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Shared Hosting £1.02 - £2.93
VPS £2.91 - £57.36
Cloud Hosting £7.35 - £51.48
Website Builder £2.87 - £10.96


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

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Michael Van

Pinned Review

Michael Van,
Just moved all my sites over to Hostinger, I love how their c-panel actually works! Speed has been great too, although it was a bit slow when they had me on European servers, I had to ask to be moved to US servers. That should of been setup by default when you buy from the US.


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Qasim Iqbal
Qasim Iqbal from Pakistan,
Moved from GoDaddy

They are best

I was on go daddy and someone suggested me from India. I cam to Hostimger and they have changed my life. I am worried less. and they take care of my site. If you are a master or less knowledgeable choice Hostinger.
Suruj MCC
Suruj MCC from Bangladesh,

Great Service

There service is very good . you can trust there company .
very good support service. very reasonable pricing . thanks for very good service providing me.
we are a https://www.webslayout.com/ , we are a best website development company in Kolkata, we use hostinger cloud services . thanks hostinger .
Ryan Tang
Ryan Tang from Hong Kong,

User Friendly

User Friendly. And the customer service is great. I'm glad that I use Hostinger's services for my eCommerce business and it runs smoothly which I can manage it with my team
Hello, Ryan,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our whole team is pleased to read your insights. We are happy to have you with us. Let's keep in touch!

All the best,
Team Hostinger
Ganesh Keerthi

Working with Hostinger

This is one of the hosting service provider who provides options with easy navigation that even a starter will understand with little research. I am user of Hostinger for past 3 years and feels that this is the service provider everyone should be using.
Hello, Ganesh,

Thank you for these kind words - we are doing, and we will do our best to impress you! Our Customer Success Team is ready to assist you whenever you need us. Let's heighten your online success even more!

Best regards,
Team Hostinger
Jitendra Kumar
Jitendra Kumar from India,

Best Price To Performance

I have been using Premium Plan Shared Hostinger plan using US server. It is one of the best hosting especially for new sites. Good Uptime. Fro m 1-AUG-2021 to 1-OCT-2021 the uptime is 99.98%.... Total downtime of 21 minutes for 3 ...Read Moremonths longest being for 4 minutes.

Regarding Speed.
Here are the test results of a heavy website using elementor pro, generatepress and lot of images.
Page Size: 500kb
Page Speed Insights:

Best for new sites. If you start getting much traffic you can switch to their cloud plan. Just I have some complaints. The Support takes very much time (20 mins sometimes 40 minutes). But most of the time they were able to solve the issue.
Hello, Jitendra,

Thank you so much for the analysis of your website's speed! It is lovely to receive your applauses and to know that you are delighted with our services.

Let's keep building your online success together for many upcoming years. Good luck!

Team Hostinger
Suaib Najmul
Suaib Najmul from Bangladesh,

I love hostinger

Wordpress Hosting

hostinger is a awesome hosting provider company there customer sopport is very responsive i using hostinger Wordpress hosting its very fast recommended
Hello, Suaib,

It is an absolute pleasure to receive your review; thank you very much for taking the time to write it!

Our team wishes you the best of luck while building up your online projects. Cheers to our cooperation!

Team Hostinger
jose hernandez
jose hernandez from United States,

Terrible TOS or offshore management

Terrible TOS or offshore management
August 24th, 2021

Service was OK for a few months, most of the tech support requests were answered with "Here is a page how to do it, do it yourself". Lucky I was able to make my own change...Read Mores.

We host reviews to businesses and people who work for government and the courts.
A dishonest party did not like that we listed their work info (which we copied from their work website)
Thus the dishonest party claimed we posted "private info of a person" to our pages (untrue, in fact this info is all over Google with Google reviews.
We sent screenshots and links to where this info was copied from

However Hostinger ignored us, did not respond, they just suspended our account, this happened several times for 2 domains, all the same complaint and issues. They claimed we violated their TOS and pointed to "terror" as what we did to this person.

We had no choice but to move our sites and domains, where "the next host had no problem". I think part of the problem is Hostinger staff have poor English ability so they did not understand what they were told and instead of trying to understand they just agreed with the dishonest party and suspended their own customers account.

We have written several emails and messages to ask for a refund for the unused services but they ignore us and come back with silly, "you are right" but we did what he had to do BS.

While they get most of their clients from low balling low prices, the custom Cpanel set up is a nightmare and used to stop you from migration away from them. Things are not in normal places and it's over complicated not better than Cpanel.

Once they know you're not happy they ignore you

Tip for consumers:
They will bill extra for each SSL, Not offer Tech support, instead send you to their document pages to figure it out on your own.

