Most Popular Domain Extensions: Top 12 TLDs

Most Popular Domain Extensions: Top 12 TLDs

Most Popular Domain Extensions Top 12 TLDs - blog image

A domain extension, known otherwise as a Top-Level Domain (TLD), is the last part of a website’s URL or web address.

The .com domain extension is still the most popular one, making up 46.5% of all the domain extensions people pick.

In this article, we’ll explore over 10 of the most liked website endings, giving helpful information for anyone exploring the online world and making plans to start your own website.

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  • The 12 most popular domain names offer unique opportunities, such as credibility, security, and trust
  • Different domains come with their own set of pros and cons, which helps outline where they’re used best
  • Different countries have different domain extensions, which allows them to cater to local businesses and organizations
  • Choosing a generic domain extension can affect your SEO ranking and discoverability
  • Personalizing your domain extension can help your website stand out and connect with the people you want to reach

Top 12 Most Popular Domain Extensions (TLDs)

  1. .com domain name extension

.com signifies commercial” in a website’s domain. As a prominent and original top-level domain (TLD), it suits businesses, individuals, e-commerce, info sites, and tech startups.


  • Credibility: .com is widely recognized and established.
  • Global: Not bound by any specific country.
  • SEO Boost: Favored by search engines for potential ranking improvement.


  • Availability: Finding short .com domains is difficult.
  • Premium Costs: Registered premium .com domains can be pricey.
  • High Competition: Desirable names face significant competition.
  1. .org domain name extension

A “.org” domain suits nonprofit organizations, charities, advocacy groups, educational institutions, and socially beneficial entities.


  • Mission Alignment: “.org” reflects social, educational, or charitable missions.
  • Community Hub: Ideal for building online communities and engagement.
  • Global Reach: Reaches audiences beyond national borders.


  • Availability: Securing a suitable “.org” domain can be difficult.
  • Misuse Risk: Some misuse may harm legitimate nonprofit entities.
  • Limited Commercial Use: Used for non-commercial purposes, limiting some organizations.
  1. .net domain name extension

“.net” is part of the generic top-level domains (gTLD) on the internet, intended for entities involved in networking technologies and services.


  • Established: Trusted since early internet days.
  • Availability: Often more accessible than .com.
  • Global: Suits international organizations.


  • Confusion: Some individuals link to tech, causing confusion.
  • Less Specific: Lacks specificity of industry/location extensions.
  • Limited Branding: Not top choice for unique business branding.
  1. .gov domain name extension

A .gov domain extension is a top-level domain (TLD) used exclusively by U.S. government agencies and entities.


  • Trusted Authority: Trusted as official govt. sites.
  • Authoritative: Signify govt. authority, great for official info.
  • Strong Security: Prioritize robust security.


  • Restrictions: Restricted to U.S. government entities.
  • Limited Availability: Limited due to restrictions.
  • Bureaucracy Perception: May seem bureaucratic to some.
  1. .edu domain name extension

A .edu domain name is a top-level domain (TLD) reserved for educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and educational organizations.


  • Credibility: Trusted for educational authenticity.
  • Recognition: Recognized as academic sites, enhancing authority.


  • Limited Eligibility: Restricted to U.S. post-secondary institutions.
  • Rigorous Verification: Involves strict verification processes.
  1. .io domain name extension

The .io domain name extension is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the British Indian Ocean Territory, but it has gained popularity as a tech-related domain, often used by startups and tech companies.


  • Tech Appeal: Associated with technology, making it suitable for tech-related businesses and startups.
  • Availability: Offers more availability and domain name system choices compared to some saturated extensions like .com.
  • Memorability: Easier for users to remember.


  • Limited Recognition: Not as recognized as .com.
  • Pricing: Some .io domains can be Expensive.
  • Geographical Association: May not align with some businesses.
  1. .co domain name extension

The .co domain extension is a globally recognized top-level domain (TLD) assigned to Colombia but is now used for a variety of purposes worldwide.


