10 Best free Drag & Drop WordPress Themes for 2024

10 Best free Drag & Drop WordPress Themes for 2024

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Did you know that currently, 37% of the total number of websites worldwide use WordPress? More shockingly, WP accounts for a whopping 60% of content management systems (CMS). And these aren’t only SMBs or beginners in the web hosting niche but also accredited big names such as Sony Music, Times Magazine, The Rolling Stones, Vogue, The Harvard Gazette, and many others.

Chances are, your favorite brand also uses WordPress. So, well, it’s no wonder that you have also chosen it for your site. After all, it’s a free, open-source content management system that helps you edit your page’s content quickly by just adding texts, images, and headings.

And as we all know, WordPress offers an immense number of possibilities in terms of customization. At the moment, you can choose from over 8,000 free WordPress themes on the WordPress.org website only and more than 11,000 on ThemeForest.

In other words, you’ll indeed need some help in picking the best WordPress theme for your passion or business. In this post, you can find the best alternatives to bring colors to your “old-fashioned” site; nowadays, we can’t imagine a site without colors, texts, or images; it would be boring, wouldn’t it?

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Top 10 Free Best Drag-And-Drop WordPress Themes

Users point out Layers, Elementor, PopularFX, OceanWP, Nave, Hestia, Astra, Sydney, Airi, and Simple as the top 10 free best drag-and-drop WordPress themes. In addition, you can find a brief yet useful overview of each.

Layers - A Fantastic Choice For First-Time Users

Layers are one of the most recommended WordPress themes with a fully responsive design and built drag-and-drop builder. It’s pretty flexible and personalized, which is a fantastic choice for first-time users with its simplicity.

Layers theme banner screenshot

While its content block strips out schema tags and lacks child themes, it’s a solid choice for people without a high level of design needs. The theme also allows you to create a mobile-only sidebar area, which can then be populated with content relevant for smartphone or tablet users. Essentially, it is a great feature to have access to.

HelloElementor - Fast Loading, Fast Building

HelloElementor is a popular WordPress theme with over 400,000 active installs. It is a straightforward, easy, lightweight, and innovative free drag-and-drop theme built by the creators of Elementor.

It’s perfect for people who are getting and running their site in a short time because you can do your header, footer, and page design using only the Elementor theme builder. On the other hand, it doesn’t provide standard features such as setting colors, page width, but despite that, it’s one of the most used since it’s fast loading and compatible with all famous WordPress plugins.

screenshot of HelloElementor editor

PopularFx - The Best Live Website Editor

The PopularFx theme is relatively popular with over 80,000 active installers. PopularFx allows you to live edit, which means that you can see the changes you’re making as you are making them on your website. The theme uses Pagelayer, a drop-and-drag page builder, but it’s also fully compatible with the Elementor page builder. It has more than 70 elements and widgets, including rows, galleries, images, star ratings, and even the Google Maps section to your website. The PopularFx theme comes with 350 offered demos installed with one simple click.

screenshot of PopularFX website

The only cons of using PopularFx is its speed since many users claim it is slower than others.

OceanWP – Great Support For Third-Party Apps

OceanWP is the second most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress theme repository. OceanWP provides integration with WooCommerce and supports popular page builders, with custom header layouts, custom widgets, unlimited color options, image sliders, scroll to top buttons, contact customizable forms, and featured products section. Moreover, it’s a lightweight and extendable theme that allows you to create whatever site you can imagine with a professional design.screenshot of OceanWP banner

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you may be overwhelmed with the customizations since they all rely on differing boxes in the pages, and one way to fix them is to get extensions. Although there are many customization style options, the theme lacks a header and a footer builder. You can still create a custom header with OceanWp using the elements or page builder.

The Neve – Super Fast, Multi-Purpose

The Neve theme is growing in popularity. In just one year, it doubled its active installs from 100,000 active installs to 200,000. The Neve is a multipurpose theme used for blogs and portfolio websites. It is a clean and easy-to-use WordPress theme.

Nave provides a one-page layout and other beautiful interface layouts of this theme to give an enticing look to our website. It is considered one of the best free WordPress themes for blogs. This theme is fully AMP optimized to make your website look great on all devices with its fully responsive design.

The free version of The Neve comes with 100 starter templates and a header and footer builder. They have standard options and are pretty easy to use. The pro version of Neve offers a different header and footer for each specific page.

screenshot of Neve banner

Hestia – Best For Startups and SMBs

Hestia has designed a theme for small businesses and startups offering a modern interface, built on a one-page layout, that provides powerful and user-friendly functionality: custom backgrounds, Mega Menu, widgetized footer, 1-click demo data installation, and more. The theme is a good fit for corporate and creative designs as it provides a clean and flexible interface, is mobile-friendly, and will appear on all devices. Hestia theme is fully compatible with drag-and-drop features in the page builders.

screenshot of Hestia website

When using Hestia, one of the problems is that the site-library contains very few templates compared to other vendors. Additionally, the front page could use improvement from text editors.

