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Register .edu Domain – Complete Guide (2024)

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What Is .edu Domain?

The .edu domain name is a top-level domain name and is part of the seven generic top-level domains created in the Internet’s DNS (Domain Name System). .edu stands for education and is managed by Educause, which is operated by VeriSign. The .edu domain was first introduced on the 1st of January, 1985.

In Which Scenarios Should You Use the .edu Domain?

Since the .edu domain name stands for education, the primary use of the .edu domain name is for educational institutions and facilities. Namely, it is meant for such organizations who want to establish an online presence. So, you should use a .edu domain name for the following:

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As of the 29th of October 2001, the .edu domain name is only available for post-secondary educational organizations and institutions. Also, those institutions have to be accredited by an agency on the US Department of Education’s list of nationally recognized accrediting agencies.

Also, the institution or organization must be located in the US or recognized by a certain US state, federal, or territorial agency to obtain a .edu domain. So, US-based university system offices, community college offices, and other similar entities can get a .edu domain name, whereas institutions like elementary schools, high schools, charter schools, and middle schools cannot. Instead, they can get second-level .edu domains, which are available for everyone.

This rule was established in 2001, meaning that the sites that registered a .edu domain name that did not fit the requirements were grandfathered into the system. So, they got to keep their .edu domain names even though they don’t fit the current criteria. Let’s take aup.edu as an example.

Aup.edu is the official website of the American University in Paris. It does not have a campus in the US. Therefore, it is not located there, but it still has a .edu domain. That’s because the aup.edu domain was grandfathered, as it was established before the 29th of October 2001.

There are many people who try to use illegal .edu websites registered in unmonitored countries in order to get better SEO results. However, Google and other search engines catch onto them in some time and quickly push them to the bottom of the barrel.

How to Buy .edu Domain?

To buy .edu domain, you first need to fulfill all the requirements mentioned above. If you do, you need to go to the Educause website and get your .edu domain from there, as it is the sole provider of .edu domains. Before you buy your .edu domain name, you can check if it is available via Whois Lookup. Find the complete step-by-step guide below.

Steps on How to Buy .edu Domain

.edu domains are only available on Educause. No other domain registrar is licensed or allowed to provide them.

  • Ensure that you meet all the necessary Educause requirements
  • Open Educause, click on “Apply for a new domain,” add to cart, and purchase your domain
  • Secure your domain with tools like DNS-related security features and Domain Privacy add-ons
.edu domain names must represent the name of the organization or institution that’s applying. The name must not be generic or plagiarized.

How Much Do .edu Domains Cost?

As per Amendment 11 of the .edu Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Educause charges a $77.00 annual registration fee for .edu domains. This fee covers the expenses associated with domain management.

It’s important to note that paying this fee is just the first step in the process. All registrants must also accept the Educause Customer Service Agreement during registration or renewal. Additionally, registrants can choose between one-year or three-year registration terms.

Our Recommended Places to Register

The only place where you can register a .edu domain name is Educause. On the Educause website, you can check if you fit the requirements and see if the domain name you want is available.

Also, via the website, you can manage your domain administration, apply for a new domain name, and submit and domain name change request.

A yearly .edu domain name registration with Educause will cost you $77. If you opt for the three-year registration option, it’ll cost you $231.

Perfect Partners for Your .edu Domain

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SSL ProtectionSSL certificates are what separates secure HTTPS websites from risky HTTP ones. Also, they help websites rank better on search engines.

Premium DNS – With a premium DNS service, you’ll be able to prevent data leaks and protect your website from cyberattacks.

Private Email – Educational organizations must have a private email so that they look more professional and trustworthy to visitors.

Domain Information for .edu

Minimum Registration Period1 year
Maximum Registration Period3 years
Minimum Renewal Period1 year
Maximum Renewal Period3 years
Is Domain Privacy SupportedYES
Are IDN Domains SupportedYES
Is RegistrarLock SupportedYES
Is DNSSEC Supported YES
ICANN fee$0.18

Popular .edu Domains

Here are some of the most popular .edu domains:

  • harvard.edu (Ahrefs rank: 93) – harvard.edu is the official website of Harvard University.
  • mit.edu (Ahrefs rank: 92) – mit.edu is the official website of MIT University.
  • standford.edu (Ahrefs rank: 92) – stanford.edu is the official website of Stanford University.

.edu Domain Alternatives

.com – Register your institution’s official website with the world’s most popular domain extension, .com.

.net – The second most popular domain extension, .net, is another excellent .edu alternative.

.org – Ranking third in popularity, .org is a recognizable domain alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the .edu domain name launched?

The .edu domain name was launched on the 1st of January, 1985, along with other top-level domains, such as .com. At that time, it was available for institutions worldwide.

Can Anyone Get a .edu Domain?

No, not everyone can obtain a .edu domain. The eligibility criteria are specific, and .edu domains are reserved for accredited degree-granting institutions of higher learning in the United States.

To qualify, an institution must hold institutional accreditation from agencies listed by the U.S. Department of Education, ensuring that .edu domains are limited to recognized educational organizations.

Why was .edu established?

.edu was established to create a domain name hierarchy for educational organizations. However, now, it shows that the institutions that have it are institutions of higher education located in the US.

What does grandfathering .edu domains mean?

Grandfathering .edu domains means that older .edu domains that were established prior to the rule change in 2001 get to keep their .edu domain names even though they don’t fulfill the necessary requirements.

Which are the oldest .edu domain names?

Some of the oldest .edu domain names include darpa.edu, which is also the first-ever .edu domain registered, berkeley.edu, cmu.edu, purdue.edu, rice.edu, and ucla.edu.

Can high schools have a .edu domain name?

No, as of the 29th of October 2001, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and charter schools cannot register a .edu domain.

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