Ten tips to make your WordPress eCommerce business a success

Ten tips to make your WordPress eCommerce business a success

Ten Tips To Make Your WordPress eCommerce Business A Success

Once you create your WordPress eCommerce site, the next step you’ll likely want to take is to optimize it to ensure that you can make as much money as possible from your website. Luckily, once you add the WooCommerce plugin, it is easy for you to begin to sell items without much work on your part. However, to improve your website, here are ten tips to make your WordPress eCommerce business a success.

Focus On Your Visitor’s Experience1. Focus On Your Visitor’s Experience

WordPress is one of the platforms to host your eCommerce site on due to the wide variety of available free plugins. Some of the best WordPress eCommerce sites, like Belle and the Brave and Forage and Graze, captivate the eye because of their easy to navigate designs. WordPress has templates you can use for free, which helps to keep the cost of your WordPress eCommerce site low, but you still get it a professional look.

The best WordPress eCommerce sites will also have fast page loading times of less than 2 seconds. If your site is loading too slowly, it might cause people to bounce off your page in frustration. Your WordPress eCommerce site should also be mobile-friendly, as more people begin to rely on their smartphones to shop online. You are putting your shop at a disadvantage if the WordPress eCommerce site isn’t mobile-friendly.

2. Write SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions should be concise but engaging at the same time. You never want to bore your readers with your descriptions, so try to surprise them with your content and highlight a few of the important features of your products. Keep your product descriptions updated with any new content.

3. Use Quality Images

On your WordPress eCommerce store, all your pictures should be high quality, with zoomable functions allowing your customers to enlarge them. Take the photos from multiple angles so your customers can understand the product as easily as possible. Better images will help decrease your bounce rate and increase engagement.

4. Include Product Videos

Whenever possible, include product videos to help showcase what you’re selling. By including this on your WordPress eCommerce site, it adds more detail and better angles to the products. Since the customers can’t touch and hold your products, this will be the next best thing. Make sure the videos are high-quality, which might take more time and money to produce. However, if the products are consistently selling on your page thanks to the videos, it will be worth the investment.

5. Write SEO-Friendly Titles

All the best WordPress eCommerce sites have SEO-friendly titles because it can be ranked by Google better. By ranking higher, you can attract more customers and hopefully convert those visitors to more sales. WooCommerce offers several free or inexpensive plugins to help you optimize your titles and keywords.

6. Be Transparent

Don’t confuse your customers by unclear company and store policies. Include a transparent FAQ that covers everything from return policies, shipping charges, delivery times, and any other pertinent information. By hiding it, it makes it seem like your company is shady, causing some people to not buy your products. Instead, facilitate trust by being open and clear with your policies.

7. Make Registration Simple

Don’t make it harder for your customer than it has to be! The registration process should be as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. Registrations that are too complicated are one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. You can even use plugins to help make this process effortless for your customers. All you need is a simple registration box that encourages your customers to register and also buy the product.

8. Incorporate Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get customers to come back to you. When you make your site registration easy, it encourages more people to give you their emails. You can then use those to send out information about new products, sales, or anything else new and exciting happening at your WordPress eCommerce store. Include a newsletter sign up as well to encourage people. You might even want to offer them an incentive like 10% off their next order when they sign up.

9. Add Contact Info

The small act of adding an email or even a customer support phone number that your customers can call encourages a sense of trust and helps to forge a bond. You can include this information in the header or footer, but it should also be found on its own dedicated page.

10. Be Responsive

When customers do reach out with a question, make sure that you quickly respond so your customers aren’t left hanging. Answer all repetitive questions in the FAQ, so they also find answers on their own. By improving the communication process, it adds to the experience of the visitor. A quick response can be the difference between a sale or cart abandonment.

Selling through your WordPress eCommerce store doesn’t have to be so hard. By incorporating these tips and spending time on your site, you can take it and make it into a success.

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