Must-Have Wix Apps

Must-Have Wix Apps

Wix is one of the top choices for website builders today.

Breaking out into the field of eCommerce, the number of aspiring online store owners that are choosing Wix is rising from year to year.

This builder is best known for its simplicity, accessibility and affordability – allowing absolutely anyone to create a website or an online store complete with payment gateways and check-out modules.

What makes each online store truly stand out are apps that add functionality, enhance design, and add numerous enriching features.

In this article we’ll explore the basic must-have apps for your ecommerce store which can be found in the Wix App Market.

Wix Pro Gallery

This useful extension is your go-to tool for professional gallery creation.

Galleries are crucial for eCommerce websites in order to present your products in an attractive manner and make more sales. Using Wix Pro Gallery, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Add thousands of photos and videos for a neat and sharp display
  • Control the quality of your images to balance resolution preferences and performance
  • All images will be optimized for mobile, including all Android and iOS devices, for all orientations
  • You can add text boxes and captions to enrich your gallery layout
  • Sharing is easy, enabling your visitors to send a link to friends and expand your brand’s reach
  • There are 9 different layouts to choose from, allowing you to differentiate and customize your gallery

The combination of customization options coupled with expanding and enriching abilities makes this app an absolute must-have for all types of galleries.

Social Media Stream

This app adds social proof to your website, demonstrating to new visitors that you already have a bustling audience.

It works by connecting your social media to your website, embedding the feed, and showcasing your posts.

This app comes in the form of a widget, which can be customized as far as placement and design.

The social media channels supported by this app include:

  •  Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

The benefits of this streaming app are:

  • Full support for mobile devices, as well as desktop. Seeing as social media visitors are often on the go, adaptability to mobile is a sincere need.
  • The refresh rates are fast. This app applies leading technology to ensure your feed is updated and synced at all times.

Wix Blog

It’s well known that content generates traffic and that traffic creates sales.

What better way to generate content than setting up a blog? The leading eCommerce stores nowadays are well aware of this fact, and almost all of them will have a well-maintained blog presence that relates to their niche and products.

Here are the reasons this app comes highly recommended:

  • Stunning, modern, and sleek layouts to choose from
  • Your blog posts can be easily discovered, and more importantly shared by readers with embedded social media features
  • Visitors can engage with your blog by following posts and commenting
  • Posts look great on mobile devices for reading on-the-go

In addition to the benefits described above, you will be able to add multiple writers and manage your blog with various contributors, enabling the constant addition of a varied assortment of fresh content to your blog.

Wix Stores

This app is probably the most fundamental addition for ecommerce store owners as it allows you to build and manage your own online store, with promotion tools built-in.

Using this app you can choose a professionally designed template to create a unique shopping experience, as well as accept multiple payment methods for easy check-out.

The back-office system is convenient too, allowing you to manage all aspects of your store from a clean and easy interface.

Here are the features this app offers:

  • Upload an unlimited number of products for flexible and scalable store management
  • Payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards are integrated
  • Create coupons, discount codes, and sales
  • Use advanced SEO tools to help buyers find your store
  • Enjoy helpful 24/7 support which will assist you with anything you need, on the spot

Visitor Analytics

This app is all you’ll need to learn about your website’s visitors.

It’s been shown that advanced analytics that can show your users’ behavior, preferences and habits is one of the most crucial tools for success in sales.

Using this valuable information, you’ll be able to make tailored recommendations, laser-accurate ads, and relevant sorting of products.

The features and benefits:

  • Follow the browsers your visitors use, their locations, and demographics
  • Watch real-time visitor behavior with the help of advanced heat map technology which highlights the most visited pages of your website
  • Follow page traffic
  • Detect your most effective sharers and referrers
  • All features are GDPR/CCPA compliant, with emphasis placed on privacy regulations
  • No data is sold to third parties and your visitors’ data is 100% secure

Bottom Line

There’s no question that apps are the one factor that will take your website to the next level.

These are the elements that will differentiate and specialize your website while enriching it and adding useful functionality.

The apps on this list are by far the most useful ones that’ll give you a strong toolbox to set out on your journey.

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