Microsoft Azure Declines New Cloud Clients Due To Its Promise To Ukraine

Microsoft Azure Declines New Cloud Clients Due To Its Promise To Ukraine

Due to intense demand from the war-torn Ukrainian authorities, Microsoft’s main cloud service has halted taking on new users who utilize the service in the UK.

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The American IT giant is having trouble now that it has agreed to host the entire Ukrainian government’s IT infrastructure on its distant servers. The inability to efficiently scale up power to service additional consumers is caused by the global scarcity of microchips.

belongs to Microsoft’s $23 billion (£19 billion) cloud business. It offers websites, databases, and other Internet-based commercial services and support for the back-office IT services of other businesses.

As a Microsoft premier cloud computing service, Azure offers two areas in the UK with data centers in the UK South and UK West. Both of their two most popular services, virtual machines and Cosmos DB, are closed to new users; the latter is utilized by customers much like they would a server in their own workplace.

A tiny UK IT business discovered bandwidth problems after receiving several requests for cloud services that Microsoft rejected.

A Spokesman at Microsoft had the following to  say:

Our priority remains to ensure business continuity for customers.

QuoStar is an outsourcer that manages IT services for other companies.

QuoStar, a managed services firm located in Bournemouth, sought to get fresh Azure goods but was met with the following response:

We are unable to approve your request at this time.

A message from Microsoft to QuoStar seen by the Olx Praca said the following:

“Unfortunately, due to high demand in this region (South UK), we are unable to approve your request at this time.”

He continued by recommending “bimonthly” reports on whether services will be offered going forward.

According to Neil Clark, director of cloud services at QuoStar, Microsoft and competitors like


, and China’s

are hiding the truth behind their apparent claims of limitless potential.

Neil Clark, who serves the role of Director of Cloud Services at QuoStar, had the following to say:

Businesses need to start to understand that this is not an endless supply. You must treat [cloud companies] just like you would with a smaller supplier.

A Microsoft representative confirmed the bandwidth problems, stating that the demand for cloud computing has increased at an unprecedented rate over the previous two years.

Microsoft significantly aided Ukraine during the February invasion by Russia. The whole nation’s digital infrastructure is housed in Microsoft’s European data centers, which were hurriedly moved to avoid having their government targeted by airstrikes.

Brad Smith, who serves the role of President at Microsoft, had the following to say:

Unsurprisingly, Russia launched a cruise missile attack on a Ukrainian government data center, and other ‘local’ servers were also vulnerable to conventional attacks.

Russian cyberattacks on Ukrainian Internet services are well known. The corporation minimizes the effect that hosting the Ukrainian government will have on its for-profit cloud services.

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