  • Availability: More available for memorable web addresses.
  • Global Recognition: Recognized worldwide beyond Colombia.


  • Confusion: Some may still associate it with Colombia.
  • Competition: Can be competitive for short, relevant domains.
  1. .info domain name extension

The .info domain name extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used for informational websites.


  • Versatility: Suitable for informational websites of various kinds.
  • Availability: Often easier to find available .info domain names.


  • Perception: Some users may perceive .info domains as less trustworthy compared to .com or other common extensions.
  • SEO Challenges: challenges in search engine optimization, which impacts website visibility.
  1. .biz domain name extension

.biz domains are for businesses and commercial entities. They’re used to create an online presence for business-related websites.


  • Business Focus: .biz signifies a business or commercial purpose, making it suitable for companies and enterprises.
  • Availability: As it’s less popular, you may have more options to find your desired domain name.


  • Less Familiarity: .biz is less common than .com, which may make it less memorable to some users.
  • Limited Applicability: It’s associated with businesses, so it may not be suitable for personal or non-commercial websites.
  1. .me domain name extension

The .me domain extension, originally from Montenegro, is for personal websites, blogs, or portfolios, adding a personal touch and enhancing branding.


  • Personal Branding: .me is often used for personal websites, blogs, and portfolios, making it suitable for personal branding and online identity.
  • Versatile: .me domains are versatile and used for businesses, startups, and creative projects.


  • Limited Business Use: Some businesses may prefer more traditional extensions like .com for a professional image.
  • Potential Misinterpretation: Depending on the context, people may misinterpret .me domains as personal rather than business-related websites.
  1.  .online domain name extension

A .online domain is versatile, and ideal for businesses, startups, and individuals aiming for a strong online presence. It indicates an online presence and suits various purposes, making it a popular choice.


  • Versatility: Suitable for various online ventures and businesses.
  • Availability: Offers a wide range of domain name choices.


  • Generic: May not be as unique or brand specific as other extensions.
  • Competition: Popular extension, so desired names are hard to come by.
  1. .store domain name extension

A .store domain is perfect for e-commerce and online retail businesses, offering a clear, memorable web address that reflects the business’s nature. However, it might not suit non-retail or informational websites.


  • Simple: Communicates the website’s purpose, ideal for online stores.
  • Memorable and concise: enhancing brand recognition for e-commerce businesses.


  • Limited in versatility: less suitable for non-retail or informational websites.
  • Misinterpretation: Potential for confusion if visitors expect an online store experience but find other content.
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Most Popular Country Domain Extensions

Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) are domain extensions that are specific to individual countries or territories.

Here are several popular country domain extensions along with their associated countries or regions:

.us domainUnited States
.uk domainUnited Kingdom
.ca domainCanada
.au domainAustralia
.de domainGermany
.fr domainFrance
.in domainIndia
.br domainBrazil
.mx domainMexico
.es domainSpain
.cn domainChina
.it domainItaly
.no domainNorway
.dk domainDenmark
.ch domainSwitzerland
.sg domainSingapore
.hk domainHong Kong

The respective country’s domain name registration manages each of these country code domain extensions.

It’s important to check with the specific registry for each ccTLD to understand the registration rules.

What Are the Best Domain Extensions for SEO?

Domain extensions have minimal SEO impact. SEO relies on content quality, structure, and relevance to user intent.

However, a relevant extension can boost user trust and click-through rates. Established gTLDs like .com, .org, and .net are more trusted, but niche extensions can also work.

Geo-targeted domain extensions like .us or .uk allow you to display content that is relevant to a specific location. This can help local audiences locate your business more easily.

What Is the Most Credible Domain Extension?

The .gov domain extension is often considered the most credible because it’s reserved for government entities in the United States.

Most people associate a website with this extension with trusted and authoritative sources, making them credible for information and services related to government institutions.