Premium Shared Hosting

Auto renewal enabled


12 months



More actions

Auto renewal enabled


12 months



More actions
Domain Privacy Protection

Auto renewal enabled


12 months



More actions
SSL Instal

Products used:
Premium shared hosting
SSL certs
Cloudflare Protection
Domain registration
Dear Jose,

Thank you for the feedback. It is unfortunate that our Terms of Usage did not meet your expectations.

We have analyzed your situation regarding the legal base of the information stored on the website and concluded...Read More that it does meet our ToS. Our team understands the frustration from your side; therefore, it was never our intention to deteriorate our partnership. However, here at Hostinger, we seek friendly and secure Internet, and we were eager to consider both parties' interests. Consequently, after a thorough analysis, we will refund the unused funds to fulfil your needs.

It is truly sad that you did not enjoy the usage of hPanel; it is built on customers' feedback, and we would love to hear more about your difficulties. If you have a free minute, please drop us an email at quality@hostinger.com, and we will wholly note your feedback and help you out with the migration!

If, by any chance, someday in the future, you will give us a second chance, we will do everything in our power to upscale your experience. As we offer free SSL Certificates and paid ones, and we are continuously improving our Customer Success team's skills.

Our team is wishing you all the best!

Team Hostinger
Donovan True
Donovan True,
It sounds like Hostinger has an incredibly / unfairly strict TOS allowing them to kill any site, or they are trigger-happy, again allowing them to kill any site. I don't like that.
Hazel Brown
Hazel Brown from Trinidad and Tobago,

Worst Hosting Ever

This is about the worst host i ever signed up with. The Customer Service response time is very poor. You will wait over an hour each time you contact for any help. Presently as I write this review I have been holding on for TWO H...Read Moreours for a response. Their shared plan the speed is terrible. Brand new website with optimized images very little bells and whistles takes over a minute to load.
The price is cheap, so I guess that what you get a cheap quality product and service. Never again.
Dear Hazel,

Thank you for taking the time to share your observations. We encourage every customer to give us honest feedback, and we appreciate it a lot because it motivates us to evolve and improve.

We would like to apolo...Read Moregize for your disappointment with us, as our main priority is to provide the best services and ensure the happiness of all our customers.

Our primary goal right now is to upscale your experience with us. Thus, we have located your account and contacted you personally for further steps towards a better service experience. Once you have a minute, please login into your Hostinger account, and let's chat!

For the time being, we would like to assure you that we are constantly welcoming new Customer Success agents who are eager to complete training and become the best specialist in the market. Also, we are implementing new workflows for a quicker initial response from our team.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Team Hostinger
Jim L
Jim L,
I'm not a customer of Hostinger or in any way related to them however, to the writer of this review, how can you possibly expect a host to respond to you that quick for a $3 shared hosting plan. At AWS, you have to spend $15,000 p...Read Moreer month to receive 1 hour response time. It sounds like you are spending less than one thousandth of that, yet you have this expectation to receive support responses within two hours for $3/month. Good luck at your new host.Less
Shashank Sharma
Shashank Sharma,
Everybody pays according to their Payscale there is nothing to rude upon and you already proven the point that if you pay more than also its not necessary to get a good support. Hence, you are both equal, Although if you are looki...Read Moreng for best support then go with Bluehost even with $4 plan you'll get reply in 10 min.Less

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Hostinger expert review cover image

Last Update | January 2022

Monthly Update - January 2022

Hosting Plans Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, cPanel Hosting, VPS Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, CyberPanel VPS Hosting, Web Hosting for Agencies
Top Features 99.99% Uptime; Automated Backups; WordPress Acceleration; Unlimited Bandwidth, Subdomains, Disk Storage and Email Accounts; Drag-and-Drop Website Builder; 24/7/365 Customer Support; 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Customer Support Live Chat; Email Support; Knowledge Base; Tutorials; Blog; Hostinger Academy


During January, Hostinger:

  • Had 8 incidents, including network maintenance, VPS API maintenance, degraded server SG-352 performance, hPanel internal email service maintenance, issues with Billing infrastructure, hPanel accessibility issues, and Cloudflare connectivity issues.
  • Offers a 10% student discount.

When choosing the best hosting provider for your individual or business needs, you have to factor in many aspects. And as odd as it sounds, your personality also plays a role in the process.
Read More

Rated by Bruno Mirchevski
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


Note: When I began my journey within the online world of hosting, I was cheap. And I mean, really cheap. At the time, there weren’t many providers on the market. So, there was a significant trade-off between price and quality. Of course, there’s always a golden ratio between the two. But, well, when you are just starting, you are ideally working for something that gets the job done, and you think to yourself, I’ll just upgrade later on. The web hosting companies that fit into my budget (and preferences) generally lacked many essential features. In turn, my website performance was “suffering.” I ended up needing more and forced my hand into paying extra to get a better, if not the whole experience. Long story short, today, we are facing a different reality.

