Wix Website Builder Coupon Codes | Promo Codes for 2024

Wix Website Builder Coupon Codes and Promotions in May 2024

Discover significant savings discounts with Wix Website Builder coupon codes. Start saving today by utilizing a coupon and unlock the best deals available.
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14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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Get Up to 50% Off With Wix Coupons and Promo Codes for November

Wix Black Friday Deals

Wix runs great Black Friday deals every year, which allow you to get its premium services at much lower prices. Usually, the Wix Black Friday deals come with up to 50% off on its major plans, including its premium web hosting and online store options. Also, the Black Friday deals are typically available on Cyber Monday as well, giving you the opportunity to get your discount if you missed it the first time.

Wix Helpful Information & Tips

  • How do you use and activate Wix promo codes?

To use and activate Wix promo codes, you need to visit its website. Then, find the service you want to buy and choose the plan you like best. If you want to get a Black Friday deal, then you must choose the plan that fits the criteria, which is often one of the more expensive plans that Wix offers. When the plan is picked, you need to log into your Wix account or create one if you don’t have it.

When you create your Wix account, the provider is going to ask you a few questions to better gauge your needs. Once you answer the questions, you’ll be redirected to your Wix dashboard. Now, you must create a website before you actually choose a plan. Once you do, you need to go to the Wix pricing page and click on the “Select” button under the plan’s price.

A photo that shows the plans Wix offers and the “Select” button you need to click to continue.

After clicking “Select,” you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to choose your billing cycle. Here, you can see if Wix offers any discounts on its longer-term plans, which it usually does. Once you select your cycle, click on “Continue to Checkout.”

A photo that shows the available billing cycles.

Now, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can see your order summary and checkout. Here, you can enter your Wix promo code in the “Enter Promo Code” box. Then, click “Submit” and you’ll get your discount.

  • Can you use Wix coupons for an existing subscription?

Yes, you can use Wix coupons for existing subscriptions, but only if you’re upgrading your plan to a more expensive option or to a longer billing period. So, you don’t have to make a new account to get a discount. However, the discounted price is valid for the first month or year (depending on the coupon) of your subscription. After that, the plan will renew at its original price. This also applies to any sales Wix has. Once your term ends, you’ll pay regular prices for your renewal.

  • How often does Wix offer new deals and discounts?

Wix offers new deals and discounts frequently. It runs Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales every year, and it almost always has a certain sale going on for longer-term plans. Also, it has a 10% promo code that’s always available. However, this code is only applicable to yearly premium plans, excluding its Editor X plans and Wix Studio. It’s also valid for first-time users only and lasts for one year.

  • What should you do if your Wix promo code is not working?

If the Wix promo code you want to use isn’t working, check if you’ve copied the correct one or if you spelled it correctly. Also, you must make sure that your code is valid, isn’t expired, and that it’s suitable for the service you want to buy. Namely, most codes are valid for specific services only, and you might be using one that isn’t meant for the plan you want to buy. Moreover, see if the code has any restrictions that you should abide by. Lastly, you can always contact Wix support to see why the discount won’t apply.

  • Can you use a promo code on Wix plans that are already on sale?

Yes, you can use a promo code on Wix plans that are already on sale. So, if you pick a plan that offers a discount on a longer billing period, you can get an even better deal by entering a Wix coupon or promo code before you check out. This ability allows you to get significant discounts and start using Wix at much lower prices.

  • Does Wix allow coupon stacking?

No, Wix does not allow coupon stacking. So, you can only use one code on each purchase or upgrade you make with Wix. Also, all codes have expiration dates, and Wix rarely offers lifetime deals that allow you to pay a discounted price forever.

Wix Seasonal Sales to Look Forward To

  • Black Friday Sales

Wix runs Black Friday sales every year, which usually include Cyber Monday as well. During these sales, Wix offers up to 50% off its annual premium plans, which is excellent as you’ll get more powerful services at half the original price.

  • Public Holiday Sales

Wix doesn’t usually offer any sales, deals, or special discounts during public holidays. However, it has a long-standing discount on all its yearly premium plans, which you can always use to get a significant price reduction.

  • Seasonal Sales

Wix doesn’t offer special seasonal sales. But since it has discounts and sales throughout the whole year, you can always find good deals, no matter when you decide to purchase a service from this provider.

Wix Custom Discounts Info

  • Student Discount

Wix has an excellent student discount that’s always available and offers 50% off on all Wix premium plans. This is an excellent deal for students, and all they need to do is verify their student status to get their unique code and get 50% off.

  • Sign Up Offer

Wix does not offer any newsletter coupons you can use. Also, it doesn’t have a newsletter that you can subscribe to, but you can find out everything Wix is doing via its social media accounts and blog.

  • Military Discount

There are no Wix military discounts that you can use. However, the provider offers great sales and deals throughout the whole year, so you’ll always be able to get a discount on certain plans.

  • Sale Section

Wix has a separate web page that shows information on its standing 10% off promo code that’s available all year long. Also, that page contains information about the student discount it provides, as well as other helpful information on Wix discounts.

  • Cashback

There are no Wix cashback programs that you can join. However, you can still save a significant amount of money via Black Friday deals and other sales that Wix runs throughout the entire year.

  • Business Discounts

Wix does not offer special business discounts. Regardless, companies can use the other promos Wix has to get up to 50% off on certain services.

  • Rewards Program

At this time, there is no Wix rewards program you can join. Even though there isn’t such a program, you can still save a lot with the various sales and discounts Wix offers.

  • Promo Codes for First Orders

All of the promo codes that Wix offers are valid for first-time orders and upgrades. So, new users can save a lot of money on their first purchases.

  • Promo Codes for Returning Customers

Returning Wix customers get a variety of deals and discounts when they want to upgrade their existing plans to more powerful ones or prolong their billing terms. You can save at least 10% with these deals, which is not bad at all.

  • Coupon Codes on Social Media

Currently, Wix doesn’t offer coupon codes on social media. However, you can find its accounts to find out more about new upgrades and upcoming sales.

Wix Quick Rundowns

Wix is one of the most popular website builders on the market that also comes with powerful web hosting. With it, you can create modern websites and get robust services at lower prices via its frequent sales and discounts. If you want to find out more about Wix, check out our expert review.

Read our full Wix Review here >> https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/wix-com-reviews/#expert-review 

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