What Domain Extensions Tend to Represent Trustworthy Links to Target?

Domain extensions that tend to represent trustworthy links to target include .edu, .gov, and .org.

These extensions are often associated with reputable educational institutions, government entities, and nonprofit organizations, which can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of linked content.

What Other Domain Extensions Are Available?

There is a wide variety of domain extensions available beyond the popular ones mentioned earlier. Some of these extensions include:

.appIdeal for applications and software.
.blogTailored for blogs and online journals.
.designPerfect for showcasing design portfolios and creative work.
.guruSuited for experts and advisors in various fields.
.agencyIdeal for marketing, creative, or advertising agencies.

These extensions serve specific niches, helping your site stand out. Choose one based on your site’s nature and target audience for the best fit.

New Domain Extensions List

With new domain extensions popping up every year, here are a few of the most recent extensions:

.worldRepresents a global or international online presence.
.eventsIdeal for websites related to events and gatherings.
.pageSuitable for creating web pages and content-focused sites.
.spaceCan be used for a variety of purposes, offering flexibility.
.musicTailored for music-related websites, artists, and enthusiasts.

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Alternative Domain Extension List

Apart from the extensions mentioned above, here is a full list of alternative existing domain extensions to choose from:

  • .shop Domain Extension
  • .club Domain Extension
  • .gaming Domain Extension
  • .tech Domain Extension
  • .eco Domain Extension
  • .health Domain Extension
  • .family Domain Extension
  • .pet Domain Extension
  • .fitness Domain Extension
  • .law Domain Extension

What Are the Most Common Domain Names?

The five most common domain name registrations, or website addresses, depend on the purpose or content of your website.

These common domain names include:

  1. Example:
  2. Purpose: John Doe, a freelance photographer, uses this website to showcase his photography portfolio and connect with potential clients.
  1. Example:
  2. Purpose: Apple Inc. uses this domain for its official website, aligning its online presence with its well-known brand to promote and sell its products.
  1. Example:
  2. Purpose: TechCrunch is a popular technology news blog that utilizes this domain to convey its focus on delivering the latest tech news and insights to its readers.
  1. Example:
  2. Purpose: Apple uses this domain to promote and provide information about its specific product, the iPhone, targeting potential customers interested in this product.
  1. Example:
  2. Purpose: This website reviews and recommends the best pizza places in New York City, incorporating relevant keywords to enhance its visibility in search engine results.

Final Word: What is suitable for you?

Your domain extension helps to define who you are online and how your website works. While .com is trusted and recognized all over the world, others like .tech, .app, .online, .store, and .guru are great for specific interests or groups.

If you’re focused on a certain area, extensions like .nyc and .london can be really helpful. Extensions that use your own brand name can make your branding stronger. And, if privacy is important to you, .secure and .privacy can be good choices and can also help with SEO.

It’s important to keep learning about new extensions and to pick the one that helps your site be unique and connect with your audience, so you can be successful online.

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Next Steps: What Now?

  • Understand the crucial role of choosing the correct domain extension for website success.
  • Explore web hosting security: get informed about protective features like two-factor authentication and domain locking to guard your online presence.
  • Delve into web hosting basics: Check out our guide to select the best hosting provider and get your site running.
  • Keep abreast of emerging top-level domains to capture unique names and maintain a competitive edge online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 domains?

The top 3 domains in 2023 are .com, .org, and .net, with .com dominating the list as the most popular domain extension.

What are the five most common domain extensions?

The five most common domain extensions are .com, .org, .net, .gov, and .edu, each serving specific purposes and representing different types of organizations and entities on the internet.

What are the 10 top-level domains?

The 10 top-level domains (TLDs) include .com, .org, .net, .gov, .edu, .io, .co, .info, .biz, and .me, each offering unique purposes and applications in the digital landscape.

Which domain extension is best for the USA?

The .us domain extension is a suitable choice for websites targeting a United States audience, clearly indicating the site’s American focus.

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