As time went by, web hosting providers invested in better technologies, continually upgrading their offers. A low price is no longer an indicator of poor performance. It’s quite the contrary. Some of the cheapest plans can sometimes deliver you the best available customer experience.

Wait, wait; don’t believe my thesis just YET. For convenience, we’ll test my statement out. Today, I am here to introduce Hostinger - one of the cheapest yet most superior available web hosting solutions on the market! I will not lie; Hostiger genuinely piqued my curiosity, so I’ll take the time to review each aspect of its operation and report straight to you (you know that, as always, I’ll maintain my objectivity)!

Getting Started with Hostinger

Well, well, if not greeted by a sweet offer. At the time of my purchase, I stumbled upon no less but Black Friday sales - offering up to 80% off on web hosting deals, along with several freebies.

screenshot of the Black Friday sale on Hostinger's home page

What amazes me about Hostinger is its incredible ease of use. Its website is self-explanatory and well-organized. You can immediately find languages in the top left corner for instant convenience as soon as you enter it.

screenshot of site languages

Tip: You can choose from over 40 languages on the Hostinger website, so make sure to select the one that’s most understandable to you for better navigation and management.

Anyways, I’ll stick to English for universality.

Continuing to the Main Menu - you can find Hosting, Email, Domain, Pricing, Log In, and Cart.

Hostinger has a broad offer, serving the needs of different niches and customers. Within Hosting, you can choose from Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, cPanel Hosting, VPS Hosting, Minecraft Hosting, CyberPanel VPS Hosting, and Web Hosting for Agencies.

screenshot of Hosting drop down menu

Still, that’s not the end of Hostinger’s offer - but the sole beginning. You can also purchase Google Workspace Email Hosting, Titan Email Hosting, Domain Checker, WHOIS Database, and Domain Transfer.

screenshot of Email drop down menu

Next, the Pricing tab summarizes all offers for easier decision-making. First, you get to select the type of hosting you need. Then, you can scroll a bit down and compare all plans with their respective features.

screenshot of VPS hosting plans

See, when we discuss Hostinger, “the elephant in the room” is that Hostinger is one of the cheapest options out there. Not many other companies on the market, especially top-of-the-line ones, come even close to having such an affordable price tag for web hosting.

Important: While Hostinger’s offers may seem too good to be true, the reality of the matter is that if you want these prices, you must commit at least to annual plans, which means that once they get you, you’re staying with them for quite a long time. On the good side of things, this sounds brilliant; not only are you getting cheap hosting, but you won't have to look for alternatives anytime soon, right? If the service is good, it is because the services in question live up to your expectations.

Now, think about it. What are you looking for: fast speeds, high processing power, unmetered bandwidth, or a large amount of RAM?

As a beginner, you probably are not quite sure how much of these variables you might need, so the obvious decision in this case to make would be to start with the cheapest plan and work your way up if you ever need to make an upgrade.

Warning: Keep in mind that as you move up the pricing ladder, you won’t have a deal that is quite as attractive as the sign-up offers, but that’s just the reality of the web hosting industry.

With that out of the way, let’s dig deep inside the world of Hostinger. I will guide you in the process, meaning I’ll also get the cheapest available plan for testing purposes. Getting a shared hosting plan allows me to check what the provider has to offer at a minimum. And from the starting point - things can only improve!

Hostinger offers three Shared Hosting plans: Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, and Business Shared Hosting.

With the cheapest offer, you can get access to one website, 30 GB SSD, 100 GB bandwidth, 10,000 monthly visits, two databases, and one email account. Hostinger offers a free SSL in all its plans, which is pretty great. Furthermore, you can benefit from WordPress Acceleration and Managed WordPress. However, the free domain and Google Ads credit are excluded from this plan.

If this is not sufficient, you can upgrade up to 100 websites, 200 GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth, 100,000 monthly visits, Unlimited Databases, and Free Email. The Business Shared Hosting plan also offers Free SSL, Free Domain, GIT Access, SSH Access, Daily Backups, and Free CDN.

As mentioned, I will go with the first option since I am here for the testing only. However, make sure to match the plan with your requirements to prevent insufficient performance and speeds.

screenshot of Shared Hosting plans

Note: If a shared hosting plan isn’t sufficient for your needs, you can always upgrade to other types of hosting.

How To Register For A Hosting Plan On Hostinger?

Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial to help you register for a shared hosting plan with Hostinger for the first time.

For those not keen on videos, here’s the registration process in writing.

In general, you can use one of two ways to register on Hostinger. You can find the plans within the ‘Hosting’ tab or the ‘Pricing’ tab within the main menu. Next, click on Shared Web Hosting.

screenshot of Hosting drop down menu

Once you decide upon a plan, you need to click Select.

screenshot of Shared hosting plans

It will transfer you to the following screen. At this point, you need to complete a three-step process to complete your order. First, choose your billing period.

