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Netregistry Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting £6.72 - £16.86
VPS £126.76 - £278.89
Cloud Hosting £10.94 - £20.24

Data Centers

Brent Baker

Pinned Review

Brent Baker,
This company really has a lot of choices to pick from, which is great. For me, it got a little confusing because I wanted the best hosting for my site, but didn't want to over pay. they ended up helpi...Read Moreng me pick one of their VPS packages that is a good price but great service. I am very happy with this company and think they can meet the needs of anyone in Australia.Less
Jacinda Robinson
Jacinda Robinson from Australia,

Don’t use them

I ran an account and multiple domains with them for over a decade. An IT issue they experienced cost me income, they refused to pay me for money lost, treated me like a criminal and completely disowned it. They dodged and ignored ...Read Moremy correspondence for months then basically called me a liar. Don’t touch them, the reviews are all true. Trust the reviews. Go any else but there.Less
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson from Australia,

We have had so many bad experiences…

We have had so many bad experiences with Net Registry. Here is todays:

Today we found that our website had been taken down by Netregistry.

Following numerous telephone calls to Netregistiry and misinformation provided by the...Read More out sourced service center, it transpires that the reason Netregistry saw fit to take take our website was because of an overdue payment for an annual website security subscription.

My understanding is that this is an optional service, i.e. it is not a requirement to pay for the annual security subscription.

Why would Netregistry penalize us by taking down our website? This is akin to blackmail and is a very underhanded approach to business. This has caused us considerable inconvenience and expense as no one in our company was able to send or receive emails. We were effectively held hostage by being made to pay for a service which we did not want in order that Netregistry would make our site live again.

I will be taking this further including a formal complaint to the ACCC.
ulises minotto
ulises minotto from Australia,


!!!DO NOT USE NETREGISTRY!!! What filth this service has turned into, Uber was great... after the change over to netregistry, it all went to shit March 2020, i had no idea my websites werent working until i checked and nothing loa...Read Moreded, ftp connection showed me all files had being deleted, so i upload everything myself to get up and running because these idiots didnt know what was broken. Few weeks later websites dont load, cpanel doesnt load, emails dont refresh, then i also find some email accounts have disappeared completely from cpanel. Today September 2020, still no resolution, so finally off to another webhost go.Less
Clare Heasly
Clare Heasly from Australia,


They lost 5 years of my emails and files. They refused to return them after 6 months of me doing every ticket attempt (14 requests) to get my business exchanges back. They are unreliable and a HUGE RISK. I moved to Ventra IP as they were cheaper, better service and 24/7.
Monica A Howell
Monica A Howell from Australia,

Beware! Watch your bank statements closely!!

Do not use this organisation. Very dishonest and very unhelpful. They charged over $700 to my credit card in error and when this was flagged with them they told me to seek a charge back request from my bank rather than submitting a refund!! Unbelievable.
Sharon Foster
Sharon Foster from Australia,

Scammers & Thieves

I lost dozens of emails from my business inbox recently. when I contacted support, a man named Mark suggested I "accidentally deleted them all". Of course, I then must have accidentally gone into my deleted items ad deleted them f...Read Morerom there too. I logged a support ticket for a back up and was advised the ticket had been received. 3 weeks and several emails later, I have heard not one word from them. Not a single email response when I emailed them, nothing. I estimate to have lost approx. $5k in business thanks to these incompetent tools. Don't put yourself through it, you're basically paying them to sit there and do nothing all day.

EDIT - Netregistry were offered the opportunity to review this before posting. They contacted me immediately and asked what my issue was, clearly without looking back through their own records. I reiterated, and two weeks later had heard nothing.

I followed up again several weeks after that, and they blamed Covid19 for the lack of response.

3 months later, I still have not heard back from them. They are money thieves, and scammers.

EDIT - in June I had no access to emails and website for 3 days which they were unable to resolve. They currently have no phone access "due to covid19" they take days to respond to email support tickets and their chat support are incompetent with no idea what they are doing. Fed up. I decided to migrate over to another web host. It took them 3 days to transfer the domain over, a job that takes 3 mins. I have sent them an invoice for lost earnings through both ordeals which they are refusing to pay, advising neither issue was their responsibility. They have been reported to the ACCC, Consumer Protection, and the Small Business Development Corporation.
Tom Hitchcock
Tom Hitchcock from Australia,

No refund, no transfer, no service.

Do NOT touch these guys. They are thief's.
They took money without permission by buying another domain I didn't ask for a day after I was logged on and purchased a legit domain.
I let them them know straight away and they refuse...Read Mored the refund or anything. After weeks of trying to speak to the person it was escalated to, they just don't care.

