How Using WordPress Hosting Services Can Save You Money

How Using WordPress Hosting Services Can Save You Money

How Using WordPress Hosting Services Can Save You Money

How Using WordPress Hosting Services Can Save You Money

Before you decide to start a new website using WordPress or any other Content Management System, you need to understand the importance of investing your money effectively.

There’s a lot of cheap Web hosting companies that provide some amazing features. Most customers do their research to compare WordPress hosting cost.

For beginners, it can be hard to decide if they want shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated, or managed hosting. It’s because most of them have no idea about such technical things. But when they look at the cost of such plans, they freak out.

Everyone who wants to start a WordPress website, it’s vital to understand that shared web hostings are most suitable because their cost is less yet you can get everything you need.

The best thing is that you can always choose any of the free web hostings. But to have complete access to your website, you have to spend some money.

Just like every human, if you want to save money on buying or renewing web hosting, this article is for you. Let me walk you through a few things.

Buying a Domain Name and Web Hosting Plan Together

Most companies offer one free domain name for one year if you buy one of their web hosting plans. You would be thrilled to know that even shared WordPress web hosting companies offer this combo.

Many people prefer to manage their domain name and web hosting separately. So, there’s another way to save some money.

The companies like GoDaddy give a discount on buying a new domain if you pay the cost for two years at once. This deal doesn’t offer a free domain for the first year, but at least you will save some money.

For example, if the domain cost is $15 per year, and you pay the cost of two years at once, you may have to pay only $18. It means $3 for the first year.

Never Buy Without Looking for Deals

As we all know, every company gives deals on their products. So, you should look for some coupons online. Many big websites like WPBeginner get amazing deals from Bluehost, Siteground, and Inmotionhosting, for their readers.

Such partner companies give special coupon codes. Although when you buy a web hosting plan from anyone’s link, they make money, it doesn’t charge you anything. You save some money.

Bluehost offers 63% off, and Siteground provides 70% off to the readers of major websites. Such coupons are available when you buy a new web hosting plan.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t get anything off while renewing your existing plan. You can always look for Bluehost hosting renewal prices, and some of the popular websites will pop up with a discount coupon code.

Do your research before buying.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Extra

When I bought my first Siteground hosting, I got it at only $15 for one year. You may be wondering how I got it. Well, it’s all about being upfront.

If you fail to find any coupon codes, you should try talking to the sales team of a hosting company. Siteground offered me a fantastic deal on buying a plan for two years.

It’s kind of similar to buying a domain name from GoDaddy. I have also had the pleasure to talk with Inmotionhosting’s sales team. They were so helpful. I saved a lot of money on buying a new plan. It was almost 55% off on the biggest plan of shared hosting.

Join the Affiliate Program

Siteground allows you to get one-month free web hosting if someone buys a new hosting plan from your affiliate link. Every company has a different affiliate program.

Bluehost offers $65 for each qualified sign-up, and you will be surprised to know that if you make more sales, you start earning $100 per sale. You can use that money to buy a new hosting plan or renew an existing one.

How Using WordPress Hosting Services Can Save You Money

And if you’re an affiliate of managed hostings like WP Engine, you can make $200 per sale. Isn’t it amazing?

Ask Your Friend to Refer You

We all know that references work all the time. While buying a new hosting plan, you can reach out to your friend to refer you through their affiliate link.

And it’s possible to save more money if your friend reaches out to the sales team and asks them for a particular discount affiliate link. It’s a double saving.

Your friend gets the affiliate commission, and you get the discount. If your friend is good enough to split their commission with you, you can save a lot of money on WordPress hosting.

Save Money on WordPress Domain Renewal

Buying a new domain name or web hosting plan isn’t the only place you can save money. Many companies allow you to reduce the domain renewal cost.

Depending on your skills and research capability, you can get a massive discount. Once I got $13 off on a WordPress domain renewal. As mentioned earlier, you should look for deals.

Do You Think You Can Reduce the WordPress Hosting Cost on Your Next Purchase?

We all like discounts. Don’t we? What about you? Wouldn’t you want to save some money on your next WordPress hosting renewal or fresh plan?

All these years, I have learned that before you buy something, it’s necessary to spend some time looking for alternatives. If Siteground seems costly to you, go with Bluehost or any of the best WordPress hostings.

After understanding the concept of different types of WordPress hostings, you should decide which features you need. Some companies allow their customers to cut down the features they don’t need.

For example, while buying a VPS plan, you get an option to manage your servers by yourself or by the company. Similarly, a few other things are there to learn about.

Make sure the next WordPress hosting cost is less than what you paid earlier. Have you followed any of the tips mentioned above? If yes, how much money did you save?

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