Note: You can benefit from better discounts on longer-term plans.

screenshot of selecting a billing period

Second, you need to create your account using email or social media accounts. At last, you need to enter your payment information. Here, you can choose between Credit Card, PayPal, CoinGate, GooglePay, and Alipay.

screenshot of selecting a payment options

Once you fill in everything, click on ‘Submit Secure Payment’ to finalize the process.

Setting Things Up at Hostinger

I’m in! The very second you sign up for an account and purchase a plan, the hPanel greets you.

screenshot of hpanel

Here, you can find several sections, including Home, Hosting, Emails, Domains, Servers, SSL, Website Builder, Billing, Help, and Store.

We will take a deep dive into each of these features individually, so sit back, relax, and get yourself a drink because this will be one long adventure. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will know if this less-than-a-parking-ticket hosting plan is right for you!

Important: When comparing hPanel vs. cPanel, cPanel offers simplicity, software installers, many hosting providers use it, and it has a tested control panel. However, it has a high cost associated with it. At the same time, hPanel offers an excellent graphical interface that is convenient to use is simple to use, and allows you to upgrade the control panel. The disadvantage here is that not as many hosting providers offer it, so it has fewer users.

On the Hosting tab, you need to set up the Single Shared Hosting. screenshot of Setup panel

To do this, click on “Set Up.”

screenshot of welcome tab

Here you will be greeted by a lady and her cat. At this point, you can either Buy a Domain Name or use an Existing Domain name that you have purchased on another registrar on the subsequent menu. Keep in mind that some packages of Hostinger even come with a domain name free of charge, so you can always select that package from the ground up if this is your first website.

Enter your website address if you have one, create a new one, and click on next.

Here you can build a new website, migrate your pre-existing website, or start from scratch.

screenshot of Build a new Website and Migrate My Website tabs

Next, you will be asked if you have the experience or have ever built a website in the past. I have the needed skills.

screenshot of Question about experience

Still, I’ll click on the “It’s my first-time” section just to see what they’d teach people who aren’t.

screenshot of Zyro banner

Hostinger has its website builder, which is relatively new, but the chances are high that you are building your website in WordPress. To begin with, so I’m just going to select WordPress for the time being. The good thing about this is that your choices are varied, even if you are inexperienced, so give both options a shot; who knows, Hostinger might have re-invented website building.

screenshot of Web site builder layouts

If you are uninitiated, these are WordPress themes and the specific ones that Hostinger recommends based on their network and server speed for optimal results, or maybe they are from theme manufacturers who’ve paid to be on this list. We’ll never know, and it doesn’t even matter as you can always change them, but just pick one that you like for the time being.

screenshot of Lets Finish question

That’s all there is to it. Click on “Finish Setup,” and you are good to go.

screenshot of Initializing setup tab

At last, let the virtual workers known as bots do the heavy lifting for you.

Once installed, you can go to the “Manage” section on the right side of the screen. Here you’ll have multiple menus. So, let’s review them one by one.

In WordPress, you can access the Dashboard and Plugins.

screenshot of WordPress tab

Beginning with the dashboard, we have:

  • Force HTTPS
  • Flush Cache
  • Maintenance mode
  • WordPress Updates
  • Speed & Security including WebArx, LiteSpeed, SSL Certificate, and Cloudflare.
  • You can even install another WordPress.

Note: Litespeed offers a lot more speed to the website than Apache and W3 Total Cache alternatives, and after deploying it, you will see noticeable performance improvements. Many WordPress websites saw an improvement, and the LiteSpeed engineers even created their own LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress. It even features SSL/TLC, QUIC, and integrated security features enabled by default.

screenshot of Dashboard

You also have a clear view of the PHP Version as well as the version of WordPress.

On the Plugins tab, you can review your installed and active plugins.

screenshot of Plugins tab

You’ll have a few installed by default, but you can enable or disable them as you see fit. It’s all nice and cozy.

In the second tab, Order, you can access Order Usage, Renew, Upgrade and Set Main Domain. screenshot of Order tab

Furthermore, you can review the CPU usage, Memory usage, Processes, and Entry Processes on order usage.

screenshot of CPU, Memory, Processes and Entry Processes panels

On the Renew tab, you can renew your subscription.

screenshot of Complete your order message

Upgrade, as the name might imply, gives you the chance to upgrade your package. You can upgrade to a better, shared hosting service or even a dedicated hosting service.

Each of them has its benefits, and this decision is ultimately based on your website content, function, and level of traffic.

screenshot of Upgrade options

Once you click on “View Plans,” you can see all of your available upgrade options.

