shared, WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated Hosting
    Supports the Titan Email Hosting Service and Google Workspace
    A Tier IV Data Center architected for High Resilience, 24/7 Security, and Top-Notch Speed
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