How to Solve a “Warning: Error While Sending QUERY Packet” Error

How to Solve a “Warning: Error While Sending QUERY Packet” Error

While handling a WordPress website, you may see many common errors, but this is one of the rarest errors. Only a few people come across this.

It’s because it’s related to the total number of database requests a website can make when it’s running on a shared web hosting.

As you know, most of the personal blogs and small business websites are using shared hosting, and such servers have the limited resources.

Error while sending a QUERY packet means the server is not ready to send any further database request. It means your website will remain as it is.


Whenever you update a blog post, publish it, install a plugin, install a theme, you will see this error. It means whatever is related to the database, it will stop.

In this article, I am going to let you know the possible causes and the solutions.

Start With the Database Optimization

As I have mentioned above, it’s related to the number of database requests. And you should know that every web hosting has its limitation to those.

Some companies apply the limitation to the total number of database requests per hour whereas others calculate it in a day.

In either case, if the numbers of requests get exceeded by its limit, no further requests are processed, and you see such error.

And the most annoying thing is that it may disrupt the design of your website. So if you can optimize the database, it may be helpful.

NOTE: Most of the users don’t think about keeping the database optimized and face a lot of problems.

It’s always recommended to have a database optimization plugin installed and use it once in a while.

You can use WP-Sweep which is one of the lightest and useful WordPress plugins to keep the size of the database as small as possible.

You should know that whenever you edit a post, update it, publish it, install a plugin, install a theme or something similar, a new database table gets added to the database.

It means the size of the database gets increased. You should do a few things.

  • Delete the draft database tables
  • Clear the deleted posts from the database
  • Delete revisions
  • Delete spam comments
  • Delete duplicate comments meta
  • Delete duplicate post meta

There are many other options you can use.

Enable a CDN

As you know, a CDN can help you improve the website performance by creating a static version of your website so that a returning user don’t use all the resources of your website again and the CDN shows the website.

And of course, a CDN also acts like a firewall between your website’s server and the browser of the user so it’s good to have.

It might help reduce the number of requests your website is making right now. When a user types the URL of your website and opens it, the HTTP requests are made and a CDN handles them pretty well.

Whereas on the other side, if you don’t have it, the web hosting server feel a kind of a burden because it may not be capable of handling so many requests at one time.

And at such time, you’ll get an error.

A CDN may help you fix this error. If not, there is only one solution.

Switch to a Managed or a Cloud Hosting

As I have mentioned earlier, the shared web hostings have limited resources, and when your website gets bigger, it requires more resources, and it makes more database requests.

To handle those requests, a better server is required.

You can switch to a managed hosting which is not so costly as compared to a Cloud hosting. But it depends on the company you choose.

Many Managed hosting companies offer some excellent services at a reasonable price but not all of them.

Now you may be thinking about trying any other shared hosting company. Well, you should but don’t just migrate your website without having the proper information.

It’s essential for you to know the total number of database requests your current web hosting allows your website to make per hour.

Let’s say your website makes 8,00,000 database requests per hour. It might be too much to handle for a shared web hosting. Even for their highest hosting plan.

So only a managed hosting or a cloud hosting can handle so many requests.

Try these Things and Your Problem Will be Solved

For me, the database optimization worked because I had the database of the size 200MB, but it should be only of 44MB.

It may be the case for you, too. If you have never cleared the used database tables, tables created by the deleted posts, extra metadata, etc., you should try clearing them.

And a CDN can help you a lot in general. Even if you don’t face any problem, you should enable a CDN on your website.

I mean who doesn’t want his/her website to load fast? Well, you should think about it. You can try the free CloudFlare CDN, or you can go for the premium once like MaxCDN.

And having a cloud hosting is always a plus point.


The primary goal is to optimize the website so that it doesn’t make so many database requests. Try deleting the plugins you don’t need, deactivate the plugins.

Sometimes, a plugin may exhaust the memory and stop everything. The main goal is to optimize the database to avoid getting an error.

If your website is growing, then you should always look for a better web hosting which can handle enough database requests.

I hope you can do this. If you still have any doubt, feel free to drop a comment.

How to Solve a “Warning: Error While Sending QUERY Packet” Error

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