On the set main domain, well, you can set your new primary domain. This feature has a simple function, and that is to re-name your hosting account name. It does not influence the website files themselves.

Next is Accounts - in this section, you have two options, including Details and Change Password.

screenshot of Accounts tab

The details section showcases your nameservers, website details, e-mail details, and file upload details.

Change the password, as the name might imply, simply allows you to change your password. It’s that simple.

Emails are where the fun begins! Here you have email accounts, email forwarders, autoresponders, Edit Mx Record options, and Mail Service Control.

screenshot of Emails tab

Now, you can purchase a business email subscription that allows you to create up to 50 emails for $0.99 and offers email storage of up to 10GB per account when it comes to email accounts.

All you have to do is enter the email and password.

screenshot of Email and Password setting tab

Email forwarders re-send an email message delivered to one email address to another email address. You can create up to one forwarder.

screenshot of Create an E-mail Forwarder tab

Email autoresponders, as the name might imply, are in a way scripts automatically sent to people who send you an email. You need to create an email account before setting up an autoresponder.

An MX or a mail exchanger entry tells a client what server receives a mail sent to a domain name. You need to edit the pre-existing MX record using this form to get this email delivered to another server.

screenshot of MX records information

When it comes to mail service control, you can enable managed Sendmail services and managed SMTP services.

screenshot of Mail Service Control tab

The subdomains, parked domains, add website section, redirects section, and Cloudflare section are all part of the Domains sections.

On the subdomains tab, you can create a new subdomain.

screenshot of Create a New Subdomain and List of Current Subdomains tabs

On the parked domains section, you can park a new domain on top of your pre-existing one.

screenshot of Park a New Domain on Top tab

You can add a new website on the add website section by adding the domain name and password.

screenshot of Add New Website and List of Websites tabs

On the redirects page, you can create a redirect.

A redirect page is a way for inexperienced users to send users and search engines to a different URL from the one they initially requested. It uses a 301 redirect type.

screenshot of Create a Redirect tab

Finally, you have the Cloudflare control section. Here you can speed up your website and protect it against DDoS attacks for a fee.

screenshot of Speed up your website and protect it against DDoS attacks

On the website section, you have:

  • The auto-installer
  • The import website function
  • The Migrate Website function
  • The Error Pages
  • The Learn to Code Section
  • The SEO Toolkit

Note: Auto installer enables you to automatically install WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and other CMS services for your website.

screenshot of Installed Applications panel

The import website function allows you to import your website from a previously downloaded archive from another web hosting provider.

screenshot of Import your website panel

The Migrate Website function allows you to migrate your previous website onto the Hostinger hosting service. You can do so by requesting a hosting migration.

screenshot of Migrations Requests panel

Here you have a few migration options, including:

  • WordPress Migration
    screenshot of WordPress Migration tab
  • cPanel Migration
    screenshot of CPANEL tab
  • Other Control Panel
    screenshot of Other Control Panel tab
  • Other FTP migration
    screenshot of Other FTP Migration tab

Key takeaways: Hostinger offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to migration as a user.

Error pages showcase which of your pages are showcasing users some kind of an error so you can resolve them. Learn to Code is an option in collaboration with BitDegree.org that teaches you everything you need to know about coding as a service. The SEO toolkit helps you discover and manage your website through Search Engine Optimization.

The files tab has a file manager, a backups function, and an FTP accounts section.

The file management section allows you to manage the files within your website. It includes both the system files and the individual images and documents attached to the website itself.

As the name might imply, backups allow you to generate backups and restore previously generated backups. It is an excellent feature for people who want to try out new WordPress plugins and experiment without the risk of breaking their website thoroughly.

FTP accounts allow you to set up multiple accounts. FTP accounts are used to upload and manage files on the website.

screenshot of Files tab

When it comes to the Databases section, you have MySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin, and Remote MySQL.

You can create a new MySQL Database here, and once you do so, it will appear on List Current MySQL Databases and Users, where you will be able to manage it freely.

phpMyAdmin allows you to access the database, and you do so by clicking on “Enter phpMyAdmin.”

Before connecting to these databases remotely, the IP working through remote connections must be allowed on your account’s side. To allow this remote connection, you need to access your hPanel, navigate to the Remote MySQL menu in the Databases section, and create a remote database connection.

You will see the IP (IPv4 or IPv6) field here, and you need to fill in the IP addresses from which the remote connection will be initiated. You can connect from any IP by clicking on the “Any Host” checkbox.

Advanced has many features, including DNS Zone Editor, PHP Configuration, Cron Jobs, PHP Info, Cache Manager, GIT, and SSL.

The DNS Zone Editor allows you to quickly and efficiently change DNS records for your domains.