No refund, no transfer, no service.

If I didn't chase them it I probably would never of heard back from them.
They are Con men who think they are above the law.
John Smith
John Smith from Australia,

Absolutely Terrible

Unfortunate experience dealing with this company. At first there service was ok with reasonable rates. Problem is after canceling all my services with them they continued to charge me . I first dealt with this issue with them in 2...Read More018 thinking it was resolved and they then charged me again in 2020. After trying to reasonably resolve this issue with them they just continued to refer to the fine print and the convoluted T&C's and to top it off they somehow managed to charge an expired credit card I no longer held with obsolete numbers and expiry date. I have never dealt with such a dishonest and frankly dodgy business, this company is interested in just trying to extract as much money as they can from you how ever they can and then trying hide behind overly complicated fine print and shitty support. Find someone else to give your business to because this company is just not worth it.Less

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Very Well Established Australian Hosting

NetRegistry has been in business since 1997 serving customers in Australia and around the world.  They claim that they have helped over 500,000 Australian businesses get online, which is quite an impressive number.  Of course, not all of them will still be with the company, but none the less it shows that they have the expereince needed to get the job done.

They offer a variety of services including web hosting, domain registration, website creation and more.  They also offer hosting options to meet most anyone’s needs.  Their website is well designed and easy to navigate to find exactly what you need.  As I looked through what existing and previous customers had to say about the company it was clear that most people are quite happy with them, which is always a good sign.



Rated by Michael Levanduski

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Uptime & Reliability

Very Stable Hosting

This is one of the strong points with this company.  They do keep your sites up and running at all times.  This is partly because of the fact that they incorporate cloud technologies into most of their hosting solutions and also because they use proven hardware configurations to avoid unnecessary downtime.

They have a 99.9%  uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard for hosting, but from what I have been able to gather, they really have a much higher level of stability for their customers.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with them for any reason.


Good Quality Features

You’ll have access to a variety of different hosting solutions when you sign up with this company.  They have cloud hosting that is quite affordable.  With the cloud options you can start at an entry level option that still has more than enough for just about any site.  They then expand the features for business and enterprise level hosting.

If you are looking for shared options, their cPanel based hosting is a great option to consider.  This option starts with 5 gigs of storage and 10 gigs of bandwidth, which is enough for most sites.  You can then grow your features from there based on your needs.  Their premium solution has 50 gigs of storage and unlimited data transfer.

Their VPS products are on the higher end, and the prices reflect this.  The VPS solutions do take advantage of the cloud technologies as well, which can ensure added reliability and other benefits.  The entry level package has 1 gig of RAM, 2 CPU cores and 1 IP address included, along with all the other normal features.  As you move up you can get more RAM, processors and IPs as they are needed.


Great Tech Support

The tech support team with this company is very good.  They reply to tickets or live chat right away and have the skills and expertise to solve basically any problem.  They also have a page dedicated to letting people know of potential problems, which is always nice.  The site does have some documentation and other self-help style information so that you can learn more and avoid problems too.


Pricing Seems a Little High

The pricing from this company is higher than what I would expect for the features you get.  For example, their VPS 1 package is $149.99 per month.  For just one gig of RAM and 2 CPUs, that is a little out of line with the competition.  Of course, their service and reputation is quite good, but still, that price is significantly higher than would I would expect.  If they are offering something significant that can justify that price, they really haven’t made it clear.

Even with their shared hosting services you will pay more than would normally be expected.  It is about $8 per month for an entry level hosting option.  Other companies charge close to half that, which can add up over time.


Good Hosting for a Price

The hosting with this company is quite good.  They use high end hardware and great support systems.  Most of their customers seem very happy with the overall level of service they are getting.  For companies that need a good quality host and price is not too much of a concern, this is a nice options.


  • Very reliable
  • Good Tech Support
  • Lots of hosting options


  • The Prices are very high

Netregistry Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic 5 GB 10 TB cPanel Unlimited £6.72 2.4 Details
Family 20 GB 20 TB cPanel Unlimited £10.94 2.0 Details
Plus 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited £16.86 2.3 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS Cloud 1 200 GB 2 cores 1 GB £126.76 2.0 Details
VPS Cloud 2 200 GB 2 cores 2 GB £202.83 2.5 Details
VPS Cloud 4 200 GB 4 cores 4 GB £228.18 2.0 Details
VPS Cloud 8 200 GB 4 cores 8 GB £278.89 2.0 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Startup 100 GB - 0 B Unlimited £10.94 2.1 Details
Business+ 200 GB - 0 B Unlimited £13.48 2.2 Details
Enterprise 500 GB - 0 B Unlimited £20.24 2.0 Details

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