Astra – The Most Popular Choice

Astra is the most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress repository. Astra is a fast WordPress theme with highly customizable features. It’s easy to build a website since it has a set of demos, which help you to develop a website very fast with just a click. With the demos, you can import anyone’s demo and customize the look as you need. Astra theme allows you to turn off the page title & sidebar, and there are also different styling options for transparent menus on each page. You can integrate this theme with popular page builders, like Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc. It is suitable for businesses, blogs, and portfolio websites.screenshot of Astra website

However, if you want to see more of its unique features, you’ll need to get a premium. The theme is best well known for the great starter temples. It comes with 100 free starter templates and more than 250 templates in the pro version.

Sydney – Easy Setup, Yet Many Customization Options

Sydney is a business theme, making it a good option for companies or freelancers due to its easy setup. Sydney brings many customization possibilities, such as access to Google Fonts, color control, layout control, logo upload, full-screen slider, header image, sticky navigation, scroll to top button, etc.

screenshot of Sydney website

Additionally, Sydney provides all the development blocks you would like to create for an enticing front page rapidly. Despite that, their designs don’t look well-designed since they’re very generic. In other words, many other websites use the same theme as Sydney, so in plain English, you’ll see so many look-alike websites.

Airi – Featuring Full Elementor Integration

Airi comes with all of Elementor’s built-in functionality. It allows you to edit your pages and place a wide variety of widgets on your site. Featuring WooCommerce support and Google Fonts access, Airi is highly customizable while remaining light and easy to use if you are familiar with Elementor, a slight learning curve if not. For more main features, including block, blog layout, extra demos, and a chance to change your footer, you’ll need a premium. One and the other, free, and the pro versions offer free demos if you need inspiration. The main extra features that you get with the premium are the extra blocks for Elementor.

screenshot of Airi banner

Simple – The Best Choice For Shopify

Simple is a drag-and-drop theme designed to work seamlessly with Shopify; it features flexible columns, customizable grids, and sticky headers. You can rearrange the elements to create an engaging design that keeps your website visitors on the page. To add to this, the theme offers a sidebar menu, product image zoom, product recommendation section, image animations, etc.

screenshot of Simple banner

One of the problems with using Simple is that it has a slow load time, lacks personalization, and may have bugs. If you’re eager to use the theme, you could solve the slow load time problem by minimizing the redirect and broken images, compressing the images, etc.

Drag-And-Drop WordPress Themes Are The Superheroes That We Didn’t Know We Needed

Until now, if you wanted to create a site or a page, you would be required to know HTML and CSS, but thanks to drag-and-drop page builders, that became part of history. Despite your qualities or whether you’re a beginner or not, WordPress drag-and-drop page builders make it easier to create and design a website without paying a penny or writing lines and lines of codes.


Drag-and-drop WordPress themes are handy and easy to use. Editing your content never was more manageable, and it only includes dragging a widget into a place so you can start adding pictures, texts, and headings.

If this didn’t persuade you, let me remind you once again why a WordPress theme is always “the one”:

  1. You don’t need codes and coding: install and use
  2. The themes are mobile-friendly
  3. Some drag-and-drop themes allow you to edit the page in live mode, which means no need to click preview every time
  4. The widgets allow you to create galleries, slideshows, and everything you can imagine or wish with drag-and-drop editors
  5. There’s no need to install an additional page builder because it’s already built-in

How To Choose “The One” When There Are So Many Options?

First, when choosing the suitable drag-and-drop theme previously, you need to choose your drag-and-drop page builder because there are cases where you can choose through themes explicitly created for that builder. Some of the themes can be compatible with the drag-and-drop page builder, such as Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, etc.

The second step is to know what kind of website design you are looking for, whether modern or standard yet straightforward. Then you’ll need WooCommerce integration, which opens the mega menu capabilities.

You might choose from various website designs, including single page, static website, dynamic website, responsive design, liquid design, fixed design, F-shape layout, Z-shape layout, and so on. Each of these has a specific primary function, so you must choose accordingly.

At this point, it’s important to mention that not all themes are free and user-friendly. Some of them offer premium support, which includes flexibility in design and several other benefits. For instance, the updates are usually more secure and regular in the long run. However, all of it within the premium themes comes at a price.

On the other hand, you won’t have to spend a dime on the free drop-and-drag WordPress themes because they come with no strings attached. Also, due to having less functionality than premiums, free WP themes weigh less. Therefore, they are typically faster to load.

The above-mentioned top 10 best drag-and-drop WordPress themes can help you create unlimited designs and templates, save, share and reuse them effortlessly.

Why Should You Take My Advice And Use One Of The Best Top Ten Free Drag-And-Drop WordPress Themes?

First of all, they’re free and can be used for all types of projects involving blogs, business websites, personal sites, and eCommerce stores.

WordPress hosting doesn’t have to be a hassle considering that you can add content fast and straightforward and update them easily. They’re simple, and most of them are mobile-friendly, which means that you wouldn’t need additional media queries.

The only problem you could have is to choose just one theme, but when you make up your mind, the rest is easy.

Visit our list of the best WordPress Hosting Providers and choose the right one for your project.

You might also like to look for the best website builder to streamline your site creation process.

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