DNS servers create DNS records to provide important information about a domain or hostname, specifically the current IP address. The most common DNS record is the Address Mapping Record which stores a hostname and its corresponding IPv4 addresses.

screenshot of Manage DNS Records tab

PHP Configuration essentially allows you to change the PHP Version, the PHP extensions, and the PHP options.

screenshot of FTP Configuration panel (PHP Version tab)

screenshot of FTP Configuration panel (PHP Extensions tab)

The Cron Job menu allows you to create a new Cron Job.

screenshot of Create a New Cron Job panel

Tip: You can use a cron job for scheduling tasks to run on the server, most commonly for automating system maintenance and administration.

PHP Info shows you everything you need to know about your PHP configuration.

screenshot of PHP Version tab

Cache Manager, as the name implies, manages your cache to speed up your website. Here you can enable automatic cache, improving the SEO.

screenshot of Speed Up Your Website tab

The Git Menu allows you to create a new repository and deploy an application directly from the public Git repository.

screenshot of Private Git Repository and Create a New Repository tabs

The SSL menu allows you to set up your SSL certificate through an automatic setup or a Custom SSL.

screenshot of Custom SSL tab

The Other tab gives you access to:

  • Password Project Directories
  • IP Manager
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Folder Index Manager
  • Fix File Ownership
  • Activity Log
  • Reset Account
  • Deactivate Account

Password Protect Directories allow you to keep your directories secure by setting up an individual password to every directory.

screenshot of Set a password to limit access to your website tab

Simply select the directory you want to protect and enter both the username and the password.

The IP Manager allows you to allow IP addresses as well as block IP addresses.

screenshot of Allow an IP Address and Block an IP Address tabs

Hotlink Protection allows you to prevent other websites from directly linking to files and pictures on your website. They will only be able to link to a file or an image that you do not specify.

screenshot of Configure Hotlink Protection tab

The Folder Index Manager allows you to set up the indexing type. It can be:

  • Default system settings
  • Fancy Indexing (filename and description)
  • No index
  • Standard Indexing (filename only)

screenshot of Setup Indexing Type tab

The Fix File Ownership menu allows you to resolve any issues with editing or deleting files that you might have accidentally deleted from the public_html folder.

screenshot of Fix File Ownership tab

The Activity Log menu allows you to see what has occurred within the server throughout a certain time frame.

screenshot of Activity Log tab

Reset Account, as the name implies, allows you to reset your account. Here you can also stop running processes. It will enable you to refresh your account with default settings and remove all your account files. This change is permanent.

screenshot of Stop Running Processes and Reset this Account tabs

The Deactivate account allows you to cancel your hosting account either immediately or at your expiration date.

screenshot of "When would you like to cancel your hosting account?" tab

When it comes to the email plan, typically generated with your hosting. However, you can create a new email plan.

screenshot of Emails tab

screenshot of Choosing a plan

screenshot of site left sidebar with highlighted Email Account tab

What I love here is that you have plenty of options on the sidebar. It allows for easy navigation. Here you can set up email accounts, email forwarders, autoresponders, edit MX records, and access the mail service control center. You have everything you might initially need in simpler words, and you are getting a solid deal for a dollar. Now, the domains section showcases your domains. You can also transfer a domain here, get help, or even get a new domain.

And that’s all about it!

Performance, Speed, and Uptime

First things first, Hostinger provides a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee in all plans. The team is dedicated to maintaining this standard, so it has assigned an expert team of admins and engineers to monitor the servers 24/7, boosting security.

screenshot of Hostinger Banner

Hostinger has a well-distributed server network with six globally connected Tier-3 datacenters. In turn, it can provide unmatched reliability and fast connections with no latency in every country.

You can benefit from LiteSpeed web servers, full SSD servers, and Cloudflare integration as a customer. Adding to the security, Hostinger also operates its servers on CloudLinux – the leading OS for hosting providers. Still, the best part is, the provider is dedicated to improvement, continually updating its technology to the newest versions and latest standards.

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With all technologies and add-ons it has in place, Hostinger far exceeds its competitors in terms of speed. The primary reason behind this trend is its well-established server network with locations across the USA, Asia, and Europe (UK), each reportedly connected to a 1,000 Mbps connection. In turn, this ensures stable loading times. The provider averages 11-274 ms response times.

Level of Support at Hostinger

Yet another crucial feature is customer support, as it can either make or break a service. And I can say that Hostinger at first managed to impress me in this regard. It provides a multilingual customer support team with a live chat and integrated Intercom as their primary support system. Still, you can only access the live chat feature if you are logged on into their account.

If you are not an existing customer, you can contact Hostinger’s customer support team via email, use its Knowledge Base, Tutorials, Blog, or the Hostinger Academy.

