How to Check If a Domain Is Available (& 10 Domain Search Tools)

How to Check If a Domain Is Available (& 10 Best Domain Name Search Tools)

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There are many ways to check if a website domain is available, including domain name registrars, WHOIS lookup tools, and domain name search tools like GoDaddy domain search.

If the domain name you prefer is unavailable, you can always buy it from someone else.

In this guide, we’ll show five ways to check domain availability and review the 10 best domain name search tools to make your domain name generation quicker and easier.


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How to Check If a Domain Name Is Available: 5 Easy Ways

Checking if a domain name is available is crucial before establishing an online presence.

Here’s a comprehensive list of ways to check domain availability.

1. Check Domain Name Registrars

If you’re looking to choose a perfect domain name for your domain, visiting a domain registrar should be your first step.

Domain registrars such as, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and others offer the option to check for the availability of domains or get suggestions to choose a similar domain name in case the one you opted for is taken.

To check if a domain name is available on GoDaddy, follow these steps:

a) Visit GoDaddy’s Website: Go to the GoDaddy homepage

b) Use the Domain Search Tool: Find the domain search tool, usually prominently displayed on the homepage. It typically has a search bar labeled something like “Find your perfect domain”.

To check if a domain name is available on GoDaddy

c) Enter Your Desired Domain Name: Type the domain name you wish to check into the search bar. Be sure to include your desired extension like .com, .net, .org, etc.

If the domain name you’re looking to choose is available, you can move forward with its purchase.

d) Once acquired, the next crucial step is selecting a suitable web hosting service to build and launch your website.

Web Hosting
best option

2. Use Dedicated Domain Name Search Tools

There are a myriad of dedicated domain name search tools you can use to check the available domain name for your business or personal blog.

A domain name search tool can make the search and decision between choosing different domain names easier.

In the further section, we detail 10 popular tools you can use to search for available domain names.

3. Use ICANN’s WHOIS Lookup

Using ICANN’s WHOIS public databases can give you information on whether some domain name is taken. However, it also offers insights into the taken domains including the registration date, the registrar that sold it, where it’s hosted, and more.

Here’s how to check ICANN’s WHOIS lookup:

  • Step 1: Visit ICANN’s database
  • Step 2: Enter the domain name you want to look up into the search bar and click the “Lookup” button.
  • Step 3: View the results. Find out which registrar the domain is registered with and whether the domain is available, expired, or unavailable.

4. Check Trademarks

A certain domain name may be available but someone may have already trademarked it for their future business or some other trademark. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check some online trademark databases, to ensure your desired domain is available.

Some of the trademark databases you can use include USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) or WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization.)


USPTO Trademark Search

5. Do a Simple Web Search

Checking whether some domain is as easy as conducting a simple search online using your web browser.

Navigate to your web browser and type in the domain you’d like to purchase. If you land on a website, it’s safe to say the domain name is taken and hosted online. If you don’t, you’ll likely land on the familiar “This site can’t be reached” page.

This site can’t be reached” page

This message indicated that the domain is not available, and you can potentially use it.

Still, make sure to double-check your search results to ensure that the domain is available. You can combine this method with the aforementioned methods to be 100% sure you can use the desired domain name.

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10 Best Domain Checker and Domain Name Search Tools

In this section, we’ll delve into the 13 best domain checkers and search tools that will help you verify that the domain name you’re looking to register is available.

Each tool has its selection of bells and whistles that make it stand out from the competition.

1. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search Printscreen

Image Source: Instant Domain Search (Printscreen)

Domain Name Search may be all you need when looking for creative domain names for your business. It is equipped with a domain search tool, domain extensions, a domain generator, and much more.

Key Features:

  • The website will search for domain names interactively as you type
  • You can check popular extensions and even generate domain names
  • The website also lists which domain names are put up for sale
  • Domain name generator
  •  User-friendly interface
  • Extremely fast search results
  • Offers direct links to purchase domains
  • Limited in providing more creative suggestions

2. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search Printscreen

Image Source: Lean Domain Search (Printscreen)

If you’re looking for a domain search engine that is easy to navigate and has a simple and sleek user interface, look no further than Lean Domain Search.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface that is suitable for people who are registering a domain for the first time
  •  It offers prefix and suffix options to customize the domain search
  • t’s fast and can quickly check whether your preferred domain name is available
  • Straightforward use, you type the domain name you prefer and get the result
  • Provides results quickly
  • Sleek look
  • Shows examples that you can consider
  • There are no filtering options
  • You can’t customize TLD in advance

3. Domainr

Domainr Printscreen

Image Source: Domainr (Printscreen)

Domainr is an ICANN-accredited domain status API provider, which allows you to search for domain names easily and intuitively you’d like to register.

Key Features:

  • Quickly checks domain name availability
  • Offers various TLD options for search
  •  Can be integrated as an API
  •  ICANN-accredited
  • Clean and straightforward interface
  •   Fast search results
  • Limited suggestions compared to some other tools

4. Domainling

Domainling Printscreen

Image Source: Domainling (Printscreen)

Domainling is a domain search engine that will help you check and compare different domains and TLDs that you can use for personal or business purposes. It will suggest prefixes and suffixes and leave a lot of suggestions for you to consider.

Key Features:

  • Simple search, you just input the domain name you prefer and it’ll display the result
  • Suggests prefixes and suffixes
  • You can choose from synonyms in case your domain is unavailable
  • Free to use
  • Has a legend of available and unavailable domain names
  • Shows which domain names are put up for sale
  • A bit overwhelming user interface for beginners
  • Not all parts of the website are fully functional

5. Panabee


Image Source: Panabee

Panabee is a powerful website that can help you generate domain names from as little as two words. You can also use it for app names and business names.

