HostAdvice Speaks to InterServer: An Interview with Stacey Talieres

HostAdvice Speaks to InterServer: An Interview with Stacey Talieres about the Brand’s Evolution and Ensuring Premium Level Customer Support at an Affordable Price

is an affordable web hosting provider, which offers a distinctive emphasis on quality customer support. Back in 2016, HostAdvice had the opportunity to speak to Mike Lavrik, the CEO of the company. His main focus was on ensuring affordable prices for everyone while maintaining a high level of service and support.

HostAdvice Speaks to InterServerFive years later, we speak to

again. But this time, we are accompanied by Stacey Talieres, the Director of Marketing. She discusses the evolution of InterServer during the last five years. Also, she discusses how the company deals with the spike in traffic effectively, along with the benefits offered by the “price lock guarantee.”

HostAdvice: Hi Stacey. Thanks for joining us. InterServer has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Could you share more about the company’s history? What were the most difficult challenges that you had faced? How do you overcome the obstacles?


was started in 1999 by two entrepreneurs who shared similar interests in technology and the evolution of the Internet. Back then there were only a handful of websites out there so Mike and John saw this as an opportunity to start a business.
Starting out was definitely a challenge, as there was no social media or really good search engines to help drive customers to your site. We forget how good we have it with today’s technology.
One of the more difficult challenges was migrating our entire infrastructure back in 2003 to a new location. Back then redundancy was limited and things had to move quite quickly and in a short amount of time as possible. Over the years we continued to build upon our initial foundation, which is combined with determination. Having the right team in place allowed us as a company to build a strong structural integrity, which we continuously enhance over the course of the last 20+ years.

HostAdvice: Back in 2016, we interviewed Mike Lavrik, CEO and co-founder of InterServer. Can you tell us about how your brand has evolved since then? What are the most important factors that contribute to the growth of your business?

Stacey: Our customer support and customer retention over the years have really pushed our business forward. We appreciate every single customer, whether they signed up today or 10 years ago. I think that offering customers good support and help when they need it is key to any business. Since our last interview, we have experimented with various packages, pricing structures, and website designs to attract more customers.

HostAdvice: We have just stepped into 2021. How is InterServer doing in business this year? Will there be any major changes in your hosting services in the coming 12 months?

Stacey: Last year was hard on everyone, and we decided to offer a Stay Home promotion package to help new customers create their websites for a lower cost. By creating a package that offered 3 months for just $1, customers were able to build their websites and push their online business to the next level. This year, we plan on improving more upon that and experimenting with what works best.

HostAdvice: What is the most significant characteristic that makes InterServer unique in today’s evolving web hosting industry?

Stacey: As a company, we believe in putting the customers first. Many tickets are answered in minutes instead of hours. We strive to provide premium level support at sub-premium prices. Another thing that sets us apart is the straight forward pricing. There is no introductory rate that catches you by surprise on a renewal that’s double or triple, your services stay the same as the day you signed up.

HostAdvice: We notice that you are offering the “Price Lock Guarantee” to all of your customers. Would you please elaborate on how it works and benefits the users?

Stacey: Our price lock guarantee applies to the rates of a package. If you sign up for a specific package, you will be locked at the rates of that package. If we create a new web hosting package, customers with a previous package will not be affected.

HostAdvice: How do you handle the sudden spike in web traffic? What would happen to an InterServer-hosted site when it experiences an unexpected surge in traffic?

Stacey: Our web hosting servers all have 10G uplinks. Spikes in traffic can happen once in a while, but our servers are more than capable of handling them.

HostAdvice: Two of the most important factors when it comes to web hosting are backup and security. What are the backup solutions that you provide to the customers? Also, what security features does InterServer offer for its customers?

Stacey: We offer our Acronis backup packages to our customers who are looking for a simple and effective way to manage and access backups. We have also introduced new Storage plans, which are hosted on Direct Admin. For web hosting users, we offer JetBackup, which takes incremental backups every day and can be easily accessible and restored in a matter of minutes.

HostAdvice: Last year, you had partnered with the Radix domain registry. Would you please tell us how the partnership can benefit the customers in 2021?

Stacey: We believe that this partnership will bring new opportunities for us, which in turn creates better opportunities for customers. We are working closely together to find the best solution that fits our company’s needs and should have great things to come in 2021.

HostAdvice: Finally, what are the signs of a great hosting provider? What advice would you give when it comes to choosing a web hosting solution?

Stacey: Choosing a hosting provider is a bigger step than most people realize. You’re essentially trusting your data to be stored within this provider’s network. Your business heavily depends upon its reliability and overall security efforts. Therefore, it’s important to research who you intend to host with, by understanding where they are located along with company longevity can provide a clearer picture. Also, take time to read reviews. Some reviews can be more insightful than others but as a whole can give you a good snapshot of the company’s overall customer rating.

About InterServer

InterServer is an affordable, full-service web hosting provider headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The company emphasizes ensuring high-quality customer support for everyone. It has a huge customer base, ranging from single-owner to Fortune 500 companies. It offers a variety of hosting options, including


, and

 plans, which start at $2.50, $6, and $50 per month respectively.

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