Screenshot of support page

Hostinger’s Knowledge Base is divided into several categories:

  • Getting Started
  • hPanel
  • Domains
  • DNS
  • Website
  • SSL Certificates
  • Files Management
  • PHP
  • MySQL Databases
  • Billing
  • Email
  • VPS
  • Features
  • Profile Management
  • Affiliates & Referrals
  • About Company
  • Video Tutorials

Note: Web hosting providers rarely provide video tutorials since they are a bit more resource-heavy. Still, videos represent the best guides for beginners, so you might as well take the time to check this section.

Screenshot of Hostinger's resources

In tutorials, you can find how-to guides regarding different aspects of a web hosting experience. At this point, you can use the search option to save time. Better yet, Hostinger specifies the most popular searches (WordPress, VPS, Joomla, Drupal, Email, Glossary, Video Tutorials, and Webinars) in the top menu. If you click on one of these, the provider will immediately redirect you to the proper tutorial.

screenshot of Hostinger Tutorials page

On the Hostinger blog, you can also find a few categories - News, Engineering, Marketing, and Daily Life.

screenshot of Hostinger Blog page

Finally, if you click on Hostinger Academy, the provider redirects you to its YouTube channel - a rich set of videos and tutorials.

screenshot of Hostinger Youtube page

I have to say, I am amazed by Hostinger’s offer.

How To Get Customer Support from Hostinger?

Here’s how you can get help from Hostinger as a potential or an existing customer.

Security and Backups

The provider offers the latest technology to secure its network. All of its data centers feature multiple levels of fail-safes, RAID-10, daily or weekly backups. You can benefit from Let’s Encrypt integration, Wanguard real-time anti-DDoS protection on Switches, and an in-house developed WAF (Web Application Firewall), in addition to the speed-enhancing features (as explained earlier), in-house built hPanel, and Access Manager.

screenshot of Hostinger banner

Furthermore, Hostinger’s servers have advanced security modules, such as mod_security, Suhosin PHP hardening, PHP open_basedir protection, etc. Essentially, they allow the company to guarantee the highest security level available today.

screenshot of Hostinger banner

Note: Hostinger offers a free SSL in each shared hosting plan, which is not the case with all web hosting companies.

SSL certificates essentially enable your website to go from HTTP to HTTPS. Don’t worry if that sounded confusing. It did to me as well. But, to understand it on a deeper level, an SSL certificate is a data file hosted on the website’s server. These make SSL/TLC encryption possible, and they contain a website’s public key, its identity, and other information.

Okay, so all of this in simple language means that it won't be in plain text when you transfer data from your PC to the website, but it will end up being encrypted, and nobody can understand it as a result. It is excellent to make an account or a purchase on a website, as it keeps your credit card information and passwords secure. So the next time you want to get something online, check if it has an SSL certificate. Oh, and yeah, definitely enable this on your site if you’re going to be trustworthy.

Specific Features of Hostinger

Let’s summarize the review. The question, at this point, is, what makes Hostinger superior? Here are its unique features, accounting for a smooth customer experience:

  • CloudLinux - The Leading OS For Hosting Providers
  • Smooth and Intuitive In-House-Developed hPanel
  • An In-House WP Migrator for Fast Auto Migrations
  • WordPress Integrations and Access Manager
  • Industry-Leading LiteSpeed Web Servers and Full SSD Servers
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • Globally Connected Tier-3 Datacenters
  • Let’s Encrypt Integration
  • In-House Developed WAF
  • LVE Containers for Account Isolation
  • Wanguard Real-Time Anti-DDoS Protection on Switches
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support Via Live Chat

Monthly Updates

During December, Hostinger:

  • Had 11 incidents, including network maintenance, hPanel accessibility issues, degraded server performance, backup dashboard issues, emergency maintenance, and Cloudflare issues.
  • Offers a 10% discount off the first purchase on fiverr with the code: HOSTINGER10.
  • Announced a giveaway of three Shared Hosting renewals for 1 year.
  • Announced that it will share some gifts during this month for Christmas.

During November, Hostinger:

  • Black Friday Sale: Up to 80% off on web hosting + Free Domains, SSL, Cloudflare, and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Introduced Access Logs as a new feature within the hPanel
  • Had 61 incidents, including scheduled and emergency server maintenance, cPanel accessibility issues, onboarding accessibility issues, and degraded server performance

During October, Hostinger:

  • Had a sale: Get a free .com domain for the first year, free SSL and Cloudflare with premium web hosting for at least 12 months
  • Welcomed its 1000th employee
  • Started preparing for the opening of a new data center
  • Had 196 incidents in total, including server maintenance, accessibility issues, hPanel issues, degraded server performance, emergency maintenance, etc.