Key Features:

  • It takes just two words to get started
  •  Pattern-specific search for domains or app names
  • There are many TLD options
  •  It quickly performs the search
  • Allows for various TLD options
  • There are many suggestions to consider
  •  May be a bit overwhelming to use for beginners
  • Could use a better user interface

6. Name Grep

Name Grep Printscreen

Image Source: Name Grep (Printscreen)

Name Grep is an ideal domain name search engine for geeks and everyone else who has some technical expertise and would like to customize their search with curated sets or regular expressions.

Key Features:

  •   Allows you to search domains with specific patterns
  •   Offers various TLD options
  •  Straightforward design and user interface
  • Provides a variety of domain options
  • There’s a great selection of TLD options
  • Complex to use for people without technical expertise

7. BustAName


BustAName is a tool that allows you to input words, and combine them to create available domain names. It also offers options to set preferences like prefixes and suffixes.

Key Features:

  • Merges your input words to create unique domain name
  • Option to save favored domain names for later decision-making
  • Filters for prefixes, suffixes, and word length
  • Checks the availability of multiple domains simultaneously
  • Creative Combinations: Generates innovative domain names by combining words
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use
  • Customizable Search: Offers a range of search customization tools
  • Limited TLD Options: Primarily focuses on common TLDs, less variety
  • Can Be Overwhelming: The sheer number of generated options might be overwhelming for some users
  • No Additional Features: Lacks extra tools like SEO analysis or domain valuation

8. NameMesh


NameMesh uses keyword inputs to generate a wide range of available domain names, categorized by commonality, newness, shortness, and more. It is ideal for startups due to its ability to generate creative, brandable domain names.

Key Features:

  • Produces innovative domain names by combining and altering keywords
  • Sorts domain suggestions into categories like common, new, short, extra, similar, and fun
  • Checks domain availability across various top-level domains (TLDs)
  • Offers domain name options optimized for search engines
  • Offers a wide range of domain name suggestions
  • Easy and intuitive to use for quick searches
  • Generates domain names with SEO potential
  • The extensive list of suggestions can be overwhelming for some users
  • Fewer options for customizing the search parameters compared to some other tools
  • The emphasis on unique and creative names might not suit all business types

9. IWantMyName


IWantMyName offers a clear and easy-to-use domain search tool that lets you check the availability of various TLDs.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use search tool for checking domain name availability
  • Offers a vast selection of top-level domains (TLDs)
  • User-friendly website with a minimalist design
  • Simplified process for managing purchased domains
  • The platform is known for its straightforward and clean user interface.
  • Provides a broad range of domain extensions, catering to varied needs.
  • Clear and upfront pricing for domains without hidden fees.
  • Lacks extra features like web hosting or email services
  • Some domains may be priced higher compared to other registrars
  • May lack advanced filtering options found in other services

10. NameStall


NameStall offers a range of tools including a domain name generator, instant domain search, and brandable domain list.

Key Features:

  • Offers a robust domain name generation tool with various customizing options
  • Creates domain names by combining user-specified keywords with a list of selected words
  • Includes a vast array of keyword categories for domain generation
  • Quickly checks the availability of generated domain names
  • Allows extensive customization in domain name generation
  • Provides a wide range of keyword categories to inspire creative domain names
  • Easy-to-use interface, suitable for both beginners and experienced users
  • The website’s design and interface may feel outdated compared to newer services
  • The extensive customization and choices can be overwhelming for some users
  • Primarily focuses on domain name generation, lacking additional services like hosting

What to Do If Your Desired Domain Is Not Available?

The internet is a large network and many people use different domain names to host their products, services, blog posts, and similar content.

In some cases, you may find that your preferred domain name is not available.

Alternatively, you can learn how to buy a domain name that is taken.

Buy a Domain from Someone

If your desired domain is taken, you might consider purchasing it directly from the current owner. You can use the WHOIS database to find contact information for the domain owner and reach out with an offer. Be sure to negotiate the price and utilize secure payment methods during the transaction.

Use a Domain Broker Service

Domain broker services, like those offered by GoDaddy or  Sedo can assist you in acquiring a domain name that’s already taken. Brokers can help negotiate with the current owner on your behalf, ensuring the process is handled professionally and securely.

Backorder a Domain

Backordering a domain or domain drop catching means placing a request to purchase the domain from the domain registrar if it becomes available in the future.

Companies like SnapNames and NameJet offer back ordering services, which can automatically attempt to register the domain on your behalf if it expires and becomes available.

Consider Alternative Domain Names

If purchasing the taken domain isn’t feasible, consider brainstorming alternative names that may be available on the domain name marketplace. You might:

  • Use synonyms or related words
  • Add prefixes or suffixes
  • Try different domain extensions (top level domain), like .net, .co, .io, etc.
  • Utilize domain name generators to find available alternatives for domain name registration

Final Word

Whether you’re looking to build a personal website or an online store, we hope that this blog post helped you understand how to check for domain name availability. Using domain checker and domain name generator tools can make your domain registration significantly easier and quicker.

If you’re looking for web hosting or need to build a website, check our compilation of the best web hosting services and choose the best website builder for your needs.

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Next Steps: What Now?

Learn More About Buying Domain Names

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a domain name permanently?

Although it’s not possible to buy a domain name permanently, you can pre-register for up to 10 years. That way, your domain name will be available to you for the next 10 years. Alternatively, you can renew your domain name on a yearly basis.

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