During September, Hostinger:

  • Juicy Summer Deal for Web Hosting: A free .com domain for the first year and a free SSL certificate with all annual premium web hosting plans
  • Had 305 incidents in total, including server maintenance, degraded performance, accessibility issues, domain registrars issues, order usage dashboard issues, emergency maintenance, etc.

During August, Hostinger:

  • Had 52 incidents in total, including emergency server maintenance, degraded backup server performance, hPanel order usage section maintenance, order usage data inaccuracy, etc.
  • Juicy Summer Deal for web hosting: A free .com domain for the first year and a free SSL certificate with all annual premium web hosting plans
  • Partnered with CoinGate to expand opportunities in crypto payments
  • Got recommended by Neil Patel as the Best Web Hosting Provider in 2021
  • Rebuilt a school to improve the quality of education for a local community with Niagahoster

During July, Hostinger:

  • Had 47 incidents in total, including emergency server maintenance, degraded performance, mail service interruptions, elevated Cloudflare errors, etc.
  • Bitcatcha.com and Quicksprout.com! listed Hostinger as the #1 web hosting provider in 2021

During June, Hostinger:

  • An anniversary deal offering a free .com domain, premium plan for over 12 months, with a free SSL
  • Hosted an open day for customers

During May, Hostinger:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Has completed scheduled maintenance, incurred and resolved several incidents


Now, I’m fully aware that this review was a mouthful to read, to say the least, but if you made it this far, congratulations, you are on the path to becoming a host service expert.

Hostinger is the perfect hosting provider for people who are just starting and are on a budget. I wished for this kind of service when I was beginning, and from my perspective, you are genuinely getting a lot for your money here. People who are genuinely warry of their budget and expenses deserve this superior experience. Hostinger serves as a great starting point for people who are, for the very first time, entering the world of online website hosting. However, it can also serve customers with more advanced requirements since it holds great potential.

Apart from low prices, Hostinger customers can also benefit from incredible ease of use, great set of features, WordPress integrations, lots of freebies (SSL, domains - in some plans), and so on. However, Hostinger doesn’t offer phone support, while the live chat option is limited to existing customers.

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Hostinger pros

  • Free SSL Certificates in All Plans
  • The Cheapest Offers on The Market
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Set of Features
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Optimized for WordPress Performance

Hostinger cons

  • No Free Domain in The Cheapest Shared Hosting Plan
  • No Phone Support
  • Live Chat Is Limited to Existing Clients

Hostinger Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Single Shared Hosting 30 GB 100.04 GB cPanel 1 £1.02 5.2 Details
Premium 100 GB Unlimited cPanel 100 £1.90 9.4 Details
Business 200 GB Unlimited cPanel 100 £2.93 9.2 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
plan 1 20 GB 1 core 1 GB £2.91 9.0 Details
plan 2 40 GB 2 cores 2 GB £6.58 9.6 Details
plan 3 60 GB 3 cores 3 GB £9.52 9.4 Details
plan 4 80 GB 4 cores 4 GB £11.73 8.0 Details
plan 5 120 GB 6 cores 6 GB £17.61 6.3 Details
plan 6 160 GB 8 cores 8 GB £28.68 10 Details
plan 7 200 GB 8 cores 12 GB £42.65 9.2 Details
plan 8 250 GB 8 cores 16 GB £57.36 9.2 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Startup 200 GB 2 cores 3 GB Unlimited £7.35 9.1 Details
Professional 250 GB 4 cores 6 GB Unlimited £13.97 9.1 Details
Enterprise 300 GB 6 cores 12 GB Unlimited £51.48 9.9 Details

Website Builder Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Features Price Score
Unleashed Unlimited
Connect your own domain
Free email for 3 months
Security with SSL
Get found easier with SEO
Designer-crafted templates
Brand your business with AI
Blogging tools
Free web hosting
Free domain for 1 year
Messenger live chat
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager
Visitor remarketing
Stripe payment integration
WhatsApp live chat
Embed code
£2.87 9.9 Details
eCommerce Unlimited
100 products
Accept online payments
Shipping and tax management
Connect your own domain
Free email for 3 months
Security with SSL
Get found easier with SEO
Designer-crafted templates
Brand your business with AI
Blogging tools
Free web hosting
Free domain for 1 year
Messenger live chat
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager
Visitor remarketing
Stripe payment integration
WhatsApp live chat
Embed code
£7.28 9.4 Details
eCommerce plus Unlimited
2500 products
Accept online payments
Shipping and tax management
Connect your own domain
Free email for 3 months
Security with SSL
Get found easier with SEO
Designer-crafted templates
Brand your business with AI
Blogging tools
Free web hosting
Free domain for 1 year
Messenger live chat
Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager
Visitor remarketing
Stripe payment integration
WhatsApp live chat
Embed code
£10.96 9.2 Details

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